38 Best Stops Between Manitou Springs and Glenwood Springs (2024)

The top stops along the way from Manitou Springs to Glenwood Springs (with short detours) are Denver Botanic Gardens, Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre, and Pearl Street Mall. Other popular stops include Coors Field, 16th Street Mall, and Chautauqua Park.


Castlewood Canyon State Park

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State park

Nature & Parks


Expansive park with hiking trails, rock climbing walls, wildlife viewing opportunities & more.

Fantastic area to hike and run. There's a good amount of parking there, with a few restrooms/portas at the lots. A big loop will take you around 6-7 miles, but you can go smaller loops or even a simple out and back - the scenery is pretty regardless. Enjoy some quality outdoors time out here.

Peter S — Google review

Beautiful state park! We explored mostly the surface because our daughter is still fairly small. But she enjoyed the playground and managed to walk down and back up from the creek. There were mosquitoes at the bottom so plan accordingly. Parking is $10 but definitely worth stopping to see all the natural beauty this spot has to offer.

Beth H — Google review

Pros:Really, really beautiful scenery. Plenty of hikes. There is a dam and you can hike parallel to a creek. At one point you have to cross the creek which makes it a little adventurous. Overall, the hikes are mild to moderate and kids of all ages can do it easily. There are plenty of picnic area, some spots have sheds, and plenty of parking. Dog friendly.Cons:Most of the hiking trails are in open so if it's sunny, you will feel the sun. Carry plenty of water.

Salil J — Google review

One of the best Colorado State parks that includes an important part of Colorado history, the Castlewood Dam. An informative movie about the failure of the dam in 1933 is available to watch in the visitor center. The park is hot in the summer and home to rattlesnakes. Restrooms and picnic areas at the trailheads. Dogs on leashes are allowed in most areas of the park, but not all. Check the signage. Highly recommend visiting in the spring and fall.

Laura N — Google review

I thought I'd try a trail run this morning on the 4 mile East trail. I quickly realized that parts of the trail were challenging to find. I was grateful for the piles of rocks/stacked rocks marking the trail. Needles to say it's not a great trail running 'trail' in several spots, but it was a great trail! I'll be back when I have more time to wander in there. I'd definitely recommend it as a hike. I'm adding a few pictures that look like landscape when they are actually part of the trail (they're obviously not the ones with a paved sidewalk or view of the canyon). I also added a quick video from under the bridge, I thought it was cool how they made space to go under the highway. The stacked rocks were my guide! I got a little lost in one area and noticed when I backtracked that the stacked rocks were toppled over, so I really did depend on them. If you hike this trail, watch for the trail markers and give yourself plenty of time, and most of all enjoy the journey!

Hethyr F — Google review

This state park is the scene of a dam failure in 1933. The canyon is filled with rock formations with Cherry Creek running below, it provides a great habitat for a variety of wildlife. There is a viewing platform near the bridge. There are two accesses to the park, the main one off CO 83 and the 2nd off CO 86 coming out of Franktown. From CO83 you can really explore the Canyon. From the CO86 side, you can see the failed Dam and the homestead. There are several beautiful trails on this side also. Both sides have plenty to explore. You can't drive from one side to the other, but you can hike.

Lisa R — Google review

Very near to centennial Colorado. It took me and my son 2hrs 30min to do a loop from castlewood state park parking towards the mountain in middle you see one side of dam and then post looping down and back you see other end of the dam. We also came across a rattle snake on the trail so took pictures and maneuvered around it. It was hot but it rained a bit that kept the temperatures down. Loop is around 6 miles and runs around many bridges with flowing water. Scenes down hill are also amazing. Nice to do this trails over weekend.

Mahesh K — Google review

Our family loves this place. Great trail with wildlife and greenery. Dog friendly and family friendly. With picnic areas and public restroom. Lovely creek and educational posts along the trail way. Watch out for cactus, mountain lions, poison ivy, and snakes.

Christina C — Google review

We were looking for somewhere along our route south of Denver where we could get in a short hike. We found Castlewood canyon to enjoy a 2 mile hike. We were happy we stopped.

Linda R — Google review

What a great find!!! The upper trails are very easy, wheelchair/stroller accessible! Once you go down into the gorge it’s absolutely stunning, more rugged and the stream is so bubbly! I didn’t make it to the dam site..next time! Highly recommend!

Dana P — Google review

One of the most beautiful places that I've been in a really long time. My boyfriend took me for my birthday he is so amazing he knows exactly what I love to do it took an hour for us the hike through the canyon and I absolutely loved it I would recommend it to anyone it's a little dangerous for someone who's not familiar with hiking or has the proper Footwear so make sure you get ready before you go

Kimberly S — Google review

This is a beautiful park with a lot of history. My daughter loves looking at the old buildings and the plaques describing what they were used for. There are a lot of trails criss-crossing around so be careful not to get lost. I also love the way the park smells in the spring there are so many wildflowers and Russian olive trees and it smells amazing here. The trails are very easy with slight changes to elevation and only a few trip hazards here and there. Just take care not to go off trail because there are cacti.

Sakura W — Google review

Moderate hiking trails (with a lot of paved walkways) through a beautiful state park full of unusual lobed "cobble" rock formations and the ruins of a mass century dam. Because it's a little off the beaten path, there are few other hikers. Dogs allowed on certain trails. And the visitor's center was a delight, with Sid & Nancy (two bull snakes) and Tig (a tiger salamander) on view.

Daniel M — Google review

Absolutely gorgeous area! Unfortunately, we didn't have enough time to stop and explore before heading to the airport. The scenic drive was fantastic, low-stress, and riddled with wondrous sights to behold! The plains appear vast, in comparison to the mountains in the west.

Jenni H — Google review

Nice place to visit, walk and hike around. Saw several people with dogs, beautiful birds and completely brush and trees. I could see this as a great place for a wedding, with beautiful views all around. Misty people stop at the first two parking lots to see the gazebo you can see from the highway. But make sure you go ask the way back further to the west. Great place for picnics with places for covered gatherings

B K — Google review

It's amazing that there are so many state parks so close to the city of Denver. We just got chance to explore only two of them. This is a unique place in that you will be on flat land one minute and the next you are seeing these beautiful canyon made by cherry creek. We had a great time hiking some beautiful trails within the park and saw lots of birds, wild flowers and some nice people along the way.

Keshava M — Google review

Big rock, shallow canyon, river walk, bird watching, cliff dwelling, 3 ish mile hike with moderate terrain. Ice lasts a bit into spring in some spots. A very pleasant way to spend a few hours outside, in nature, subsurface exploring with the family. Great place to bring a picnic. Leave no trace.

C — Google review

Beautiful place. Been here many times, but this was the first time when the trails were covered in snow. Walked to the old dam, excellent. Another great Colorado state park.

Paul G — Google review

Absolutely stunning park. Gorgeous views. The trail into the canyon does have some steep footing but go slow and you should be fine.

Mary A — Google review

A hidden gem! From the road you catch yourself thinking “there’s no way there’s anything good out there. Its flat for miles!” WRONG. As soon as you enter the park, you drive into a lovely canyon! Wonderful trails and views! Don’t skip out on this State Park!

Cara C — Google review

What a great place to go for easy hiking and viewing the wonders of Colorado scenery. On the East side entrance there is a nice visitors center, great parking with nice paved pathways winding though the rocky landscape. We saw a lot of beautiful wildflowers, magnificent rock formations, cactus, and interesting trees. One of my favorites was the large grasses lining the pathways. some of them were still green, but some of them were turning fall colors of purple, red, pink, orange, & yellow. Take the time to look closely at the natural little rock gardens.

Debra C — Google review

This is an amazing trek around the cherry creek canyon. The trail is known for bird sightings and a great hike. Entry will cost you $10 and they have plenty of parking space and restrooms near the visitor center. Compared to other great trails across the region it may not the best but worth visiting once for an early morning hike. Do not carry your bikes or skateboard.

Biswanath D — Google review


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2989 CO-83, Franktown, CO 80116, USA

(303) 688-5242


Aurora Reservoir

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Nature preserve

Nature & Parks

Aurora Reservoir is a sprawling 800-acre water body offering various recreational activities such as fishing, swimming, and non-motorized boating. Visitors can enjoy paddle boarding or rent kayaks to explore the reservoir. The park also features an archery range and picnic shelters for gatherings. While it can get busy during peak times like July 4th weekend, the water is generally clean with designated swimming areas and lifeguards on duty.

This reservoir is a great place to spend time with family and friends. A group of friends and I went fishing and had a great time. Bathrooms were clean and the staff was friendly. I would highly recommend this place for anyone who is looking for a good place to spend time outside.

Michael H — Google review

As a native of Colorado, surprisingly, I've never been here. I came out for a birthday party and was pleasantly surprised by the amount of open space on the beach and throughout the park. There was plenty of parking, paved ramps leading to the beach, and not too many people swimming in the dedicated swimming area. The restrooms were clean, and so was the beach. There were several lifeguards on deck. You can also rent shaded gazebos for parties and whatnot.

Lorenzo C — Google review

My favorite place to hike and fish close to home, always clean bathrooms and trails, the rangers and staff make you feel welcome and the most amazing they will move out of the trails making sure you and your dog are safe. They take always time to answer and educate yourself about this beautiful place in Colorado.

Claude S — Google review

Great place to catch some sun. They have a beach area. You can rent paddle boards or kayaks per hour. Kayaks are $20 an hour. The time flys so keep track of your time on the water. Lots of parking. Definitely highly recommend this location to chill with family or friends. Come check it out to cool off.

Zesty Z — Google review

Busy on July 4th weekend. Water appears clean. Swimming area is small and crowded but a separate lap swimming area was available. Lifeguards were on duty. $10/vehicle to enter. Kayaks/paddle boards available to rent. Electric motor boats only. Dogs allowed on grassy area only (not on sand). Families bring tents and grills as well as speakers so expect dueling soundtracks. Bathrooms are gross but not terrible (not the worse that I’ve seen at a public beach) and only foot showers available.

Jennifer L — Google review

An incredible reservoir/beach/park that has everything you need for a great weekend beach visit (for Colorado). A purchased day pass or season pass is required to get in, but the season pass is very well priced for a whole year of access to this body of water! Went last week with our dog to learn the area and it was a great time not even getting in the water at all. This weekend we went out early to go paddle boarding/kayaking and the experience was next to none. Beautiful calm blue water and great views of Colorado that stretches for miles completes the experience of a great boating session! I anticipate many more visits here as this small little area packs a lot of fun!

Eric T — Google review

I love this lake!! Been coming here since I was a little girl. Water is way cleaner than other lakes I know... it gets full but fun ambient

Sarai G — Google review

Aurora reservoir is good picnic place.. it has multiple picnic tables, grills.. people celebrate birthday at this place.. water is clean, lifeguards are on duty.. entry fee for non residents is 10 dollars.. restrooms are available and are maintained.. showers are available inside.. parking is adequate.. you can rent kayaks and boats..

Ashish B — Google review

I had a great time with my family. There is a beach with lifeguards. Children's playground, places for cooking meat. Everything is clean and tidy

Narine T — Google review

Fun sandy beach for a summer swim. Water in July was a little cool but perfectly swimmable. There's a playground for little ones and separated shallow wading area, swimming lanes, and boat area.

Scott W — Google review

The reservoir is a staple in the community. I was a little surprised to see that they raised the weekend price to 15$ instead of the standard 10$ no matter the day. regardless we took our paddle board, our kayaks, canoes and dog to the beach. Dogs are allowed as long as they stay on the opposite side of the white fence ( not on the actual beach) but it’s still pretty close to the water line where we were swimming/using the water products. There is many people on the water using kayaks and canoes, the same rules stand that only electric motors are allowed , nothing with gas or chemicals like that. Good to know that they continue to care for the well being of the water quality. The quality of the bathrooms were also quite nice. Very clean and multiples stalls available. Very nice place to spend the day with family and friends.

Abigail G — Google review

A definite respet from the daily grind. Quiet and quant during the week. Lively and happening on weekends. The lake is amazing... especially without motorized boats... a very tranquil experience paddle boarding. Great picnic places and a beautiful walking trail around the lake.

Gita P — Google review

The stunning lake boasts crystal clear water free from gas motors, making it the perfect spot to catch a glimpse of a giant rainbow trout. With two state fish records already under its belt, it's only a matter of time before this becomes a gold medal fishing spot. The eight-mile loop surrounding the lake offers breathtaking views of the natural surroundings and a plethora of wildlife sightings. Keep an eye out for deer, antelope, coyotes, snakes, bald eagles, and a variety of fascinating water birds that call this area home. Each moment spent exploring this beautiful landscape is sure to be unforgettable.

Brad H — Google review

Absolutely the best place to go!! It wasn't crowded at all. The water levels where low but what can you expect when there hasn't been any rain. The beach was clean and there was life guards and park rangers on duty. Everyone was having a good time.Glad I found this place.

Ashley S — Google review

Absolutely beautiful! Very serene and tranquil.

August J — Google review


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5800 S Powhaton Rd, Aurora, CO 80016, USA

(303) 326-8425

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Rooms and guests






Rooms, guests


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Shopping mall


Southlands is a large shopping mall in southeast Denver dedicated to the American Main Street spirit. It has more than 180 retailers, restaurants, and offices and is home to a health club facility, 16-theater AMC theater, winter ice skating pond and events like a farmers market during the summer. Southlands is one of several outdoor malls in the Denver area.

Had a wonderful walk-in pedicure by Henry. Long, comforting massage included. Very lovely surroundings. Even had black "disappearing" toilet in ladies room. Appreciated the beauty & cleanliness and also the enforced Covid precautions. Highly recommended!! Ask for Henry.

Linda P — Google review

Gorgeous and clean shopping center. There are many food options as well as shave ice and froyo. There is a fun water feature that my kids turned into a splash pad, I'm not sure if that's what it's for bc no other children were running through it. There was also a beautiful fire pit surrounded with a dozen chairs to sit,relax and warm up. I wish there were a few more clothing shopping stores available

Christine J — Google review

Christmas at our mall is special. The ice skating ring is so nice, with music playing and everyone so cheerful.

Bajie's ( — Google review

I have been going to Southlands since about 2008! I have watched it grow and change! I love this shopping center! It's got such a great atmosphere for walking and shopping and a really great selection of stores. It's really big so you'll have to choose to walk the outdoor shopping mall or drive to the outlying big stores such as Wal-Mart, Sam's Club or Best Buy. One of the best parts of Southlands is that they also have events and they turn their main gathering place in front of the movie theater into a skating rink during winter months!

Loopy L — Google review

It has some great shops and restaurants but seems to have a high tenant turnover so don’t get too attached to a place.

D T — Google review

I went in here for camera film cartridges, and I was 8 months pregnant. I couldn't get anyone to tell me where I might look for the cartridges. When I did find them, I went to check out, not realizing they only had one line. So I got into one with the sign that said checkout. I was then looked at like I was an idiot and the cashier at the desk told his other coworker on the desk, "Do these people in line first they were in line." I'm sorry, but that's not okay. Don't have a sign over the checkout when you want people to check out at customer service. Keep in mind there was NO sign saying this, so I didn't know. VERY rude male staff if you're a woman. The lady who checked me out was very nice, but my goodness. I won't be back to this location again.

Leandra R — Google review

Outdoor mall… well if you want to call it that. Most stores have gone out of business. It once was a great place with lots of store options however that time has come and gone. A breakfast place closed down after one year of being there. Also there has been an empty space where a GREAT bar (McCabes Irish pub) once was located- empty for years now… sad to see such a nice outdoor mall go to waste when it comes to shopping and fun.

Just Y — Google review

This is a great outdoor mall that has a little of everything! It has a theatre, lots of cafes and restaurants, clothing stores, a Barnes and Noble, and specialty shops. It is a fantastic place to go on a beautiful day to grab some ice cream or a coffee and just wander around.

Tracey C — Google review

Favorite mall in the area! Great setup with some of my favorite shops (The Local, Savory Spice, Barnes & Noble, etc.). The Dine-In AMC Theatre here is wonderful as well! Beautiful place to stroll around when the weather is nice (outdoor mall).

Stephanie P — Google review

Very nice beautiful area with many things to do. Wide variety of stores to choose from and they have a spray park for kids as well free of charge. Lights are hung up for the night that make the street ways nice for walking around.

Chels ( — Google review

Always love visiting the Southlands area. Kept very clean and inviting. The shops are great. Make sure to stop by the Savory Spice Shop, you won't be disappointed and will find some amazing things. And Chris and his team will take good care of you.

