Know something about fullerene and its application

What is fullerene?

Fullerene is a type of molecule which is fully made up of carbon. This fullerene is in the form of a ball and one nanometer in diameter. As this fullerene is soluble in organic solvents and has an outstanding electron acceptor, this one is considered as a best material in the files of electronics, mostly in the field of n type materials for organic photovoltaic.

Commercial types of fullerenes were started to produce in the year of 2013. The below are some of the applications of fullerenes.

N type material:

This fullerene accepts large number of electrons with a strong force. Similarly this fullerene can combine with many functional groups which are soluble in the solvents which are organic. This is one of the reasons to generate fullerene derivatives which can be soluble in organic solvents.

While the fullerene molecules are combined with p type semiconductors and made into inks, the film layer which has the characteristic of semiconductor which can be produced on PET and as different forms of plastic films with the help of printing technology.

Thus producer of fullerenes at home countries and other countries in printing industries are challenging to enhance fresh products in this particular field. The OPV cells which sever as a affordable and adjustable power generating device after coating, almost every manufacturer have determined to adopt these fullerenes as the typical material of n type semi conductor.

Photoresist material and optical filters

If the fullerenes molecules absorb the blue light, this will be used as an optical filter which includes sun glasses. For next generation in the photolithography this fullerene is used as photoresist. Many researches have said the fullerene molecule which contains metallic elements, can be served as switch or magnet. The use of the fullerene is gradually increasing in many different fields.

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