Iraqi Manufactured Bayonet
with the "how" and "what" to look for markings

Look at the above bayonet carefully to see if all the markings and/or clues are present to tell if the bayonet and scabbard were "manufactured" in Iraq.

Too, Iraqi manufactured bayonets can come in different colors.  Here is a picture of the different
shades of red and orange to look for:

If by chance, anyone could find all three of these colors of Iraqi bayonets, with matching colored
bayonet handles, in excellent to mint condition, I would pay $300 for all three.

Here is the first picture again, but without all the arrows and clues...

If you can find one of these bayonets, I will pay up to $75 a piece for up to 3 of them (same color).  But, obviously the above three different colors is a long shot, but there is that slight chance, if you put a littleeffort into it and ask around, you could up the $75 a piece, to $100 a piece. 

Thank you very much for looking,

Kerry in Des Moines, IA