Mark M — Google review

This is a great outdoor mall. I like to walk around here and pop into the different stores. A wide variety of stores are available to meet most needs. The flowers they put up during the spring and summer are beautiful. The ice skating rink during the winter is a fun family stop. The place is always clean and kept neat.

Chris — Google review

Upscale, nice, safe place to shop. With a wonderful courtyard with fountains for kids to play in. They also have free concerts on Thursday nights throughout the summer! Great place to spend an afternoon!

William T — Google review

I always enjoy visiting Southlands. During the summer the splash pad is a hit. My family loves to visit the movies, then sit on the lawn area and let the little ones run around. In the winter the ice rink is a big hit. Lots of great shops, clean area and variety of places to eat.

Leanne ( — Google review

The taiyaki here is made fresh and is very good, they have Nutella and red bean flavor (though they have fun out of red bean before). The place has a nice vibe though and the staff was very friendly.

Katrina C — Google review

All new buildings it seems. Drive in was uncluttered this time of the day on Sunday. Sam’s Walmart buffalo wings . Good traffic in and out is my best point.

Haden L — Google review

Staying open during a winter storm warning when literally every other shopping center delayed or closed within the area is crazy.Roads are awful. But glad to know making money is worth more than employees lives.

Sara G — Google review

Very nice place to go for lunch or dinner or ice cream! Everything was put together with a great purpose! This place is very safe and well lit! Plenty of parking and so many places for doing shopping!

Angel C — Google review

Lots of interesting things to do and enjoy. it down the street from my house you can get all your shopping done in one area. different places to enjoy your meals the movie theater is clean and worthy.in the middle of the square they have the water fountains for the kids to run through and at night it's a nice little place for live music.It's definitely worth the time and energy to come here and relax but that being said at the same time many other people also want the same thing so be ready for some crazy traffic on different days it varies also the parking can be a challenge.

Alchemist M — Google review

Went to Chili's and had the worst server ever...he was very forgetful. His name was Mason. We put in an appetizer order and I asked him about it twice. The 2nd time he was like what appetizer so I told him and he said oh I forgot...He didn't remember drink orders so it wasn't a pleasant experience. I still tipped him 20% and will just write another review on Yelp. The food, once we got it, was good.

Cheryl D — Google review


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6155 S Main St Suite 260, Aurora, CO 80016, USA

(303) 627-5000


Monument Rock


Outdoor Activities

Historical landmark

Geologic Formations

Nature & Wildlife Areas

Equestrian Trails

Hiking Trails

This trail to the rock is not very much elevation gain at all! It’s a super easy hike and it takes about 40 minutes to get to the rock! I think it’s pretty interesting how it’s just the one humongous rock in the middle of everything out there. It’s beautiful!

Jeremy C — Google review

Very easy flat hike through the forest to reach it. I went during a storm so it wasn’t busy at all. I highly recommend this hike to beginners. The city views from the rock are superb and the forest is super tranquil. This area is popular for bikers and horse riders as well. I came across some bikers on my hike and saw several hoof prints in the sand.

Aliza B — Google review

Super cool hike! Flat and easy with the kiddos! Beautiful views

LM A — Google review

Great trails for all level hikers or just to walk the dog. Beautifully view all around

Gordon W — Google review

Such a neat spot.... just don't take non 4 wheel drives up

Bruce B — Google review

Great park to hike or mountain bike, many trails and decent service to load maps if you get lost.

TyTheLaw R — Google review

Plenty of places to park, walkable or bikable trails, and plenty of ways to get there so it's not crowded.

Jim P — Google review

My girlfriend and I decided to visit recently and it was a really serene walk with clear paths for walking on trail. Please note: you should always follow marked trails and not go off the beaten path because there are conservation efforts to restore local flora and fauna and trampling on them hinders growth or kills it off. I really enjoyed this walk though and got some awesome photos of the pathway that I’ve posted. Definitely worth visiting and if you go you will probably find parking a lot easier at the trailhead than surrounding areas.

Aaron S — Google review

Easy hike and beautiful location. Really worth the effort to get here even though its hardly an effort :D lol Sunrise is extra special and theres so many trails for mountain biking and walking and jogging just an absolute amazing destination.

David G — Google review

Wonderful short hike to Monument Rock. Absolutely gorgeous!

Blake M — Google review

Great hiking area with multiple trails to enjoy. Area is pretty flat by Colorado standards so all skill levels will be able to enjoy the area. The rock itself stands alone in the area so you can't miss it. Allow about 30-40 minutes to hike in from Nursery Road trailhead.

Rob H — Google review

Stopped thru while traveling and got a short hike in with the dogs, would definitely visit again. I was in a 30 foot RV and it was difficult to find parking (big rigs beware). The road thru was washboard gravel. It looked like more trails were being developed as well as I saw some volunteers working in the park.

Josh T — Google review

Great trails for hiking or mountain biking to Monument Rock. You can park in a few different lots at trail heads so you can make the hike longer or shorter. Most of trails connect so you can mix it up and do a loop. The rock itself is Monumental for sure and the views from the elevation is spectacular. The single track trails are like a roller coaster. Lots of fun!

Rick L — Google review


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Schilling Ave, Monument, CO 80132, USA

(719) 385-5940


Miller Activity Complex

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Recreation center

Fun & Games


Sports Complexes

The Miller Activity Complex, also known as the MAC, is a spacious 64,000-square-foot recreational facility located in the expansive Phillip S. Miller Park in Castle Rock. It offers a diverse range of indoor and outdoor sports activities suitable for all age groups. The complex features an indoor pool with various amenities such as lap lanes, water slide, and whirlpool tub.

So much fun! The pool is great and the play space is awesome! Indoor soccer fields are always great in the winter too!

Jordan S — Google review

Absolutely THE BEST recreation areas I've ever seen. Unbelievable that it's FREE to enter! I spent the day here.

Kay S — Google review

Love the Mac! The pool and play space is awesome but the they ca get incredibly crowded as they don’t monitor the amount of kids in those spaces. They also charge adults full price for admission to the play space which is ridiculous since it’s just the kids in there.

Angela C — Google review

I would give this place 100 if it had little water park open till 5pmWe just got at 3.50pm and kids got wet" they shut of timers at 4pm😞😞Keep it open till at least 5!!

Mirela O — Google review

My grandson does soccer practice here every Saturday. The facilities is very clean, excellent equipment, and activities areas.

Shannon M — Google review

Very nice complex and the programs offered and fun and age appropriate. I only wish there were more programs for really young kids and older teens! The pool is very nice and there’s an indoor playground for young kids.

Moriah C — Google review

We love coming here to play, swim, jump on the trampoline, and we had my daughters birthday here as well as going to plan our sons party next year at the MAC. The front desk staff is always friendly to us and everyone that walked in, and being especially friendly with the younger kiddos! The vending machines take your money sometimes but that isn’t the fault of this place, more so the vending company.

Shawna B — Google review

This place is amazing! They have inside pool with water slide, trampoline area, kids area, soccer field and more. Staff was super helpful and the one lifeguard was so nice. She ended up being in the trampoline area as well and was again so polite and friendly (and just a beautiful woman). Cannot thank you all enough for the warm welcome being the first time there. Will definitely see you all again. Keep up the great work and positive vibes.

Bart T — Google review

CLEAN CLEAN CLEANCompared to other places they keep this place organized and clean.I definitely recommend this place. The children had a blast. The splash pad was well worth it!

Raquel G — Google review

This place has free wifi and is a great time for the kids. The front desk staff is always friendly and the gym is clean and the indoor soccer field is in great shape. Our dojo rents the space for testing every so often and it is fantastic!

Diamond J — Google review

We went to this place on a field trip for my son's school. It's really a bit of a drive cuz it's in Castle Rock , but I'm definitely going back to try out the Ziplines! The staff was awesome and the place is really cool for kids of all ages! Swimming pool was warm and they have a very entertaining jungle gym ! No food except vending machines. Golf simulator and weights too.

Janet S — Google review

There's so much to do and see at this amazing facility. Great for kids and adults alike, the ammenities are sure to please. The outdoor playground is unlike any we've ever been to before. We enjoy splashing around in the spray area and hiking the incline. The indoor play area, fields, and pools are just as wonderful. The MAC is an enjoyable place for both locals and tourists.

Sarah H — Google review

This place is amazing! Two indoor fields, a large play area for children, and a good pool setup. Outside looks even more amazing, we can't wait for summer!

Tyler T — Google review


(487)38 Best Stops Between Manitou Springs and Glenwood Springs (18)


(110)38 Best Stops Between Manitou Springs and Glenwood Springs (19)

1375 W Plum Creek Pkwy, Castle Rock, CO 80109, USA

(720) 733-2222

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Golf Club At Bear Dance

38 Best Stops Between Manitou Springs and Glenwood Springs (27)38 Best Stops Between Manitou Springs and Glenwood Springs (28)

38 Best Stops Between Manitou Springs and Glenwood Springs (29)38 Best Stops Between Manitou Springs and Glenwood Springs (30)

Golf club

Outdoor Activities

Golf driving range


Golf Courses

What’s an amazing experience. This golf course is definitely and easily on my top 10 ten list. Bear Dance is going to give you phenomenal photos vies from every tee box! The course is in pristine condition and the staff and cart crew are truly professional and accommodating. Thanks for the amazing service and for the opportunity to play such an exciting golf course! #ustour101

Loren C — Google review

Best "mountain golf" you will find, that is close to the city. Lots of trees and elevation change. The signature "bear paw" hole is unique. Not cheap, but worth the experience

Rich D — Google review

As of today this is the best course in Colorado. Great views great greens/ hole designs. Had an amazing time!

Gary M — Google review

The course is amazing! Beautiful views and unreal play. Pace of play was good, Marshalls kept things moving. I have no complaints, today was a wonderful 18.

Phillip S — Google review

We played a 4.5 hour round at 9am on a Saturday and were hurried the entire time. With a group right in front of us :/ . Decent views, no doubt but idk if worth the $$. Even got paired up with a badass couple and that didn't even make it better

Derek S — Google review

I guess I'll start with wow wow wow!!! What a wonderful choice for a golf course to play while vacationing in Colorado Springs. A short 30-minute drive North of Colorado Springs takes you up into the hills outside the city. First-class facility. Right from the very beginning everybody was friendly starting with the cart guys out front loading my clubs to the gentleman inside to check me in to the starter car girl. Everybody was just super friendly. Good-sized driving range pitching green and practice putting green on site. Snack bar right near the clubhouse and the first tee to stock up before you head out. Since I was a single I was paired up with three other golfers two of them were local gentleman. We had a good time together. The golf course was in excellent shape. The fairways were easy to hit off of the rough with penalize you if you got in too deep. The greens ran true and smooth. There's a lot of undulation, a lot of movement on The Greens at this course. I don't think any of them were flat so to speak. and spending a day on their Golf Course.

Milton H — Google review

Bear Dance has quickly become my favorite course to play! The experience was top notch. There were two attendants waiting for you at curbside club drop off to take your clubs to your cart for you. There were complimentary baskets of balls on the range and balls scattered around to warm up with which was a nice touch. Every single hole was set up to give you a unique view of the mountains and valleys around you. No fairways doubled back on each other and there were plenty of hazards that kept the course interesting. I would absolutely recommend the few extra bucks to play here it’s more than worth it!

Sam F — Google review

This review is for the restaurant. My wife and I have become regulars at this spot. The staff and food are the absolute best you will find from Castle Rock to Monument. So far its also been some of the best food in Colorado for us. Weekly rotating specials, plus the service and food is consistently good. You can really tell the maitre d' and head chef know what they are doing.

James D — Google review

My favorite course around denver! Amazing mountain and forest views with some super unique holes like the bear paw. Really fun day of golf.Only cons- cart path only is rough here ( but discounted to $85!) , greens need alot of work, and the restaraunt service was slow. Still giving 5 stars tho cuz it's a gorgeous course.

Geraud G — Google review

Great place. The views are amazing. More importantly the fairways and greens are in great condition.

Patrick M — Google review

It's the best course in the Denver metro. This is the place I take visiting family and friends to experience the best Colorado golf has to offer (at least in my experience). Staff is phenomenal, course is pristine from tees to greens, practice area is tops, pro shop has great merchandise, and the views are virtually unmatched. Price is steep at $175 on weekends, but it's worth it. Just make sure you play the right tees for your skillset, and get a feel for the greens at the practice area. Greens are by far the most challenging aspect of this course with speed and undulation. Get photos on 6 and 16.My only criticism is pace of play: it's tough to get in under 5 hours here on the weekend. Otherwise, go play it; you won't regret it.

Ryan S — Google review

First off, I wanted to say this was a beautiful course. Very well taken care of and would possibly go back. The reason the rating does not get any higher is because we booked a tee time, and we were waiting at every single hole. We waited at the tee box and on the fairway. We told Marshall many times, and they did nothing. We paid for 18 holes and only played 12 because it got dark. 12 holes in 3 and a half hours.

Corey C — Google review

Really had a wonderful experience playing here. The staff was very friendly and the course was in beautiful shape! It was very challenging and well kept. The views are absolutely incredible and the carts are cool too. My only gripe is the carts force you to slow in certain areas which is annoying.

Zachary P — Google review

What a wonderful golf course. It has been beautifully maintained! The team there are all excellent! This has to be one of the most beautiful courses in Colorado!We had the best time and are looking forward to returning to play another round!

Shelley P — Google review

Great staff. Awesome course and food. Definitely coming back.

Stephen S — Google review

You should definitely play here. Everything about this place feels first class. My wife and I played on a Thursday afternoon, and she is still building her golf skills, and even though she was nervous both the staff and our playing partners made her feel at ease.The views are incredible (of course) and the elevation changes are impressive and fun. We were fortunate to play with someone who lives on the course and plays 100 rounds a year or more here. If you are trying to score well you definitely either need a person like him or a very good golf app (highly recommend the Arccos system!) because there are plenty of blind shots and the ball flies like it was shot out of a cannon. My first two shots on the downhill opener were a 270-yard 4-iron and a 208-yard 9-iron.The greens are fast but roll true. The fairways are generous considering the course is cut out of a forest. I shot several strokes over my usual and felt like I did pretty well.Wish we could buy a house on the course and play every day.

Richard C — Google review


(462)38 Best Stops Between Manitou Springs and Glenwood Springs (31)


(47)38 Best Stops Between Manitou Springs and Glenwood Springs (32)

6630 Bear Dance Dr, Larkspur, CO 80118, USA

(303) 681-4653


Park Meadows

38 Best Stops Between Manitou Springs and Glenwood Springs (33)38 Best Stops Between Manitou Springs and Glenwood Springs (34)

38 Best Stops Between Manitou Springs and Glenwood Springs (35)38 Best Stops Between Manitou Springs and Glenwood Springs (36)

Shopping mall


This enclosed shopping mall with over 185 retailers & restaurants offers valet parking.

A very clean and safe mall with security present - but not to the point of being distracting. The holiday displays are over-the-top and really enhance the shopping experience. A wide variety of stores with few if even any vacant store fronts. The restaurant selection is also wonderful and offers a wide variety of foods sure to please any palette.

M P — Google review

Park Meadows Mall is a shopper's paradise, a sprawling retail oasis that easily earns its five-star rating. Located in Lone Tree, Colorado, this mall offers an unparalleled shopping experience with its impressive selection of stores, dining options, and entertainment venues.One of the standout features of Park Meadows Mall is its diverse range of retailers. From high-end fashion brands to popular retailers and specialty shops, the mall has something for everyone. Whether you're looking for the latest fashion trends, home goods, electronics, or gifts, Park Meadows Mall has you covered.In addition to its wide range of stores, Park Meadows Mall offers a variety of dining options to satisfy every craving. Whether you're in the mood for a quick bite or a leisurely meal, the mall's restaurants and eateries offer a diverse range of cuisines and dining experiences.Park Meadows Mall is not just a shopping destination; it's also a hub of entertainment and community. The mall regularly hosts events, concerts, and activities for visitors of all ages, making it a lively and vibrant destination year-round.Overall, Park Meadows Mall is a must-visit destination for shoppers seeking a premium retail experience. With its impressive selection of stores, dining options, and entertainment venues, the mall offers a one-of-a-kind shopping experience that is sure to impress.

