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How to use the Exo Lightstick


In earlier days, only the sportsperson and the athletes are used to buy the sports apparel to improve the performance in their games. But, in these days even the regular jogger or the gym enthusiasts are eager to buy the proper accessories and the apparels. This also increase the demand which has seen the rise in the number of stores which is selling these kinds of sports apparels through online as well as through some physical stores. Not even the sites are operating to offer these kinds of sports items, but there are also some site called thesportbro site mainly working to provide valuable information and also the reviews about certain brand over the market.

While purchasing this kind of things, we need to consider many things and among that, the price plays major role. So, we should consider that too while purchasing these kinds of accessories. Most of the people all around the world are indulging in most of the sports events of many games in order to stay healthy and fit or simply they used to play games for recreational purpose.

In order to enjoy the sports activities, and also the benefits from them in right manner, you should initially require good and specific accessories as well as the apparels. Of course, there are many stores who are working under helping those who are seeking to acquire these kinds of accessories. In addition to that, the sport bro website is working to provide some useful information regarding the brand which helps the person to acquire the best branded accessories.

As mentioned earlier, while buying any kind of thing from online stores, we just require look at the price of accessories. While we go through the price of the accessories over internet we would notice it is very less compared to the conventional stores. This is mainly because the online stores are not required to spend more money on the things such as staff wages, electivity, and on taxes which most of the conventional stores need to spend on that. As the result of this, people can save as much as money through these online stores that enables them to provide some products to the customers even at heavy discounts. Like the conventional stores, through the online stores also certain people can get high discount. So, try to make use of the online stores as well as try to aware of fraudulent sites.


How to use the Exo Lightstick

The EXO light stick is your trustworthy companion for fun and excitement, when you are an ardent Kpop fan. No Kpop concert or playback experience will ever be the same in its absence, once you try it out for yourself. The best part about this slim and sleek accessory is how easy it is to use. You needn’t be tech-savvy or follow detailed cumbersome instructions to use or enjoy its full potential.

Usage instructions for the Light Stick from Exo – A knowhow

Once you make up your mind to buy and use the Exo Light Stick, half the work is done. Once you purchase your Light stick from Exo, simply twist it into place under the light holder with the signature logo. The new and enhanced design ensures better fit, so the light stick stays in place without coming off. Then, get on with the software part to enjoy the full effect.

For this, download and install the Wyth application from the iTunes store or android app on your mobile. It takes few minutes to install, after which you can open the app. Then create your profile with a login name, photo and set up your account. Now, what you need is your concert ticket. Once you listen to more and more music styles, the more you will become knowledgeable about this light stick form and the more you will start to comprehend it and better you will understand the differences between each styles.

Check for the Barcode that is present on your concert ticket. Once you find it, choose the bar code scan option in the Wyth Application. Use it to scan the code, and display your seat number. You can also directly input your seat number instead of scanning the ticket, if you find this easier. When this is done, your light stick is set up to connect with your smart phone when you switch it on.

Use the blue tooth option to activate it at the concert. You can notice the color of the image on your phone screen and the light stick from Exo change simultaneously. Now you are all set to enjoy the show and participate in it by synchronizing your light stick with that of the lighting on stage. With extended battery life, each Exo Light stick will give you enough power to last an entire concert and enable you to enjoy every moment.

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