Dark P — Google review

This is a great mall with many shopping options and good restaurants. The mall is very clean and well laid out. They have many unique stores and vendors in the mall, like a Peloton store and a Tesla car dealership. The customer service at all stores were very friendly and helpful.

Derrick G — Google review

We love this mall! Found some great stuff and shoes and the food at the food court was good. So don’t mine coming back again when we are in town .

UndyingPanda B — Google review

It’s awesome! Always clean. The food court is great and has many selections to choose from. The outdoor part of the mall is fabulous for my kids to run around and watch the fish. There is also an area that has artificial turf and about 10 or 12 seats available to sit and relax in the open air. Always like to come here and walk around and get ice cream!

Harrison N — Google review

Love the Tesla charging station right at exit. There is place to walk and stretch your legs. Tons of parking and a h8ge food court inside.

M D — Google review

I love this mall very iconic. I was so excited once they were done with the construction being a native I've watched everywhere around this whole state grow. Go visit

LesisMore S — Google review

Beautifully decorated, ready for the holidays. Parking was a challenge Friday evening. Most people were wearing masks. Lots of new stores that I've never heard of. The Apple store and Tesla are the most interesting to me. Go out and enjoy this beautiful "shopping resort". 😍

Steven S — Google review

Super fun place expensive and very busy. It was Worth the $110 for two people. My son really enjoyed it. We did a walk in on Christmas eve. Lilly was so helpful and great. We got a little movie trailer at the end which was super funny to watch. Located at park meadows mall.

Erica G — Google review

Even though malls are going the way of that of the Dodo Bird, this mall is still a prominent shopping destination filled with generally unique stores, and also a lot of big name brands from that of Bath and Body Works all the way to Nordstrom.In my recent experience with this shopping resort, I was met with a high-end experience in all of the stores I went into, even the Wetzel's Pretzels here was good. In spite of Wetzel's being arguably worse than Auntie Anne's.The Sportsfan shop here, in spite of rather discomforting prices, has an amazing array of sports team Memorabilia. They even had a plentiful amount of retro team Memorabilia (from that of the Seattle Supersonics and Boston Patriots, respectively). I ended up getting an authentic Colorado Avalanche Official Game Puck and also a Nuggets Snapback, both for only $33 at this establishment.Parking, at this shopping resort, was complex and also a plentiful enigma to get around, but we were actually able to find parking, as there were a lot of places to park on premises.Overall, this general experience was amazing at this particular establishment, and I, for certain will be returning the next time I am in the Denver area.

Jason K — Google review

One of my favorite places to visit in Denver, it is a great place to stroll around and browse they have most all of the necessary department stores and a bunch of specialty stores as well. The area outside is beautiful and well lit and has quite a few very nice restaurants. There is also a traditional food court and random other places to eat scattered about the mall. Aside from the Christmas season it's never too crowded but still is a great place to people watch. If you are looking for a big traditional Mall with a very Colorado theme, I would definitely suggest visiting.

Jeff W — Google review

Great mall. It is full of store which is not the norms for malls. It’s clean and there is tons of shops inside and out. Love the deco of the wood cabin theam. It is very nice and just a good place to walk around

Greg S — Google review

Clean, nicely decorated, all shops were open and clean. Very nice mall ample parking and great food court.

Joshua P — Google review

Great mall it’s not a extream luxury as cherry and there is not a outlet as castle rock. It’s a great mall to go. It’s the one that I always chose. And the best you have shake shack in the food court. Zara, north face, and more brands to see.

Gonzalo G — Google review

Lots of shops, a lot of variety of foods and a cute fountain in the middle. Had a hard time finding the bathrooms but they are at the end of the food court on the second level.

Iris M — Google review

This is a really nice mall with an open, bright vibe. Clean restrooms and ample food choices.

Rich H — Google review

Huge mall with a good variety of stores. Not an outlet mall. Super clean. We shopped at MAC, Hot Topic, and Attic Salt. We browsed at Coach and some store that sold all kinds of knickknacks, sundries, jewelry. Everyone was nice.

Valerie — Google review

I visit Park Meadows Mall almost every day to power walk. It's very clean and gets high ratings for being walker friendly. I always see security personnel walking around. I enjoy the diversion of walking through the major department stores to see the newest fashion trends. It's more enjoyable than walking outside as I can also people watch and make the occasional purchase. On the weekends the mall can get crowded, so I recommend going early in the morning. Even though most of the stores open at 10 am, I have walked around the mall before the stores open. I was surprised that both Dillard's and JC Penney open at 11 am. On Sunday stores open at 11 am, except Dillard's opens at noon. Note that these are non-holiday hours.

Diane S — Google review

One of the best malls here in Colorado! Love this amazingly beautiful mall! It has a lot of stores with all of them being very tidy and clean. I really love going here when I can, especially the beautiful water fountain in the middle of the mall. Definitely recommend going here!

Ricky — Google review

I LOVE this food court.The fire place is absolutely stunning.I was surprised to find it was not turned on today.It is a wonderful place to grab a bite to eat when shopping in the neighborhood.I really enjoy the atmosphere and the food is very good as well.

Bethany ( — Google review

It’s an awesome mall. Love this clean, modern, and gorgeous mall in Lone Tree. All the staff and security were friendly, HUGE dining hall (the food is great) , and has an awesome wide selection of stores to shop at! I will definitely recommend this mall to anyone!

Nikolai M — Google review


(12599)38 Best Stops Between Manitou Springs and Glenwood Springs (37)


(256)38 Best Stops Between Manitou Springs and Glenwood Springs (38)

8401 Park Meadows Center Dr, Lone Tree, CO 80124, USA

(303) 792-2999


iFLY Indoor Skydiving - Denver

Skydiving center

Fun & Games

Adventure sports

Adventure sports center

This indoor flight facility offers free-fall adventures, with room for parties, meetings & lessons.

I chose this as one of my birthday activities this year. The location was easy to find and there was free parking outside. Everyone was friendly and helpful - from the receptionist to the instructors! We felt safe with the instructor which was really important because I was sooo nervous.Someone else complained about the scratches on the windows of the diving center - they make sense since you have to wear sneakers inside and you can bounce them against the glass if you get too close. We were able to get a voucher for the video footage, and they are available on the website for good quality and a reasonable price.I would come back here and bring friends for an unique and cool experience.

Rhue I — Google review

So many scratches on the viewing area that it was hard to take a picture or enjoy looking at the people inside. The scratches and scuffs really do need to be addressed I’m sure people don’t like it in their photos. It wasn’t very friendly more like an assembly line. Communication was definitely lacking. Although the experience was incredibly fun it was more money than just going skydiving to begin with.

Serena B — Google review

I feel like a daredevil coming here!! It is such a thrilling experience, and I can't wait to come back! Chase was our flight commander, and he was super passionate about our safety and having fun!! We were in a group with young and not so young, all had a great time. I especially enjoyed watching the group after us doing insane tricks and can't wait to come back to learn how to do those. Thank you again for a wonderful visit!!Free parking, easy to find, not crowded, clean facility, easy to book, AMAZING EXPERIENCE!!

Just M — Google review

I truly cannot say enough good things about this tunnel. I have been flying in the tunnel about a year, and when I first started flying in Colorado in January I was still back flying. Today was my last day at the Denver tunnel before moving back to the east coast, and I’ve been signed off on all of level 3 and will begin head down once returning to NY.I’ve had the opportunity to coach with most of the staff, and each one of them has so much to offer in their teaching methods. I was so warmly welcomed into the community and quickly befriended by each of the staff member, and I certainly will be leaving a large part of my heart at this tunnel in Colorado. My time here has given me the opportunity to grow in tremendous ways, and has provided me with countless memories of laughter and the biggest smiles.Thank You so very much to each staff member. I cannot say enough positive things about what I will be taking away with me. I am so very grateful for the time I was able to spend here.

Meghan T — Google review

As a full figured lady I was rather scared, but Rita was awesome and helped me gain the confidence I needed to do it twice. They were very open to me going at a slower pace and the high fly was scary and fun all at the same time. I asked that they go slow with me and they did. They were excellent with my daughter (13) and she had a blast! Will go again!

Lisa G — Google review

Been here twice with family. Both times had a great time. Last time Sean was great with everyone, very funny and friendly. Overall the whole staff and all instructors are very friendly. I would definitely go again and take friends and family.

Fahd Y — Google review

An awesome experience, with great vibe from the staff. Our instructor, Khai, was friendly and super knowledgeable. Definitely looking forward to future flights.

Anthony D — Google review

Chris was such a great instructor! We had so much fun and are looking forward to being able to go again. Instructions are explained very thoroughly and they walk us thru our flight experience. Everyone helped in one way or another and made the experience amazing.

Adrian L — Google review

Worth doing!! Helpful staff,, Positive vibes, great facility, professional instuctors, AND TONS of fun for all ages. I'll come again.

Austin C — Google review

We had the best time at iFly! Preston kept the experience high energy and made us laugh and smile the entire time. Definitely something we would do again!

Brittany S — Google review

This was our second time at this iFly. We got Khai as our instructor again. He was such a pleasure to work with. They are so personable and fantastic trainers. This was our son's fourth time at an iFly and Khai was able to teach him well. Khai was also working with an advanced student and it was fascinating to see him teach more advanced maneuvers. Would highly recommend! Make sure you pay extra for at least one high flight!

Doug J — Google review

What a great time!!!!I will only fly here. The only wind tunnel that I've flown in and it will stay that way. The instructors are amazing and friendly.If you are working on your skydiving skills they will get you stable, it helps a great deal.( Ask for Kevin:)Also you can buy discounted price on tickets, you can purchase them after you fly as a return flight. Great deal!It's amazing what a a little wind can do😎🤘🤙

Jeannette K — Google review

The best buisness I have ever been to hands down. the experience was amazing the service was also the friendliest service I've ever encountered every single employee was super nice my 3 year old loved his first flight experience and had it not been for the friendly staff the frightening experience could've gone the other way. I'll be recommending this place to as many people as I can especially all the kids 3 and over.

Tim N — Google review

The customer service is top notch. My daughter had a wonderful time with her instructor. The only negative is that the location must be an older one. It could use an update. The wind tunnels at other locations are much nicer / provide greater visibility.

Kyle S — Google review

The staff was super friendly and even allowed us to make last minute changes of fliers when my youngest decided they didn't want to take their last flight. This is such a fun experience! This facility is a little old as it was a prototype for all the other iFly facilities, but that does not make it any less fun! A great experience!

Brian B — Google review

This facility has been open for quite a while, but the team here now is stellar. Super friendly, inviting, and knowledgeable. Everyone else that I saw in the building were all smiles during their visits. Great activity for all sorts of folks, plus extra fun to progress and learn more control.

Rory C — Google review

The team here is amazing. They love their jobs (who wouldn't?) and it shows. They take such good care of our Girl Scout troops when they come for STEM activities too.

Sweet R — Google review

It's definitely worth a try. My kids love it, and I do it every year on their birthdays. Staff is super friendly and helpful 👌

Abhishek Y — Google review

We had a small group of teenage girls who had a blast! The staff and instructors are fun and friendly. We had a lot of laughs. Great viewing area for parents or non flyers. We added the High fly option for an additional $20 per person and the girls said it was the best part! My only complaint would be it was a bit pricey coming in at $108 per person for less than an hour experience from start to finish. Other than that the girls loved it and especially taking pictures on the gear!

Amy E — Google review

We went for a girl scout event and arrived a little early. We were told what room to go into. We went to the room and Catlyn told us that we could wait outside of the room. Shortly after two white females went into the room the interaction they had with Catyln seemed alot different. After we went back to room and we saw how well she interacted with them and ignored us completely. We saw how she had a full conversation with them and we didn't exist there. We felt very discriminated by her. She also doesn't seem to have the patience to deal with any kids. If it wouldn't have been for the instructors good attitude our experience would of been ruined.Edit: event happened 4/25/24 5pm-8:30, female leading Stem class was the one we were ignored by.

Carlos R — Google review

Fantastic! I never thought I would do anything like this. The staff were wonderful - very competent and professional. I felt safe (well, at least as safe as one can feel while lying on air).

Sam J — Google review

Very cool place! Instructors are very well trained and it is obvious they love what they do! Took my son there for his 12th birthday. His instructor Khai was awesome! Very patient and made sure everyone was comfortable before stepping into the wind tunnel. Highly recommend for birthday parties, work functions, or just a place to go have some random fun at!

Daddy N — Google review


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(331)38 Best Stops Between Manitou Springs and Glenwood Springs (40)

9230 Park Meadows Dr, Lone Tree, CO 80124, USA

(303) 768-9000


Denver Museum of Nature & Science

38 Best Stops Between Manitou Springs and Glenwood Springs (41)38 Best Stops Between Manitou Springs and Glenwood Springs (42)

38 Best Stops Between Manitou Springs and Glenwood Springs (43)38 Best Stops Between Manitou Springs and Glenwood Springs (44)

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+73 other lists


Science museum

The Denver Museum of Nature and Science is a museum dedicated to the natural world with IMAX films, rotating exhibits, and more. The museum has separate exhibitions for children and adults, as well as an IMAX theater.

A friend suggested this place since we have younger children (8 and 5). They absolutely loved it and didn’t want to leave! It’s a three story museum with multiple exhibits. My kids loved the space one exhibit and the ancient history (dinosaur) the most. We went to the second floor to the discovery zone where the kids got to do all sorts of hands on activities. It is definitely an experience for children and adults! I would definitely recommend it.

Lucas M — Google review

Brought my grandfather here after some convincing him to get out of the house after my grandma died. He’s been very isolated so I thought the science museum would be a fun family outing. I even surprise bought tickets to the Egypt exhibit. My grandfather was super tickled pink when I brought him here. The first place I brought him was the Egypt exhibit. He LOVED it!!! He was so excited about the exhibit, consistently pulling me over to the exhibit in Egypt he was looking at. He would talk about it and give me little facts he knew. He overall had a fantastic time. We went through almost every exhibit but the planetarium. It was worth every single penny to see my grandpa smile the way he did in such a long time. It was very educational to both of us. If you want something super cool and learn, come here. There is also tons of stuff for kids to adults to do. Their exhibits are super educational and so much to see and look at. If I lived in Denver I’d definitely come back more to see the planetarium and other new exhibits this place offered.

Karen S — Google review

Customer service has been great every time. My partner and I did the membership to visit often and it’s already paid for itself with only a few visits. Plus we haven’t seen everything yet. Friday evenings are a great time to go as it’s quiet. Excited for the upcoming poison exhibit as well as the orcas before they leave.

Alex S — Google review

This is a pretty nice museum. There is a ton of taxidermy though which takes up a lot of real estate, and I'd rather see other things. The dinosaur area is pretty neat, and their temporary guitar exhibit was cool! I'd say this museum is worth a visit.

Kasey S — Google review

Honestly, five stars is not enough for the value of this museum. It is so packed with great exhibits that it really requires multiple trips to appreciate fully. Great for families. Dinosaurs, mummies, wildlife, gems and minerals, theaters for films, and much more. Something for everyone. I keep going back and always see things I missed the time before. Don't try to see it all in one visit-impossible. But if you only have one opportunity to see it, plan for several hours.

Lisa S — Google review

Denver Museum of Nature and Science is a must-visit attraction for anyone visiting or living in the area. With fascinating exhibits, educational content, and engaging activities, it offers a memorable experience for visitors of all ages. From dinosaurs to space exploration, the museum covers a wide range of scientific topics, providing a perfect blend of entertainment and learning. Don't miss out on this enriching and enjoyable destination!

Kwesi A — Google review

We came here for a summer vacation from Frisco TX. And we are happy that we went to the museum. The museum is very engaging, informative, and big for all ages. We almost spent 4-5 hours in the museum and also went to the planetary science movie, which is around 25 minutes and it was amazing. And if you talk about price, it’s not that pricey and worth to visiting. Totally recommended 👍🏻

Parul S — Google review

The staff at this museum are helpful and accommodating. They are the nicest folks. I was walking across downtown Denver with a large backpack when I stopped in, and the security staff helped me secure the pack safely so I could enjoy the museum. The front desk staff were also up front about the different types of discount admission available. The museum content is world class.

Cullen H — Google review

Cannot wait to go back! My daughter and I went on a FREE day and yes it was crowded but not to a point that I wouldn’t do it again. Stunning Dinosaur Exhibit and watching the Archaeological Work in action was fascinating. We saw the Living Color exhibit and we both had so much fun. Lots of interaction for all age and ability groups. We had to leave and missed the other exhibit but again, we both can’t wait to go back.

Honey S — Google review

A Treasure Trove of Wonder!I recently spent a fascinating day exploring the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, and I was thoroughly impressed! This incredible institution is a must-visit destination for anyone curious about the natural world and the wonders of science.The museum's vast collections and exhibits are meticulously curated, showcasing an astonishing array of artifacts, specimens, and interactive displays. From ancient dinosaur fossils to cutting-edge scientific discoveries, the scope of the museum's offerings is truly breathtaking.Highlights of my visit included:- The awe-inspiring dinosaur exhibit, featuring a towering T. rex skeleton and a stunning Triceratops fossil- The beautifully designed Gems and Minerals gallery, showcasing a dazzling array of precious stones and crystals- The interactive Science Zone, where visitors of all ages can engage in hands-on experiments and activities- The captivating exhibit on the history of Colorado's indigenous peoples, offering a poignant and thought-provoking look at the region's rich cultural heritageThe museum's commitment to education and community engagement is evident throughout, with plenty of resources and activities available for visitors of all ages. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic, eager to share their expertise and inspire a love of learning.In short, the Denver Museum of Nature & Science is a treasure trove of wonder, a place where curiosity and discovery come alive. Whether you're a science enthusiast, a nature lover, or simply looking for a fun and educational experience, this museum is a must-visit destination.

Gustavo P — Google review

We take our toddlers a few times a month, and they love running around the different exhibits. The Discover Zone is usually our final stop (they usually get wet w the water table), but the Space area is top notch. The planetarium is a nice treat. Very thoughtfully curated Museum to stimulate learning.

Jason S — Google review

They have free days so make sure to check their website for those days. You can reserve timed tickets online to ensure you get a spot, but it wasn’t packed when I went.The museum exhibits are on three stories, but there is also a fourth floor that gives access to a balcony with a great view of the Denver skyline.There’s a great gem and mineral exhibit with a lot of things found here in Colorado.A lot of things are geared towards children, but it’s interesting for adults and would be a nice date night.

A — Google review

Went on a whim because we had a few hours to kill. We have a reciprocal pass from our local museum so that was awesome (we were going either way). Tons of energy and kids there when we went. Was so great to see everyone so happy. For our 3 year old it was perfect. (Let her walk a ton and get tired). For us adults not a ton of different things compared to other science museums in big cities except for the huge rock collection they have on the first floor. Overall very easy to get in and out and free parking (can’t say the same for Dallas)

Collin L — Google review

Firstly set aside 3+ hours to see this monstrosity of education and growth. See I always recommend getting the City pass so you can stroll in and get your QR code scanned and proceed to be amazed. So many exhibits and collections to see. Would come back. The temporary showroom I saw was “BUGS” I really enjoyed the planetarium. Gift shop is great and workers were smiley and helpful.

Abdallah I — Google review

Great place to visit with family and alone. Kids loved it, 3 floor full off beautiful artifacts. Kids loved that health and science part and my favorite is wild animals. They have an amazing gem stones with lots to history attached to it. Took almost 4 hours to complete the whole thing ( without special event ). Free parking open and garage they even had free EV charging stations. A must place to visit.

Ragu N — Google review

Went to the museum on free museum day, and although it was busy, it was a great experience. It's right across the street from a city bus, so it's pretty easy to get to. There are elevators, if you are in a wheelchair, and escalators if you prefer that. However, the dining situation is a tad bit confusing. Overall, it's a really interesting place to visit.

Jonah S — Google review

We had a fun time at DMNS exploring the exhibits about dinosaurs and mummies and the kids played in the Discovery Zone. The kids, ages 7 and 10, got a kick out of riding the escalators and seeing how they work from the display on the side. Cleaning sand and dirt off of "fossils" in the Prehistoric Journey (dinosaurs and early mammals) exhibit was a big hit for them. Plus, we got a family membership today, so many more visits are on the agenda.

Jenni G — Google review

This museum is very informative and large. I recommend buying tickets in advance for easy access, but it is not required. There is so much to see and do. I would plan a whole day to see this entire museum. We had a great time.

MsKrayola — Google review

This museum is full of history, science and great interesting pieces. My favorite was def the dinosaur area since I grew up loving them. They even have a sight where the excavate new fossils! It’s super cool to check out. There’s several floors and it takes about 2-3 hours to see everything so take your time!

CAMI F — Google review

Amazing! Incredible Gemstone and Mineral exhibit! Also enjoyed Wildlife and the Egyptian Mummy exhibit. To see animals preserved and gifted from over 100 years ago along with the minerals and stones speak to the importance of history preservation. Mummies 2400;2900 years ago- unreal. Thank you so much!

Nancy C — Google review

This place is massive, with so many cool exhibits to explore. My husband and I had a great time checking out the animals from Australia, the mummies, and the dinosaurs. 🦖

Justine B — Google review

Denver's Museum of Nature and Science is truly exceptional! From captivating exhibits on outer space, flora, and fauna to immersive journeys through Ancient Egypt, complete with fascinating mummies, and thrilling encounters with dinosaurs and prehistoric earth, this museum has redefined the very essence of what a museum should be. I never imagined a museum could be this cool and engaging! A must-visit for anyone seeking an awe-inspiring adventure in history and science.

Tony — Google review

It's always such a treat coming to the Museum! Plenty to explore along with rotating temporary exhibits and films to enjoy. Plus, I've been loving their new pork bao buns!

Nicole M — Google review

Pretty great museum. There are a lot of cool things to see and a huge variety as well. The place is definitely kid oriented with tons of stuff to keep them entertained, but it is fun for adults as well. I especially liked the space area and the Colorado geology section as well. Tickets are a bit pricey but not terrible.

Mason K — Google review

My husband and I went here for a date day and it was a lot of fun to learn new things about Colorado, animals, the world and lots of dinosaurs! The prehistoric journey was one of our favorite areas to explore in the museum. Can be very busy (parking can take a little bit of time if you arrive in the middle of the day) but still super worth it!

Arti P — Google review

What an amazing place to explore and learn. Multiple visits are required to see it all. There was everything from rocks to mummies. We also saw an i max movie. Much space and planet exhibits that were entertaining as well as educational.

Jeffrey B — Google review

Great place for the whole family, plan on like 4 to 6 hrs, unless you have a membership. Had a great time from 10am tol 3pm. There was food available, we packed our own lunch and got drinks there. Staff was very nice and helpful, and the "color" exhibit was covered in the price of a general admission ticket. Would recomend to everyone, and will come by again if in Denver.

Howard P — Google review

This place was great. The only reason I have it four stars is the parking. Traffic was horrible but of course it was free day. It's probably not like that in a normal day. That being said, free day is a great way for families struggling with money to see some good educational exhibits. Each area on display was very detailed and had great history lessons to go with it. It highly recommend a visit

Shawn — Google review

I took my kids it was only $1 each to go with my EBT card. Totally fun. They always have good learning exhibits. We didn't have to wait in line. We went around 3pm. They close at 5 so not enough time to do it all. Next time we will go earlier. Love that they had lockers. It was so cold that we had our coats but didn't want to carry them so we used a locker. Also the gift shop is always fun. A little pricey on things though. But all in all a great time.

Steph K — Google review


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2001 Colorado Blvd, Denver, CO 80205, USA

(303) 370-6000


Denver Zoo

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Zoos & Aquariums

The Denver Zoo is a vast and sprawling facility with exhibits, animal demonstrations, and shopping venues. Among its many attractions are animals from all over the world, including primates, pachyderms, carnivores, reptiles, birds, and fish. The zoo is well-known for its educational programming and conservation efforts to help save wildlife in the wild.

The Denver Zoo is one of the best zoos I've been to. I would give it third place - behind only San Diego & the National Zoo. It's a very big zoo for being right in the city, with easy access from downtown and 25. Admission is incredibly reasonable and is a better deal than the aquarium. The enclosures are great and the animals seem very well cared for. We did a "behind the scenes" with birds of pretty and it was excellent! Tons of great information the keepers were amazing and clearly loved the animals they work with.100% recommend it!

Rebekah M — Google review

It's been a few years since we have been to this zoo. Not much has changed. But, there are a lot of closed exhibits because they are making some cool looking updates. I can't wait to see the kangaroo exhibit. After 5 it is $5. It's a fair price since it seems most of the animals are hiding away.

Aaron H — Google review

Very nice zoo. Great size. Not too large to walk in a few hours. Love the tiger walk overhead. The tropical house is one of the nicest I have seen. Elephant information was short but good. We were impressed with how they treat the elephants. Lots of little information booths that were in service. We have a new membership, so we will be back.

Selene K — Google review

They really like to trap you in the elephant and monkey exhibits so you can't find your way out but overall it's a fine zoo. The short and sweet elephant show was great with lots of conservation info and Jake (the elephant) did such a good job! You can tell the employees really care, for example an orangutan mommy had just given birth and they had a zookeeper there explaining everything and keeping order so all guests could see the baby. I also really liked their animal hospital and that you can observe procedures, very unique and awesome experience if something is going on. The only thing I'd wish was for more big cats :)

Erica — Google review

This is such a great zoo, we went during a colder day in late November. The inside buildings alone took us a while not to mention many great larger animals as well. As we were leaving they started turning on the lights for a separate event. We had a great time and got some good pictures and videos.

Shea S — Google review

The Denver Zoo is a must see attraction. I've been here many times and it never gets old. The kids love it. The zoo is always updating or changing the exhibits. It's a nice place to get your steps in and it's surrounded by great restaurants. The zoo lights are always amazing to see.

Alli H — Google review

Went during the week during February. Wasn’t too cold but a lot of the animals were inside, but did get to see almost all of them. Some construction going on which is probably best to do during winter months. Great experience. Clean zoo.

Lindsay R — Google review

Feeding the stingrays is the best past. It costs $3 to get in and $2 per piece of food, which is frozen shrimp or fish. They are so sweet. The grizzly bear is a favorite. I love her. It's a really big zoo. There's so many animals to see. Timed entry is required. There's a lot of free parking.

Frank H — Google review

The zoo was really nice! I went on a day when the weather wasn't that great (which is my fault) so a lot of the animals were kind of hiding and what not. They have a good selection of animals which for the most part look super content. They have some parts under construction and the birds were all taken if for their own safety, so O feel like I didn't get the full experience, but I would love to go back and a day where everything is normal and it's nice out.

Mallory M — Google review

our first time experiencing the Denver Zoo light show. the glasses at check in are fun! optional spiked drink options also fun! there are zoo employees on the path & they're quite helpful & friendly. there are buildings you can go in to warm up. so many interesting zoo creatures that you can see while the others are resting. we will go again! do yourself a favor & go w fun young friends we did :)

Ann5825 — Google review

The Denver Zoo is a fantastic place to visit! With its wide variety of animals and beautiful exhibits, it offers a memorable experience for visitors of all ages. The zoo's commitment to conservation and education is evident in their efforts to provide a comfortable and natural habitat for the animals, as well as informative signage and interactive displays. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly, and there are plenty of opportunities for up-close encounters with the animals. Overall, the Denver Zoo is a must-visit attraction for animal lovers and families alike.

Jeff C — Google review

This is a really fun, large, and clean zoo. They have a wide variety of animals and exhibits. Being quite large, it does require a lot of walking, so wear comfortable shoes and be prepared to take breaks if you come with very young children. It was also quite hot the day we went, and while there is some shade around the zoo, you may want to prepare by bringing water and sun protection. The elephant exhibit was especially impressive. We really enjoyed this zoo and would definitely recommend it for families and anyone who enjoys seeing animals!

Robin C — Google review

We hadn’t been to the Denver zoo in a few years and I was so impressed with the transformation that has taken place. They have redeveloped multiple areas of the park to better accommodate animals and allow for close up viewing. Several areas are under reconstruction and I’m excited to see what is coming next! We had special sightings of a baby mandrill, wallabies being trained, an elephant presentation, and a baby sloth from right underneath. All staff were friendly and informative and seem to really care.

Laura R — Google review

My family travels to aquariums and zoos every chance we get. This is by far one of the BEST zoos we have visited. It is clear that the employees have a deep concern for the animals, the environment, and for conservation. They were happy to speak to all of the visitors and answers questions and offer information about the exhibits.There was much care given to ensure the safety of the animals, which included taking them off of display if it was in the animal’s best interest. This was actively communicated to the visitors through Keepers Notes.If an animal was not in it’s normal location, this was also communicated. Absolutely LOVED this zoo and highly recommend visiting it.

Jen M — Google review

100% recommend! This is a great zoo, lots to see and do, plenty of refreshment options including adult beverages. Animals appear to be well taken care of. We were really impressed and look forward to going back. Parking was easy too.

Terri M — Google review

Beautiful zoo! My toddler & I had a long layover in Denver on our way to NOLA & we decided to visit the Denver Zoo. It was very clean & well kept. My son's favorite exhibit was the penguins, they have an adorable set up. My favorite were the elephants, I've never seen so many elephants in one zoo.As recommended by the website, we ordered our tickets online, the tickets were sent to my email. We scanned the tickets & were able to enjoy the zoo quickly. I would definitely go back again! Due to the layover, we only saw maybe half of the Denver Zoo.

Monique C — Google review

This was such a cool place. It was a beautiful day and all the animals were out and active. We especially loved the elephant area as they were filing and cleaning their feet. The employee working that area gave us a great education on the Denver Zoo elephants, their habits and training. Excellent!

Andrea B — Google review

We enjoyed going to zoo's so we stopped here for the afternoon. It was a lot of construction at the zoo so some of the places that said a particular animal was going to be was not there. Maybe we missed the signs that said they're not there at this place, but we are following the map that we were given so that was a little confusing. The bathrooms that we did use were very clean and tidy. There was a couple places open to get some food. Very nice for the animals. We did the zoo in an afternoon but you could easily spend a day here looking. Because we do enjoy zoos. We have a zoo pass for our local zoo. It was disappointed that they were not part of the reciprocity for other zoos. You need to purchase your tickets from a kiosk or before you go. There was no one there to actually purchase tickets from

Elizabeth S — Google review

This was my first visit to the zoo other than Zoo Lights. It was easy to move around and it looks like they have some great improvements coming. We had an entry time in the morning so a lot of the animals were just lying around but as the day went on, they were more active. The hospital was so impressive. The prices were reasonable. My only complaint was we wanted to just get some drinks with ice but had to wait in the long line. It would be nice if they had a beverage line only since there was a place with a cash register and beverage machine that were not being used. Otherwise, everything was amazing.

Donna S — Google review

We had a great time here. This zoo is much better than the Birmingham Zoo. I would rate the zoo five star, but several exhibits are closed for renovations. The elephant show was great. We were able to see one tiger. The other one was sleeping on a platform and only partially visible. We saw some lions, seals and sea lions. Our time was limited, so we did not see much else. If you need to leave and return the same day, then you can get your hand stamped and not have to pay to come back in on the same day.

Steven R — Google review

The zoo was awesome. Was $5 bucks and a lot of walking so wear your walking shoes and if your knee hurts like mines bring a cane. But other then that it was awesome. We all had fun and don’t mind coming back soon

UndyingPanda B — Google review

So much stuff closed and under construction. Very underwhelming. I understand the need for expansion and growth but when half of the zoo seems inaccessible and you spend the other half looking for animals that aren't in their exhibit because they were moved but there's no signs stating so...eh.... Definitely child have been handled better to set better expectations going in. Needs work in that department.

Gerid ( — Google review

If one has a SNAP card, Admission is only $1, up to 10 admissions - a way better deal than the $24 now being charged. Incredible that is costs that much - way more than when I was a kid. But then, the DZ has upgraded its exhibits and facilities through the decades.A few animal exhibits were empty, such as bears, seals and others.Still, it's a nice facility with good informational signs and exotic animals that seem to do well at high elevation.

Jennifer L — Google review

A lovely zoo, and clearly on the way to bigger things. The elephant enclosure is very impressive, the largest I've seen outside of Dan Diego. What they have now seems small for a city the size of Denver, but multiple construction projects are underway. The staff were friendly, informed, and engaged. More detailed maps throughout would be a nice touch, as we missed things and had to backtrack because the main map gave the impression of a simple loop that was not a match for how things felt while walking. Even with poor weather it was a great day out and I would visit again in the future.

Alex A — Google review

Had a great time here with my wife and family. Definitely recommend to visit if you are in the area , lots of animals to see and enjoy . There is alot to see , expect to be there for more than a few hours to truly enjoy and experience everything. The staff is supper friendly and knowledgeable. Your going to have to do alot of walking, so bring comfy shoes and if it's a hot day bring your water bottle they got place you can fill it up . Food is mid and pricey, but when your hungry anything and everything tastes good . Bring some sun screen too to protect yourself from those harmful sun rays . I had a great time petting the stingrays and feeding the birds . They have a little train too that you can take your kids on. Lots to see and enjoy . Throughout the day they have little shows where you can learn about the animals , very fun to watch . Hope you enjoy your time there .

Eduardo — Google review

It’s super spread out, a great place to get steps. Some animal enclosures were small and I came on a holiday so the crowds were thick—some animals appeared stressed. They had an impressive collection of venomous snakes which were very visible.

Nubs — Google review

Fun first time at the Denver Zoo. The exhibits that were open were great. Penguins put on a show for us. They were so active and funny. Monkeys were the next big hit. As of early April 2024 there is a lot of construction going on in the zoo for new exhibits. There were several areas with no animals available. Still a great experience! We caught a flamingo trying to escape.

Lindsay W — Google review

We really enjoyed our day at the Denver Zoo. Arrived around 11 and it took the entire day to see everything. Admission was reasonable. We appreciated that this zoo has indoor and outdoor viewing for most a-list animals so even on chilly days, there's a protected place to experience the zoo.

Joel P — Google review

Best zoo experience of my life! Me and my partner went for my birthday and we saw basically everything! The animals all seemed so happy in their exhibits. I loved feeding the stingrays and the lorikeets, and the wild dogs were beautiful! Left with a plush of one myself. I absolutely want to make this a yearly experience!

B ( — Google review

It was a perfect Spring day for the zoo. It wasn't very busy either. There were quite a few enclosures under construction but the animals that were out were super active. We had a minor first aid need and Tim took very good care of us. I had no idea the zoo had a little doctor office setting for first aid!

Melissa F — Google review

Such an amazing time. Highly recommend.We went on a Saturday and although it was a little busy it was still a fun experience. The animals seem taken care of well and the environments are pretty neat.We did the general admission and felt like it was worth the money and time. We didn’t eat food there due to dietary restrictions we have but it looks like there’s plenty of spots to eat and relax.Oh and use their app on your phone. It has the map and the event times for them feeding certain animals or showing them off. Pretty cool.Looking forward to getting a membership there.

Explore C — Google review

Absolutely amazing! Plenty of animals to see even though there is construction happening. Tigers ... we were able to catch Viktor's feeding Viktor and Nikita are absolutely beautiful as well as the other animals. Take the time to see the animals towards the back around the construction area. If you don't like to wander there are maps available. Parking lot is usually full but there is more parking along the park side, not too far of a walk. Gift shop has great souvenirs.

R J — Google review

It is Awesome!! If you a photographer looking to build your portfolio or just find something to photograph, I highly recommend the zoo. You can get awesome photos and learn lots of cool things about the animals.It’s very family oriented and well kept. They are constantly adding improvements and making it a safer and better place for our community.

Josh P — Google review

The Denver Zoo is a can't miss experience! They've really done an incredible job of creating an accessible park while prioritizing animal welfare. There are plenty of nature play areas for children and places to picnic with your family or simply sit and relax near their animals. The animal care staff and education team are all friendly and willing to answer any questions you may have. There are several flex exhibits, so occasionally the signage may not quite match the animal you see - but this is well worth it when you realize it means that animals such as the elephants and rhinos are getting healthy opportunities to experience different environments.Note that tickets have a timed entry, so plan ahead!

Jordan B — Google review

It was a fun time for all! My mama hadn't been in over 20 years, so it was nice to have her join along. We enjoined all the animal exhibits! The animals are so amazing and beautiful to watch! The kids enjoyed the animal carousel as well. Parking wasn't bad, and the gift shop had a variety of animal stuffies, which was a plus. It was a great day, and I recommend to all of any age.

LaVonne R — Google review

Had a great time here. They had a good selection of animals and the whole zoo is mostly a giant loop so its easy to navigate. You do have to get your tickets ahead of time. Did that online and they just scanned the barcode when you go through the gates.

Jimmy O — Google review

Long time visitors of the Denver Zoo both as native kids ourselves, and with our own familyNew baby orangutan was cool. All the animals were in open, active areas. There is a massive upgrade/expansion project underway in early 2024. The animal hospital is amazing and is setup to allow visitors to observe patient care. We come every year to support our local zoo and will for years to come

Douglas H — Google review


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2300 Steele St, Denver, CO 80205, USA

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Denver Botanic Gardens

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Botanical garden


The Denver Botanic Gardens is a public garden that boasts a variety of gardens and an outdoor sculpture gallery. The botanical garden is known for its endemic plants, as well as its collection of flowers and sculptures.

Parking is easy, staff is super friendly! You can purchase tickets online for easy check in when you arrive. Cute gift shop and a few different spots for a coffee or a bite to eat. Very nice to walk through and enjoy the many different garden, plants and flowers. Beautiful place!

Aubrey G — Google review

Denver Botanic Gardens is one of the most beautiful gardens I have been to! The gardens are stunning, unique and very well maintained throughout the year. The staff and volunteers are extremely kind and helpful. They also have delicious food and drinks that you can enjoy inside the garden. I also highly recommend the Halloween and Holiday light shows they have in the fall and winter. A lovely place to visit anytime of year!

Heather M — Google review

Amazing place to spend the day. So many different areas with unique plants, flowers, and displays. While most are outdoors, there's several indoor areas if you want to get out the sun.Nice combination of using both floral and water gardens. The different gardens are Gardens of the West, International Gardens, Ornamental Gardens, Shady Gardens, and Water Gardens.You can easily spend a few hours just walking between the different gardens. Regardless of preference, age, physical ability, there's plenty to see here. The gardens are so large, there was never any crowded areas.

LeWayne B — Google review

This is always a pleasant place to visit when in town. We recently enjoyed a picnic in the gardens while listening to a variety of musicians. Take a stroll through the creative and colorful garden arrangements or catch a concert there when you are able. Make sure to tour both inside and out spaces and grab a bite at a cafe should you have time. They also hav3 wonderful light shows in the winter and educational events as well. Have visited now for over 40 years and we are never disappointed.

C L — Google review

This is a wonderful place to visit with the family, a first date or just to get out of the house. Has wonderful and exotic plant life. As well as different bug species and types. There are so many attractions inside and out for adults and kids. Also has a library where you can purchase books. Families and kids would love it here.

Kamborghini H — Google review

Carpool and plan to park a few blocks away! All lots were full but there was no line for tickets at the entrance. It was definitely a packed Saturday inside but it was a wonderful day and perfect weather- wear sunscreen and bring extra! We had a great lunch at Offshoots while there. We will come on a weekday next time to avoid some of the crowds.

Courtney B — Google review

We came in early spring so there were not too many blooms. The tropical plants were amazing. The science pyramid was good for kids. The landscaping is beautiful. I especially enjoyed the moongates and their description. It was very picturesque even without everything in bloom

Elaine L — Google review

The Denver Botanic Gardens was a great place to visit - even in the winter when not much is growing. They accept reciprocal memberships from other gardens across the country as well. The conservatory was a great retreat for warmth and to experience beautifully blooming plants. The art galleries were a nice addition as well. Artfully running streams and other water features masked the sounds of the surrounding city. The gift shop is also top notch!

John J — Google review

An absolute overload of beauty! These gardens bring such joy and wonder to visitors of all ages. With plenty of corners and unique spaces, it’s easy to find peace and tranquility even with lots of people. It’s all so extraordinary that I can’t have any one favorite part.

LS S — Google review

Peaceful morning amongst a wide variety of plants, flowers and creatures. Nice outing for all ages. We spent 2 hours here. Sat at various benches throughout the grounds to ensure we took time to enjoy. Visited all the buildings too. Highly recommend this reasonably priced garden and gift shop.

Renee — Google review

The gardens are gorgeous! There were quite a bit of people when we visited, but it didn’t feel crowded. There were a lot of shades and places that were cooler in the middle of July. The gift shop has a unique collection of merchandise to choose from. The staff in the ticket booth and the gift shops are super nice too. Would recommend to visit!

Elaine C — Google review

Art and plants blend into this special place. Various exhibition halls related to natural plants, whether indoors or outdoors, are amazing everywhere. The arched-back tropical plant pavilion makes people feel like they are in the tropical rainforest of Southeast Asia. The orchids in the orchid pavilion are so beautiful and unforgettable.

Vick S — Google review

Nice walking paths and quiet benches to sit down. Tulips galore when I visited and the red bud trees were loaded with blossoms. The pond with all the frogs singing was surrounded by laughing kids, they loved the frogs. At the Offshoots Café I had the signature breakfast sandwich and a cappuccino, fast friendly service and freshly made.

Jeanne S — Google review

I absolutely love Denver Botanic Gardens! The architecture in the park combined with the different plants and flowers is stunning. It is one of my favorite places to photograph in Denver. They have several different wedding spots, and are true pros at helping you set everything up for the day! If you love plants, color and landscape design this is a great place for your wedding!

Josie P — Google review

Such a beautiful, peaceful place to stroll around! We came here around 10:30am and it was already bustling. There's plenty of free parking and if you bought a ticket online, you can skip the ticket booth. We enjoyed seeing the different flowers, the Japanese pavilion and the bonsai trees. Absolutely a gem of a place and you can really feel the love and care poured into these gardens. Highly recommend a visit!

Tracy S — Google review

The gardens are really beautiful, you can definitely spend a lot of time here but you can also see everything within an hour and a half if you’ve got other things to do in the city. They have a cafe on site that you can visit, I didn’t try it because the line was super long. There were a couple of areas closed off since they’re renovating, but there was still plenty to see.There’s also a learning building that is interactive and more geared towards kids, so I think it’s a great place to bring kiddos.The gift shop has a lot of cool items as well!

Alex — Google review

Wow what a beautiful place! Friendly and welcoming staff! The gardens are broken up into different areas. There’s so much to see the water lilies were definitely my favorite! absolutely beautiful. You Can probably go through all of the gardens with leisure walk in about 2 1/2 to 3 hours. We didn’t make it indoors.

Shemi D — Google review

The gardens are nicely laid out with a wide variety of ecosystems represented. My favorite was the water gardens. They are already in the process of setting up the Holiday lighting in the garden. Bistro dining was a good option, but prepare for long lines at lunch time.

J C — Google review

Denver Botanic Gardens was on our “things to do” in Denver. Such a beautiful and peaceful space. I have special love for orchids! 😍It was a great experience to see an abundance of beautiful flowers and plants from all over the world. You can easily spend hours exploring the gardens.There was Ghosts in the Gardens - Open Air Scare for Halloween celebration. 🎃 Pretty cool.Loved the history in the Japanese Garden, seeing the Bonsai trees was magical.We went on a weekday so parking was not an issue.We enjoy visiting botanical gardens all over the world and this one didn’t disappoint!

Lourdes S — Google review

Love visiting whenever I get the chance. I took a stroll recently with visiting family and had a wonderful time. The selection of flowers and plants is amazing and so diverse. There's always so much to look at. I usually take about 3 hours in the gardens but you could easily go through it in a little more than an hour.It was crowded when I last visited but you could only tell in the cafe and other indoor areas. Its never too bad though. The whole place is super clean and all the workers are nice and helpful. I would definitely recommend it to anyone in the area

Jenn O — Google review

I am new to Denver and just recently been able to visit the Denver Botanic Gardens. Once during the fall event and again during the Christmas lights. I love that they sell tickets for time slots so you are able to enjoy the gardens without the huge crowds but purchase early because they sale out quickly but all is totally worth it. I went during the day for fall and the fall colors were on fire. Night time for the Christmas lights was absolutely gorgeous! There is a free parking garage. Staff is amazingly friendly and promise a good time. I highly recommend a visit!

RePaula T — Google review

I Was invited by one of my friends and the experience is amazing. This place is filled with plants from all over the world.The Spheres is a beautiful place! The outside is so interesting to look at and the inside is filled with plants.I definitely recommend coming here and looking around, it’s a great way to spend an hour.

Andy A — Google review

We went on Mother’s Day so it was incredibly busy from the parking lot to the door, as expected. However, we received some attitude from the front desk for not being residents or members, even though we had prepaid for tickets online (and had it pulled up on our phones ready to be read an scanned).But the moment we were in the gardens it was an incredibly relaxing and lovely experience, and we spent well over an hour there as well.

Savannah Y — Google review

Truly an amazing garden that you can tell has had lots of love put into it. I especially appreciated the greenhouses and the wide variety of healthy, exotic, and tropical plants! Amazing library nearby, too!

Grey — Google review

Denver Botanic Gardens is one of my favorite locations to visit and photograph in Denver. Its expansive, diverse, and simply lovely grounds provide a plethora of beautiful corners to enjoy & photograph. I have photographed here for weddings and sessions and it remains one of my favorite areas because of how stunning and unique the gardens are, especially the Woodland Mosaic, which is an incredible small ceremony location. Not to mention, all the staff are really friendly, super helpful, and a joy to work with. I cannot wait to visit again soon!

Ashley J — Google review

Beautiful botanical garden with lots of variety in landscapes and types of flora. Visited in mid March so wasn't as impressive as I'm sure it must be later in the spring summer and fall. Great way to spend a few relaxing hours outside on a nice afternoon. Plenty of benches strewn about to sit an relax a bit also.

Michael Q — Google review

A must see! If you're going to do one thing while visiting Denver, you should do the Botanic Gardens. The gardens are incredible and the landscapes, architecture, artwork, and grounds are amazing. We spent two hours here on a hot crowded day and left feeling refreshed and inspired. Definitely the best botanic gardens I've visited.

Mark R — Google review

I'm a big fan of Denver Botanic Gardens. Love it so much, I became a member. The gardens are, of course, amazing. But I love the conservatory. Take your time and just spend the day walking the gardens and seeing everything they have to offer. You can rest of two different restaurants, both with delicious food. The gift shop is great and if you enjoy art, they are galleries that rotate different exhibits. You won't be disappointed.

J G — Google review

Very excited to see the spirit guide sculptures. The tulips are in full bloom and it was great. Love the smells that come from the blossoming flowers. As always, great staff that help you along the way. Love this place. Will definitely go again.

JuLi S — Google review

DBG never gets old. I love the art almost as much as the gardens...haven't been disappointed by an installation yet. With countless favorite individual plants to focus on, I still find myself walking down a quiet path just for the ambience. Thank you for all the years / seasons of enjoyment.

J P — Google review

Such a beautiful garden with much to see. It was well kept and clean. A very nice place to go take a walk about and learn about the different plants. There’s a nicely sized pond in which you can also see fish. Would recommend for a casual stroll, date, or family outing…..just an all around nice time.

Analilian T — Google review

Beautiful area. Really loved the tropical plants. That was my favorite exhibition. Really well put together area of plants. Nice and spacious really like the pyramid in the middle it's also very interactive inside.

David G — Google review

These gardens are absolutely beautiful and always so well taken care of. It’s neat coming here throughout the seasons and watching all the changes. Today’s visit brought fresh blooms, springtime green, and cloudy skies. A perfect combination 🌷🌿🌥️

Heather B — Google review


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1007 York St, Denver, CO 80206, USA

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Devil's Head Lookout

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Rocky summit with a fire-spotting tower overlooking Pike National Forest & surrounding peaks.

Family friendly hike in and out with a very clear designated trail, with plenty of options to stop off for a break or take in the scenery of the beautiful Pike National Forest. Be sure to go early as parking can be very tricky and some other patrons might be aggressive in getting a spot. Also be sure to check the weather. If there is any thunder or lighting the Park Rangers will shut down the tower with no way of you knowing till you get to the top.

Troy M — Google review

Amazing views for such a close and relatively easy hike.(our 4 year old hiked the whole way with no issues)Pine lined trails offer quiet shaded experience. Large Jurassic size rock formations reveal breathtaking panoramic views.Towards the top of the trail be sure to visit "Zinn Overlook" to the left before your final journey to the base of the fire tower stairs. There is a beautiful green meadow lined with trees, rock formation and wild flowers garnishing the peaceful open space.

Chad M — Google review

The hike is great. Mostly uphill the whole way but the views are worth the effort. The road getting to the trailhead is in bad shape and keeps this from being a 5 star hike.

Chris G — Google review

The Devil's Head Lookout is a really great hiking and sight seeing experience that is fairly easily accessible to most hikers of all ages. There was little kids (maybe 6-7 years old?) and older people that were able to make the hike, but it still can be a challenge and fun adventure for any experience level. Once you get to the very top lookout tower, the views are absolutely amazing and the landscape you can see in 360 degrees is stunning. They had a park ranger in the tower when I went up and she shared a lot of interesting information about the area. I would highly recommend checking it out.

B A — Google review

Had my first cry on this hike because the views were just overwhelming. Makes you feel less significant in the grand scheme.

John S — Google review

The views were incredible! Just make sure to bring gloves, a hat, and hiking poles. The hike itself was pretty strenuous and had a lot of trip hazards. It started snowing when we got to the top!

Paula B — Google review

The roads to the parking lot are very bumpy but any car will get up them visited on June 11 and all the parking spots were taken at 9 am luckily there was space for our truck in between some pine trees in the lot the hike was beautiful and a little hard on the way up but I would definitely recommend this hike to anyone in Colorado!!

August S — Google review

Great hike just know it is a popular hike so plan ahead! Also they do allow dogs! We misunderstood the website.

Beth M — Google review

This was my first experience hiking and it has such pretty views. The walk is worth it in the end, and I really think the stairs to the top was the hardest part.There's a few resting points along the way to take breaks. I recommend bring some snacks and water. The best time to go is a little earlier before everyone gets there(I went around 7/8).

Sleepy — Google review

The trail is good. It'll get really busy this summer and on weekends. Remember to take your trash home and stay on the trail. You can get some good views from the top.

Tim L — Google review

What a cool little gem tucked away near Sedalia, Colorado. First time visiting here, shooting a fire fighter and her dog for a photo shoot.The forest service road is is typically bumpy but well worth the drive. Many beautiful spots along the way as you drive in, and camping spots were abundant.Definitely worth it

Scorpio67 P — Google review

Memorial Day was crowded, and presented parking challenges. Great trail, though. Wonderful conditions.

Elena B — Google review

Moderate hike, only because it is all uphill... very well maintained... there are benches here and there to take much needed rests for some... once you get high enough, you will be in awe with the amazing view... unfortunately, I didn't make it top the top structure, but understandable, the pup wasn't sure about going up the stairs... LONG staircase going up, up, up... from where I was, already could see so far, from up there you could probably see the whole state ❤️

CAROLYN C — Google review

Road in good shape. Only overflow parking is open as of today, so include that extra 1/2 mile. Remnants of snow, but trail is open and not muddy. Overlook office not open yet. At 8 AM on a Monday, had entire trail and tower to ourselves. Saw a few hikers on way down. Spectacular view.

VW G — Google review

Devils Head Lookout was one of the most breathtaking views I have ever had a privilege to witness! Now, I will say that the hike to the very top of the fire red stairs, is moderately a workout, especially if you’re traveling from another state where you’re not already above sea level. So I will advice to take as many breaks as possible if you’re struggling to breathe (especially since it’s about 9,000 feet above sea level). Regardless of the efforts to get to the top, the view itself washes away all of that. I highly recommend this hike to everyone!

Jennifer M — Google review

Loved this hike! The views were breathtaking and it was the right amount of a challenge.Made it to the lookout without spikes but there were definitely some icy areas.

Pamela M — Google review

Amazing hike, we went there on Saturday, July 29th. We found parking next to the restrooms steps away from the trail entrance.The trail is 1.5 miles up to the lookout. 3.0 miles roundtrip if you walk from the parking next to the trail entrance.There's an overflow parking down at the entrance. Trail gets crowded, so you'll not be alone in the weekend.Take water and comfortable shoes.

Eduardo R — Google review

Amazing view after the hike , its going to be worth once your at the top.Shoes with good grip are recommended.For a beginner hike , it would take around 1.25hour to reach top with multiple breaksRecommended to carry small snacks and water.Be prepared for muddy road for 30-45mins on your way in and out. People traveling from North Denver make sure you take the same direction where highway exit 61 is pointed, on your way back.

Kaushik — Google review

Loved this hike. It wasn't super challenging from a distance and elevation perspective. The views were amazing, but it was cloudy and hazy in August. We talked to the ranger for a bit. She just wants people to know that she is working up there and isn't a personal tour guide.

Adam S — Google review

Hiked mid-July on a Sunday and reached the trailhead around 3:15 pm. Was able to find parking at the main lot. If going earlier parking might become an issue. Coming to the trail; very dry with slippery sandy portions so make sure you are hiking with good traction shoes. The views from the top are amazing to say the least with continental divide very visible and clear. Windy at the top so prepare accordingly and Sunscreen up y’all!

Asha S — Google review


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S Rampart Range Rd, Sedalia, CO 80135, USA

(303) 275-5610


Roxborough State Park

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State park

Nature & Parks

Roxborough State Park in Colorado is a geological site offering hiking trails and a visitor's center. It boasts stunning red-rock formations and wildlife, making it one of the best state parks in the area. The interplay of lights and shadows against the rocks is truly amazing, providing visitors with a unique experience every season. One recommended trail here is Willow Creek Loop, which offers breathtaking views.

Roxborough State Park is one of the best state parks in Colorado in my opinion. The red rocks really make this park special and you have a completely different experience depending on which season you hit the park. The lights and shadows interplaying with the rocks are amazing to see in person. The Willow Creek Loop is my favorite trail here and you get amazing views on the loop. I highly recommend doing this park after a fresh snow because the contrast of the snow against the red rocks is epic. This is also one of my favorite places to shoot in the fall but no matter when you go you will love this park!

Jeremy J — Google review

I've been to Denver several times but this place was a first and I really loved it! The rocks are dramatic and cast beautiful shadows. We followed the trail to the overlook, which is an easy walk on gravel, and we took lots of pictures. There's a house along the way that appears to be a historic site but it wasn't open, it would have been fun to have visited the inside. The area is supposed to be especially beautiful in the snow with the white as a lovely contrast to the red rocks and also in the spring with green against the red.

Michelle M — Google review

This park was not crowded at all. We saw a large number of wild flowers and a few deers. The top view is from the Carpenter trail. Dogs are not allowed here, so keep your furry babies at home.

Athenas C — Google review

Really enjoyed my first visit to Roxborough state park! As most people know, it is a $10 fee to enter Colorado state parks. I went early September, and had no issues with lines entering the park. Nice visitor center with a great, spacious picnic area with a large awning. Restrooms are located inside the visitor center. Hiked the popular Fountain Valley trail and boy did I regret going mid-day! This trail is HOT. The high was 82° and I was drenched in sweat. Minimal shade, with lots of direct sunlight. Hiker beware! Looking forward to returning once fall temps are here to stay!

Cara C — Google review

Roxborough state park is a hidden gems near the upcoming sterling ranch area. This is only 15-20 minutes drive from Littleton area. The drive to the state park is amazing. The flora and fauna in this state park is different from other parks becauof the unique micro climate. If you are lucky enough, you may see some wildlife here. Highly recommend this state park for hikes.

Biswanath D — Google review

The Roxborough State Park is incredible - lots of trail options, short and long, easy and difficult. The views of the rock formations and Denver in the background get better the higher you go. The gates open at 7AM - I got there early and was almost the only one on the trails. It does get busy quickly, though. A park pass is required, but it can be purchased at the entrance. It's going to be my new go-to park for hiking and trail running.

Peter S — Google review

My husband and I went here yesterday to end 2022 off right! It was our first time coming here and the park is so close to Denver! It's beautiful and you get to see plenty of red sandstone rock formations. We also saw some deer in the distance and plenty of wildlife trails.The hikes are all relatively short but you can combine them to get more mileage. We will definitely be coming back here and are excited to try out the other hikes. Might come with our snowshoes after the next storm and see if we can use them.

Private N — Google review

Southwest Denver’s secret gem. Beautiful hikes for seasoned hikers or short easy ones—great for visiting friends/family, who aren’t used to the altitude, to experience.Be aware that pets are not allowed in the park.

Kris B — Google review

It's such a beautiful little retreat in Colorado! We love hiking the trails and just being out in nature with no cell service. This place has to be the cleanest state park we've been to. There are no dogs allowed , so keep that in mind. There is a dog day just outside the entrance if needed.

Brandon S — Google review

Really beautiful place to hike around. Was amazing to be in nature and see lots of wildlife. There was a beautiful picnic area near the trail heads so you can have a nice lunch break after or before hiking. Will definitely be visiting again.

JoHanna M — Google review

Very nice place for trails, they have good trails with different difficulty levelFood and picnic areas are so cool, you can do outings with huge crowds here. Can accommodate hundredsPlan early so that you can cover all trails and trekking funThey have good facilities for families especially like restrooms, food, picnic areas and lake areas.

Raja S — Google review

Wonderful little park to visit on sunny days. If you plan on arriving in the summer. Plan on arriving early to ensure you don’t have to wait to get into the park with its limited capacity.There is a bathroom on the grounds but it’s a traditional outdoor bathroom so don’t expect a 5 star hotel.Well worth the walk and the view of you get a chance to visit!

Hannah P — Google review

We did the Fountain Valley loop trail and it was very easy steady incline in some parts. Beautiful views, lots of pretty wild flowers, and well maintained trail. There was a pretty long wait to get into the park but it was very worth it.

Maritza — Google review

Beautiful rock formations. Peaceful. Easy walk. No bikes allowed which is great. No need to keep an eye for somebody coming down the corner while you're enjoying the walk. Clean and well maintained. Totally recommended!

Carlos P — Google review

This is a great state park. It is similar to Red Rocks or Garden of the Gods and had similar rock formations formed in the same way. This park is very protected and they do a nice job encouraging people to leave no travel, stay in the trails and preserve the beautiful environment. There are some nice picnic tables on the visitors center patio to enjoy a picnic. There is no off trail use permitted in many parts of the park. Additionally pets are not allowed in the park. This park has some excellent hiking and views of the rock formations. Every time I have been it has been less crowded than Red rocks or Garden of the Gods however in the summer months I think it is a very highly used park so you may have to wait to get in. Parking lots are small. The visitors center has some very nice and informative displays. The fountain valley loop is a great trail for families and begining hikers. There is a board near the visitors center that displays the conditions of each trail. There are some historical buildings along the fountain valley loop that are cool to see. Great state park!!

Cassie M — Google review

This park is a gym. It's fun to hike in both the summer and the winter. In the winter the trails are still very well used even shortly after a snow. You don't need snowshoes because of so much use. Some of the trails go up the mountain and some go parallel to the mountain and both have unique views. I would recommend giving this Park a shot if you have a little time.

Heffe M — Google review

Definitively a gem. Way better than Red Rock as less people and trails are excellent. Make sure to stop by visitors center to get familiar with the park and get plenty of water.

Rafal — Google review

A friend recommended this for our first hike while in Colorado. It did not disappoint! Beautiful scenery, wildlife and moderately easy trails.

David H — Google review

What a lovely park with a nice relatively easy hike. Was on my way to Red Rocks when I was encouraged to go here instead. Glad I did’

Robyn G — Google review

Really beautiful path to walk and cool little museum type place to check out for free. I was so amazed at the beauty of the mountains and trees, that were going back in the morning. There's a $10 fee to get in per car though. Not bad. We brought our 2 small kids of course, and they were just intrigued by the beauty. Def recommend!

Breanna K — Google review

My favorite place to hike in tri county, super close to home yet it still feels secluded from civilization and natural. Their team does a really nice job making the visitor center feel inviting, and they have drinks, maps, guides & snacks for purchase. The trails and all open areas are really well maintained and you can feel how special this place is to everyone that works there. Trail options for all ages and levels of strenuousnessSo beautiful!

Nun Y — Google review

Roxborough state park continues to be an amazing park. It's beautiful, well maintained, peaceful, and the main hiking loop is great for all ages. We had a group ranging from small children up to in their sixties. We all enjoyed the hike. Good parking, friendly visitor center, and chances to see lots of wildlife! We appreciated the wildlife log in the visitor center to see what we might be in store for seeing that day.

Alex B — Google review

Went to Roxborough with friends we were visiting & loved it!! On the west side of Denver so very easy access & they had a park pass so we got in free but the entrance fee is very reasonable & the park is day use only. Very clean & welcoming Visitor Center & the park rangers were very friendly & helpful. There's about 15 miles of trails they are well maintained & marked lots of great views & we enjoyed a 3 mile hike on a beautiful I highly recommend this state park!!

Kirk D — Google review


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4751 Roxborough Dr, Littleton, CO 80125, USA

(303) 973-3959


Colorado State Capitol

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State government office

Sights & Landmarks

The Colorado State Capitol is a beautiful and fascinating government building that offers tours, exhibits, and photo ops. It is located 1 mile above sea level, which gives it an amazing view. The architecture of the building resembles the Capitol in Washington D.C., and the dome is covered in gold leaf from a mine in Colorado to commemorate the Gold Rush. The interior of the building is decorated with beautiful Colorado Rose Onyx stone, making it one of the most beautiful state capitols in America.

Been to Colorado alot but decided to visit the capitol finally. Pretty standard capitol tour but has great views of the mountains. Pretty ornate interior with fancy brass railings and grand staircase. Learned some interesting facts about Colorado statehood on the tour.

B W — Google review

Very impressive (as the building was meant to be). Our docent was amazingly knowledgeable about the building history, materials, government procedures, and minutiae related to state government. She patiently educated along the way a couple of twenty-something tour participants on basic civics which those of us who were older had learned in school and through life experience.The Senate chamber was closed for renovation, and the former Supreme Court chamber was visible through windows but not available for entry. The House chamber was open for the group to enter, sit, photograph, and learn through our docent's discussion.We want up to the dome (99 steps!) for the amazing 360-degree view of the Capitol Hill area. Couldn't go out to the exterior gallery at that level due to the snow-caused slippery footing (safety concern). The "attic" museum within the roof level was fascinating and very informative about Colorado state history and the Capitol construction. Well worth the 30+ steps to get there from the third floor, and the time spent to take a close look at the exhibits.In short, a place that everyone should visit when in Denver! Highly recommended; a must-see.

Eddis G — Google review

Not to be missed place when visiting Denver. It’s open to public on workdays 8-5. you can wonder around or better to join a tour on top of an hour

Xinli H — Google review

This tour was free occurring on the hour. The tour was not crowded and was interesting to see the senate and house of the state capitol. The optional dome experience at the end of the tour was worth the around 90 some stairs to see a museum and aerial view of Denver as you get to walk on the balcony of the dome. There is a video you can watch in addition to the tour which provides interesting details adding to the overview given on the tour. The Mint(also a free tour) is a 10 to 15 minute walk from the capitol, if you want to visit both sites in the same day, and the art museum is about a 5 to 10 minute walk from the capitol. The Civic Center Park and Lincoln Veterans Memorial Park are between the sites making for a pleasant walk between the sites.

Rachel M — Google review

When we went, there were hourly tours offered for free. Definitely worth doing a tour since there is a lot of neat history they share about the building, politics and the state. The view from the dome is breathtaking!

Moises C — Google review

If you want to know something more about the history of the Centennial State and its institutions, this building is a good place. Its golden dome, symbol of the mining that led to the settlement of the area, makes this place one of the most iconic buildings in Colorado.You can enter on weekdays and see the Colorado House of Representatives and Senate chambers, as well as the Rotunda interior. The dome can be visited, but you have to go on a tour with the guide, which is free.On the west side stairs, you have the Mile High marker on one of the steps.

Antonio U — Google review

A great place to learn about the Colorado government and history! It is a beautiful building and the people we saw working were very patient and friendly with our little kids walking around!

Jack N — Google review

I like to wander off and see some of the historical and government buildings in each city I visit. This building and its surroundings are beautiful. I wish I had planned ahead and entered the building for a tour. However, it is worth to see the exterior, either way. It really stands out in the area. Easy to walk to from the bustling 16th street if you don't mind a good walk. There are sidewalks and pedestrian crosswalks. Many food and drink options nearby.

Jacqueline S — Google review

You need to go with the tour where you will learn few things about Colorado. The best part of tour is going up the base of dome and able to walk around veranda (balcony). View from that spot in amazing. I've been to other state Capitol tour and did not have access like this.

Aung T — Google review

It is undoubtedly one of the iconic buildings in Denver that has a gold bell-shaped dome. One of the stairs leading to capitol is exactly at 5,280 feet (or 1 mile) above the sea level, which makes it even more exciting. Free tours are available for the visitors but we weren't able to get one as they were closed due to new year's eve.

Zain S — Google review

Beautiful building with interesting history. Make sure you do the tour - it is free and well worth while and takes you up to the Dome for panoramic views of the city. They go every hour so easy to factor into your visit.

Alison T — Google review

Stunning architecture created of gold, brass, pink onyx and oak. Our tour guide, Mike was friendly and extremely informative. No air conditioning so we appreciated the rest stops along the walk up to the dome. The views were spectacular! Highly recommend this free tour. A highlight of our time in Denver.

Renee — Google review

My husband and I had a blast exploring the capitol building in downtown Denver. Both the House and Senate were in session, so the place was brimming with staff members. It was really cool to be there and learn about the state's history. There was also a museum at the very top which made for a nice surprise. 📜

Justine B — Google review

A wonderful - if tiring - experience. We had a great tour guide who walked us through the building pointing out interesting details, and was kind enough to give us time to catch our breath between flights of stairs.Most notably we toured the Congressional & Senate chambers, and were allowed out onto the wrap-around walkway below the dome.Be aware, there are a LOT of stairs. While there are elevators, you’ll need to climb some stairs to get to the dome.All in all, a great FREE site to tour while in Denver.

Josh A — Google review

We didn't have time to do the guided tour so we did the self-guided tour. I normally don't look at buildings like this but someone in our party wanted to go see this building. It was very interesting. The architect sure was interesting to see the self-guided tour gave us some historical background. Neither of the congress was in session but there was a airspace thing going on so it was very crowded in there. But you could still get to see all the different rooms the stairs you might want to try and find the parking lot that you're going to use before you get there cuz that was a little confusing

Elizabeth S — Google review

The tour was such a great experience. Bob the tour guide was amazing. I learned some new information and learning some history about Colorado was pretty dope. Of course the dome was one of the best parts. The view is amazing.

Daijah — Google review

Beautiful architectural marvel, filled with artwork and historical artifacts. I recommend the tour, especially since it’s the only way to go up to the dome and experience one of the best views of Denver and the surrounding area. The tour takes roughly 45 minutes, get ready to learn a lot about the best State in the country and also to walk up lots of stairs!

Ernesto C — Google review

Visited during summer 2022. Recommended. I like to visit State Capitol building around the states.

Irsan S — Google review

The state capital is open to visitors during work hours. however, there doesn't seem to be much going on in the building. It is a beautiful building though, so you should check it out if you happen to be in the area.

Michael P — Google review

Delightful landmark destination. We never made it inside and still loved our visit. Had to see the mile high step on the front of the steps overlooking Civic Center Park. Amazing views from the top of the stairs. Easy to see the Rockies from the top, framing the City Courthouse (?). Would love to see this again in summer bloom!

Anne W — Google review

Loved this tour! This building is amazing. From the rose onyx walls, to the hand carved doors, and the chandeliers this is a must see. The tour is free and takes 60 minutes. You get to go to the dome and walk 360°s around the outside. The views are incredible. Be warned, there are 100 stairs to climb to complete the tour. Our guide was very friendly, knowledgeable, and entertaining. I highly recommend this tour.

Mary K — Google review


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200 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80203, USA

(303) 866-2604


Denver Art Museum

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Art museum

The Denver Art Museum is a large art museum in the Western United States. It has a beautiful collection of American Indian art, as well as paintings, sculptures, and prints from around the world. There are many programs and workshops throughout the year at the museum, including opportunities to meet some of the artists whose work is on display.

Well done museum with great colors and lighting. All the little rooms and hallways, passageways give intimacy to the art provided. It makes me feel like I could enjoy without a lot of people around. Good selection of exhibits, bathrooms are always close. Tip: Take the elevator to the top, work your way down. The map isn't a good guide and it seemingly leaves out a lot of the museum.

Houston W — Google review

Wonderful art museum!. Buildings are modern and beautiful. The staff are extremely friendly and helpful. They have a large collection of both modern and historic artwork and exhibits are very interesting. They also have a parking garage which is conveniently located and made it easy to access the museum. They have two restaurants on site. We went to the more causal cafe to get a snack and food/drinks were good. There is a lot to see so plan to spend at least several hours here.

Heather M — Google review

Fantastic building design and fantastic artwork!I thought 2.5hrs was enough but nope. Current Desert Rider exhibition is a whole movement I knew nothing about and walked away amazed. Need to come back to see the two floors I missed including Keith Hearing’s final piece. Highly recommend.

Ylang Y — Google review

Massive, *phenomenal* museum!!Like Disney for art lovers - I didn't even have time to explore the whole thing in an afternoon...Awesome mix of classics and contemporary.Beautiful building itself, and I *love* the forward-facing acknowledgement of the indigenous peoples who first were on the landAdmission was free on the day I happened by, and there was also a huge pow-wow taking place - serendipity!

Christine M — Google review

Fantastic experience, wonderful opportunity to view the city from the outdoor patios, lots to choose from in the gift shop. The curation of art themes was well thought out and kept my attention and curiosity going throughout the museum. Two and a half hours to see Classic Art. World class! My favorite was the Benjamin West painting of Queen Charlotte.

Kimberly S — Google review

Pretty good overall. I was impressed with the variety of artwork and pleasantly surprised. I think it's a disservice to the Indigenous Arts of North America exhibit and artists that recorded video and audio to accompany their pieces with the museum's poor placement of being next to the hallway where every visitor talks loudly in groups and passing by. I couldn't hear the video/audio recording because visitors voices echoed and elevated in volume.

crystalkgaribay — Google review

I had so much fun at the museum the other day with my fam. Honestly, I’ve only had good experiences at the art museum and have really great memories of when we saw the Monet exhibit a few years back. I remember it being a great night out with my hubby and we LOVED the beautiful paintings. I think they have a ton of new artwork! I was blown away by all the amazing art!

Miri R — Google review

Amazing art museum. One of the best I’ve been to. They have a great variety of art with a couple of statement pieces. They have original Van Gogh and Monet! I would highly recommend this to everyone and you can find something that interest you even if you aren’t an art lover.

Alex M — Google review

First time visiting the Denver Art Museum, last weekend.It's 20 to get in if you're a non member and 16 if you are a student.The museum is in 2 adjoining buildings. There were many artist exhibits as we enjoyed the Asian along with the Latin American rooms. Definitely worth checking out if you are in the Denver area.

Sean D — Google review

We visited the art museum on a Free Day Sunday and it was slightly crowded but what a great way to promote art to the next generation by simply offering free admission. There are 2 buildings so, give yourself enough time to browse through every floor. It is so worth it! They have a massive collection of the old and thrcurrent. My favorite would be the Asian artifacts and also the collection of Impressionism. I wish i had given us more time to get through every floor but we only got there 3 hours before closing. Would definitely go again just to see the rest of its collection. We parked across the street from the Museum and it was a short walk to get to the ticketing booth. The building itself is beautiful and unique. Thoroughly enjoyed my day there.

Sun F — Google review

What a great museum! Awesome exhibitions. They were also having a printmaking event where you could watch and talk to artists making prints using different methods. Would definitely come back for a second look.

Jenn C — Google review

Absolutely breathtaking! The Denver Art Museum is an amazing collection of some of the most interesting and eclectic art pieces. The setup is open and spacious and inviting and I think they've been a wonderful job. I thoroughly enjoyed myself! I highly recommend it, and especially on the many free days that are offered each year

Angela J — Google review

Spectacular collection and well curated! Each floor and room had a distinct purpose and feel. Excellent collections of American Western art and Native art pre-colonial to the present.

Jonathan P — Google review

My visit to the Denver Art Museum was a cultural journey I won't forget! The diverse art collection is truly captivating.Tip: Check their website for special exhibitions and parking info. The Hamilton Building's architecture alone is worth the visit. An artistic treasure in the heart of Denver! 🎨🏛️We were late and I had to leave for my flight. The attendant lady at the counter was such a sweet that she refunded our fees as we are not going to spend much time here.

Sahaj P — Google review

Large and well kept museum. Very knowledgeable staff that answered any questions we had. I was so honored to see the Doré painting in person. Every floor is fun and different. The scenic view up top is also lovely. A must see in Denver!

Bell — Google review

The Denver Art Museum is a great stop to make when visiting Denver. There is definitely a lot to see and you could easily spend hours looking at the art and history in both of their buildings. Excellent place for art lovers and children. Added bonus to their main art is the special exhibits that they have, like for this month’s exhibits, the Soul of Black Folks by Amoako Boafo and All Stars from the Phillips Collection. And as an added bonus, if it’s of interest to you, just a few blocks away from the museum is Denver’s Capitol Hill.

JNelle J — Google review

This is one of the most amazing art museums I've ever been to, I love the mix of items beyond just paintings. The free days are a great option and it wasn't too crowded during the Tuesday night free day. The biophilia exhibit is especially cool but I love the totem poles, furniture exhibits, modern art and more!

Katie F — Google review

Wonderful art museum for a reasonable price and helpful staff. The wide range of arts and exhibits will cater to any aficionado. The balcony on the top floor is awesome as well - great way to see the mountains and the capitol building! Could easily spend a few hours here as there are two buildings full of art.

Taylor M — Google review

Highly recommended museum. Huge museum with two buildings. I spent four hours and could have spent the entire day. From traditional art to contemporary art, there’s something for everybody at this museum and the collections are impressive.

David F — Google review

So much to see and do for a very affordable ticket price! The Denver Art Museum is a large collection of a wide variety of artistic pieces from around the world. There's something for everyone spread out across multiple floors in two different buildings. You can spend several hours here and not see it all in one trip. The rotating and special exhibits are always unique as well and worth the extra few dollars to see.

Donald H — Google review

Beautiful exhibits of different kinds of art eras...Asian, European, and many others.Some interactive activities for kids but not much, just a few small ones. Wish there had been more hands-on fun things for children. Apart from that we all enjoyed it.The windows overlooking the city and its monuments were also beautiful.

Mariah C — Google review

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at the Art Museum. We went on a free day so not everything was available but that didn't matter! There was plenty to enjoy. There's so many interactive stations throughout the museum to explore hands-on for all ages. There were short 10 minute lectures/discussions in various parts of the museum for guests to enjoy. We listened to several of these. It made for a great Homeschool day for us.

Melissa S — Google review

7 floors of art in a modern building whose architecture is designed to provide beautiful views of Denver. There was too much to see in one day, so I went back the next day, despite the added cost of paying for a second day because I thought the value was worth it.I loved that an entire floor was comprised of current artists indigenous to the US and Canada. These pieces reacted to the history of colonization and coped with finding self in modern day. The art ranged from sculptures to paintings, from realism to abstract. I've rarely seen art museums with this kind of collection.However, I was disappointed that in order to get to that floor, most visitors would pass through an exhibit on Native American art from hundreds of years ago. This exhibit made no mention of how the museum obtained the art, nor how the museum was currently working with Native Americans to either return the art to their community, or to ensure they were displaying it properly.Additionally, on another floor, a Qu'ran was displayed opened. While I've often seen Bibles displayed that way, this could be disrespectful, given that the majority of Americans know little about Islam. There was not enough context provided here about why it was open, how it was obtained, and whether the museum was working with anyone from the Muslim community about appropriate ways to display.The top floor has marvelous local art and also balconies with marvelous views of the city.The rotating exhibits were fascinating and well worth the extra cost.

Frances B — Google review

So much to see. It took three trips to get through everything. They offer free days throughout the year. Our last visit, a free day, was full of cultural experiences. A lot of fun. Wheelchair accessible.

Deanna B — Google review

Wow! Great Experience!! One of my favourite art museums in the US. 6 floors of different of art, from many different artists and times. 101% recommended to check. Building is amazing! Make sure to check all the amazing views from all the different of windows. Will come back in a few years!

Karen V — Google review

The Denver Art Museum is a cultural gem that truly captivates visitors. Spanning two buildings, its architectural presence is impressive, offering a dynamic space for art exploration. With three and seven floors respectively, the museum hosts a diverse collection that spans continents and cultures. From the rich artistic heritage of Asia to thought-provoking exhibits on Black art, the museum provides a comprehensive and enriching experience. Navigating through the various floors feels like embarking on a visual journey, each exhibit offering a unique perspective. Whether you're an art enthusiast or a casual visitor, the Denver Art Museum is unquestionably worth the visit, promising a tapestry of artistic expression that transcends boundaries.

M — Google review

It's hard to compare to the art museums of New York City or Washington DC, but the Denver Art Museum does well to boast a collection that begs one to return again and again to greet familiar friends and to search out and discover new ones. I am always so happy coming here, but then again, I'm kind of a big dork for art, so I'm sure that helps 😄

Danielle G — Google review

My parents and I spent the afternoon touring the Denver Art Museum and had a fantastic experience. From the architecture of the museum to the views of downtown and the Rocky Mountains, the space is inviting and inclusive. We were able to borrow a museum wheelchair for my mom to access the museum while my dad took advantage of the portable seating. The galleries featured extensively artwork of native and local artists while adding to a more traditional collection. I appreciated the care that went into curating the exhibits too. My mom especially enjoyed the textiles. You can definitely spend an afternoon, an entire day, or days exploring all that the museum has to offer. I know I will be back during my next adventure in Denver to take in even more!

Aaron S — Google review

The galleries are beautiful no matter what your preferences and art style. Parking was easy. Prices reasonable. Multiple buildings, floors and art styles. Loved it.

Jon P — Google review


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(3487)38 Best Stops Between Manitou Springs and Glenwood Springs (104)

100 W 14th Ave Pkwy, Denver, CO 80204, USA

(720) 865-5000

I'll never travel to Glenwood Springs without this trip planner again

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16th Street Mall

38 Best Stops Between Manitou Springs and Glenwood Springs (112)38 Best Stops Between Manitou Springs and Glenwood Springs (113)

38 Best Stops Between Manitou Springs and Glenwood Springs (114)38 Best Stops Between Manitou Springs and Glenwood Springs (115)

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Shopping mall


The 16th Street Mall in downtown Denver is the hub of social and fun activities for locals and tourists alike. It features both local businesses and tourist destinations, such as cafes, restaurants, stores, pubs, charming pavilions, shuttles, pedicabs and horse-drawn carriages.

I’m in love with this lovely vibrant street in Downtown Denver! The main street in Denver for shopping and flowing with the city life, offers a variety of shops and places to relax, bars, great restaurants, cinemas, galleries and more! When in Denver, you have to go there!

Sari — Google review

Great variety of restaurants and shopping. Be sure to ride the free buses up and down to get around. Union Station at the north end is great too! This Christmas season, there was an AMAZING lighted tree that was FREE and really fun (see videos attached). The only down side is there are quite a few panhandlers and others that may not make it very family friendly after about 6PM. Still, even they were pretty peaceful and didn't cause trouble.

Michael Y — Google review

The whole place is under construction. Still able to access the restaurants and stores off the street but the sheer amount of fencing and dirt kinda takes the funbuzz out of the feel of what was a festival lively hopping place. It’ll be great when it’s done, for sure, but what’s that timeline? Months? Year? More? Bummer.

MtZ R — Google review

We visited this place because we read that it was built by architect Pei, but to be honest it is not super impressive, and doesn’t look that interesting. Just a regular mall. In the front of the building, on the little square, there are tons of shady homeless, who make the visit very displeasing. Not that it’s the mall’s problem though…

Evgeniya ( — Google review

16th Street Mall is very much like Nicollet Mall, downtown Minneapolis. Food, pedestrians, drinks, shopping and more.I am not a fan that you cannot sit down anywhere, unless you pay. You have to go to a restaurant. Almost all outdoor Mall seating is gone to try and curb the homelessness and drug problems. The seating that is there is like a trap. I wasn't even sitting down when I had a security guard approach me telling me I needed to leave. Ok, sure. Why? And, I did.I didn't mention that all I was doing was putting my gloves in my bag.I'll keep going back when I am craving Caribou Coffee, Sam's or amazing Pho.

Wesley K — Google review

They have the pavers started on block 2 , so it's progress. There's lots of construction on the blocks for the 16th st mall project, but you can still access all the shops, and parking was never easy anyways but theres a couple parking garages that are reasonable one on stout and one on champa. The free ride drives along 15th and 17th instead of 16th while under construction. 15th to go west or north and 17th to go south or east. There's bus stops along the roads. Sam's is great to eat at but my favorite is the Blessed BBQ on welton it's fantastic, he's got the best brisket Ive ever ate. Ikes sandwich shop is awesome too on Curtis. Just be careful of traffic and construction going on. It's gonna get better down there, one block at a time. But support the shops that decided to tough it out thru the construction. They are troopers.

Heidi B — Google review

Unfortunately this area is under reconstruction... It's not worth getting there... Empty stores, closed restaurants and homeless people everywhere... What was a super attractive/fun walk became a temporary disaster…

Dayana M — Google review

Always a fun time on the strip. Excellent selection of restaurants, bars, etc. The views are very good. The 16th st mall really gives you a different feel and angle to see most of the city.

Ryan B — Google review

Went down, going to see the parade of lights, however the crowds were so bad we couldn't get anywhere near the parade route. Did have a good time though got some nice pictures and went into the Brown Palace where I used to work, and took some pictures of the beautiful chandelier.

Jeffrey R — Google review

Definitely not the place to visit. Maybe the locals might know something but I don’t understand what is the appeal. Street looks totally empty, mostly homeless people, construction everywhere, a few bars, restaurants, retail stores and that’s it. I don’t understand why when I put in the top places to visit on google search, every website recommends this place as the top location to visit. Absolutely not the image I would like tourists to remember of Denver.

David C — Google review

The 16th Street Mall area in downtown Denver is still not back to where it's was at 3 years after Covid. This area was really great and still can be, but there are a bunch of empty storefronts and lots of homeless wandering around the neighborhood. Something needs to change......

A R — Google review

Had a great time walking and seeing all the cool buildings and trying different food spots. Very friendly and chill people!

Benjamin L — Google review

The 16th Street Mall is a rather interesting study in modern retail mall space. Management obviously invests heavily in keeping the property clean & curb appeal high.However, at the same time, there is signage --but very clean & well maintained signage-- for stores which are no longer present in the mall.All of the restaurants we visited were very clean & appeared well managed.There are several smaller, non-chain stores which offer interesting merchandise -- definitely worth a look inside.Also, mall security is very visible & doing a great job of addressing potential problems before they can fester into nasty situations.All in all, a nice area to relax & spend some time.

Ed H — Google review

Unfortunately, in the middle of a major renovation and construction through 2025. Until then, it's a bit tough to get around and do things.

Tearle W — Google review

2023-Dec. Lots of construction going on. Lots of stores have closed. There are lots of less unfortunate people living in the streets walking around, but they don't bother you. The free mall ride detoured through adjacent streets due to the construction. See photos for detour map.

Cindy R — Google review

There's easy access to both food and shopping, along with some street performers! Really awesome during holidays and seasonal events, and there's a bus ride to get around quickly, or if you're just tired. Overall atmosphere is pretty calming!

Ritwika B — Google review


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16th St Mall, Denver, CO 80265, USA

(303) 534-6161


Coors Field

38 Best Stops Between Manitou Springs and Glenwood Springs (119)38 Best Stops Between Manitou Springs and Glenwood Springs (120)

38 Best Stops Between Manitou Springs and Glenwood Springs (121)38 Best Stops Between Manitou Springs and Glenwood Springs (122)

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Sights & Landmarks

Coors Field is the home of the Colorado Rockies, a Major League Baseball team that plays in downtown Denver. The stadium features nostalgic feel combined with state-of-the-art technology, making it one of the premier ballparks in all of baseball. Behind the Seams tours are available during the season and provide a behind-the-scenes look at one of the best ballparks in Major League Baseball.

Got tickets to go to the Rockies vs the Reds... it was a great game .. the process for the tickets was super easy and Coors field was great .. suoer clean and nothing but professional from all the workers to the Concessions.. the prices were not to bad . They actually compete with some of the local bars for food and beer prices.. we will be going back and I hope to have the same great experience

Frank E — Google review

Colors field is a very nice baseball park. Easy access in downtown with lots of parking options available. They are card only inside and have lots of vendors to choose from for food. Someone is always available to help out if you need to find something. Decently accessible but lacking more elevators for those who need them. Have always had a good time here!

Robin M — Google review

First time at Coors field and was not disappointed! Seats are comfortable and plenty of leg room for a 6 foot person. Food was great..team store was clean and organized. ♿️ parking was great with plenty of spots and greatly appreciated located in lot A/B for those that need it. Be aware if you have not been there that levels 200's and 100's are on the same level for some. Signs are posted everywhere though which was great. Leaving the stadium they really control traffic well so your not sitting forever! As a disabled veteran and was there with 2 other veterans, appreciated the "hats off" in between the inning! Thank you for that honor to stand with my fellow veterans! Overall, great first experience and will definitely be back for more games.

Bart T — Google review

I bought last minute tickets for my son and myself to see the Yanks play the Rockies. Ended up sitting in the second row. We had a great time. This isn't the fault of the Rockies of course, as it's mandated league wide, but the addition of the netting is quite distracting. I understand it's due to an increase in fan injuries. Most likely due to fans spending too much time on their phones and not enough time watching the game. Just something I noticed.Other than that we had a great time. Top: go online ahead of time and purchase a parking pass. I bought one for $21 at a parking garage less than . 5 miles away. One less thing to worry about.

Brian W — Google review

Beautiful baseball stadium in downtown Denver. This stadium is a few blocks away from Union Station and easy to walk to. So many restaurants and bars nearby for a drink or two before or after the game. This stadium has some awesome views of the mountains off in the distance. A great selection of food to choose from, we tried several things from tacos, brats and the fried dough; everything was delicious!

H C — Google review

This is a beautiful ballpark located in downtown Denver. It has some spectacular views. If you connote third deck row 20 all the seats up there are purple marking the mile high seats. They have wonderful views of the mountains. Also there is a great selection of food here. So much food options there was too many for me to try and not enough time to try them all. I have to say if you haven’t already try the Colorado rocky mountain oysters. They are not bad at all. You have to try them at least once.

Kevin D — Google review

An okay stadium. There's only one large screen for the stadium, so if you're sitting up top, forget about knowing what's going on, or seeing a replay, up close. Getting in wasn't too bad of a wait. The security folks were nice, as everyone was entering/exiting. The stadium was constructed in such a way that the majority of the stadium is in the sun while only the area near third base is in the shade -- PRO TIP: get tickets on the third base side if you want to be in the shade!!!

Rachel R — Google review

I really enjoyed my first game at Coors field. It was awesome! The seats in section 120 were great. We got lucky and the Rockies won the game and we also came during fan appreciation day and saw an amazing display of fireworks.I wish they didn’t stop serving on the 7th inning. It’s up to people to make their adult decisions and choose to drink or not.

Brayden A — Google review

Despite being a baseball fan for almost 2 decades (2004) and Yankees being my favorite team since then, I never actually went to a baseball game in my life until last week. Despite the Dodgers and Angels being close to me, I never had the courage to actually attend a baseball game. So I decided to go to Coors Field while visiting Denver(for the first time as well) and I'm glad I did. It was a blast. It was a bit of a headache trying to find my seat, but I eventually found it. Friendly staff. Friendly people sitting next to me. Great game too! Rockies almost rallying on the bottom of the 9th was a great way to end the game. Much better to watch the game in person than TV that's for sure.Unforgettable experience. I would attend again.

Jean A — Google review

Very nice Stadium in Downtown Denver. Only wish we had a more competitive baseball team like the one that took us to the World Series years ago. The owner doesn't really seem to want to make the investment 😕

Gene B — Google review

We came to the game on 7/1 to watch the Rockies play the St. Louis Cardinals. This was Nolan Arenado’s first game back in Colorado so it was nice to see him receive a well deserved ovation. This was only my second time here but I really love this ballpark. It is extremely well done and comes off as classic without being gimmicky.The game day staff were extremely nice and helped assist us with questions. A fan behind us brought a towel to dry off his seat from an earlier rain shower and he let us use it as well. Even though we were dressed out for the Cardinals we had fun interactions with Rockies fans and everyone seemed happy to be at the ballpark.We sat in the lower part of the upper deck behind home plate and I thought they were great seats. The seats along the first base line receive quite a bit of evening sun but they also have views of the mountains. Some concession stands offer a kids meal for $5 which is great for families. You can also bring in unopened non-alcoholic drinks which I would highly recommend. We caught a street vendor outside but there is also a 7-Eleven store on Blake street towards downtown nearby.We walked up and down the 16th street pedestrian mall before and after the game to our downtown hotel. There are homeless people but we never felt unsafe despite the late hour. Coors Field is a great baseball stadium and a must see for anyone visiting Denver.

Lucas M — Google review

The Rockies played against the Braves during our stay in Denver. We've never been to a baseball game and we tough it would be a fun night. And it was! It's a really nice stadium with beautiful views over the Rocky Mountains. There was a good vibe and a nice bar close to our seats. We had a very good time eventough they didn't win the game.

Merel B — Google review

Coors Field is a true gem among ballparks. Ranked at #13 on my professional stadium tour, it comfortably earns a spot in my top 5. Despite being only 28 years old, it exudes the charm of an old-time ballpark. Everywhere you turn, you'll find nods to Rockies history, and the views are equally breathtaking. Coors Field excels in areas where other stadiums often fall short; the food is both delicious and reasonably priced, ensuring that enjoying dinner at the game won't break the bank. Plus, the free parking lot shuttle is a fantastic perk. Although parking comes at a cost, having a shuttle option is perfect for those who prefer not to walk or have children in tow. All in all, Coors Field is a treasure in Denver that deserves a visit from both diehard baseball fans and casual enthusiasts alike.

Michael U — Google review

One of the most beautiful stadiums in all of major league baseball. Very conveniently located in downtown Denver and easy to get to whether you’re downtown or coming off of the interstate. Lots of great food, craft, beer, and incredible Colorado weather to watch a baseball game. The backdrop over the scoreboard and to the west is an incredible view of the Colorado mountains. This is especially awesome for a summer early evening game to watch the sunset. Very family oriented stadium and an overall great time.

Living R — Google review

Parked in lot B, not that bad of a walk. Dead center view bleacher style seats in this area. Not bad got a little sore after sitting for a while. The food and drinks is why it didn't get more stars. Hot dog bond fell apart and it was opening day. Draft beers were all foamy. Carnitas nachos were probably the best thing we had but we're salty. Pretzel bites hard. They should have their own draft beer made for the Baseball Club. Should have more selections of other kind of beers. We were entertained with the game

David M — Google review

We came to a ballgame on 5/10. The ballpark is pretty cool and you can get $3 dollar beer in the right field upper deck bar which was a steal and a great place to pregame. You also get a good view. We purchased tickets in the Club section and were extremely disappointed. The club section is still stuck in the 90s and not the worth it and there were a lot less food choices. Do nit buy these tickets if you are visiting from out of town. You've been warned.

Andrew F — Google review

One of the best field tours me and my wife have done.We decided to go to the tour during our trip to DEN.Grab tickets the day of on a Wednesday, off season.Highly recommended to due during the week, we had a group tour but we’re the only ones on it.Ended up being a private tour with Phil, the lead tour from Coors field for the last 17yrs.Learned a lot about the stadium, the team, the infrastructure and the staff.Tour takes you throughout the stadium, including the visitors dugout, legacy suites, restaurants, outfield rooftop section and home plate on field photo.Great value for the cost, set us back only ~$30 per ticket.Highly recommended.

Jeffrey L — Google review

Took a tour of the field. Highly recommend. Super interesting (and I'm not a big baseball fan). Our guide was really well informed. He had plenty of history and fun-facts about the stadium as well as other stadiums. We got to see areas that aren't ordinarily available like the players locker room. Got to walk on the field.

Wendy — Google review

Nice atmosphere but team hasn’t been great over the last few years. Good food and drink options. The surround area around Coors Field is nice, filled with lots of food and drink options.

Josh B — Google review

I don't care where it is in the US. I'm going to the ballpark. This park isn't extravagant, but it is a nice park situated in downtown Denver. We went and watched the Rockies win, and for me, any day with baseball is a great day. Tickets weren't crazy. They actually have some of the cheaper side of concessions I've seen at parks. So it's worth the time to go enjoy a base ball game. It is America's pastime after all.

Bryan A — Google review

Stopped by for a night game while visiting Denver. The fans were very welcoming and the atmosphere was laid back. Tickets were very affordable especially for being right down first base line! Outdoorsy outfield was a nice touch too.

Carson G — Google review

Going to see the Rockies game, once a year. My daughter loves playgrounds there, sometimes we are not even making to our seats. Coors Field got bigger variety of food and drink choices compared to other stadiums. I liked Burned Ends at the Smokehouse, also they got really tasty baked beans!

Liza S — Google review

I've been to 60% of the MLB ballparks and this is one of the nicest. Tons of cool nooks and sightlines to explore. Bike lanes to and from the ballpark. Lots of good bars and rooftop patios to visit within walking distance.

Kevin S — Google review

Very nice field! Beautiful area and the weather was nice. However it was an afternoon game in June and got pretty warm because we were right in the sun with no shade. Still good time just 4 stars because lack of shade in seating area.

Jake S — Google review

I love baseball and enjoying a game in Colorado is best case when you visit Coors field. I was able to find parking even with the broncos game partaking nearby. I had very reasonable seats and food once inside the stadium. Rockies fans were absolutely amazing even with my Padres gear on visiting as a spectator. The stadium was super clean and very walkable. I’d highly recommend checking out this stadium for a ballgame if you love baseball.

Jerome C — Google review

This baseball field was so nice but what I loved the most is how open it is. There is even a playground for children and recommend if u go to a game to go up to the rooftop level.

Ana G — Google review


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(4873)38 Best Stops Between Manitou Springs and Glenwood Springs (127)

2001 Blake St, Denver, CO 80205, USA

(303) 292-0200


Denver Union Station

38 Best Stops Between Manitou Springs and Glenwood Springs (128)38 Best Stops Between Manitou Springs and Glenwood Springs (129)

38 Best Stops Between Manitou Springs and Glenwood Springs (130)38 Best Stops Between Manitou Springs and Glenwood Springs (131)

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Historical landmark

Sights & Landmarks

The Denver Union Station is a transportation hub in the heart of Downtown Denver that offers a wide variety of amenities including a couple of bars and restaurants, a big common area with comfortable seating, and a hotel attached. The historic landmark is worth a stop if you're in the area!

Large rail station with shops and restaurants; there is a lot of history around this building and we ended up coming her twice during our stay to wander around, people watch and just hang out. Plenty of people use the large sit down area inside to rest relax and recharge their phones and electronic devices. Several restaurants with entries from outside to eat at a few more expensive than others.Nice place to people watch. They have plenty of seating, a bookstore, ice cream parlor, deli, and two bars downstairs with Cooper's upstairs.

Anirudh G — Google review

Denver Union Station is a historic transportation hub located in the heart of Denver, Colorado. It was originally opened in 1881 and served as the main railway station for the city for over 100 years. The station has undergone several renovations and expansions over the years, including a major restoration in the early 2000s which transformed it into a modern transportation hub and mixed-use development.Today, Denver Union Station is a hub for several modes of transportation, including light rail, commuter rail, and bus services. The station is also home to a variety of shops, restaurants, and offices, making it a bustling hub of activity. It is a popular destination for travelers and locals alike, who come to enjoy the historic architecture and the bustling atmosphere.From Denver Union Station, you can take the transit to some of the city's best destinations, including the Denver Art Museum, the Colorado Convention Center, and the Lower Downtown (LoDo) neighborhood. Whether you're commuting to work, exploring the city, or just stopping by for a bite to eat, Denver Union Station is a convenient and accessible location that offers a little bit of everything for everyone.

N. S — Google review

A functional transit hub with clean and punctual airport trains. Inside, the station boasts a pleasant ambiance, highlighted by the popular Terminal Bar. While the train frequency could be improved, this well-maintained hub effectively connects travelers and provides a convenient travel experience.Review generated by AI with my input. Use your own judgment, as experiences may vary.

Gabriel F — Google review

I want to love Union Station, but unfortunately, it feels like it's overrun by homeless people. I absolutely want people to have a warm place to be, but there has to be a better solution. Denver really needs to address its drug and homeless problem. Please do better, Denver. Please take better care of your citizens.

J R — Google review

Outside beer garden type of atmosphere chained off. Several tables did have umbrellas. The one I was at did not so I did get a little sunburned, but the lines went really quick. They staff kept it going. Drinks were definitely better priced than inside the game. They even had a special on the high noons for $8.50 so not bad, we were there for a few hours before the game. Colorado Rockies opener.

Serena B — Google review

OMGOMGOMGosh! So beautiful!! And old, antique, and unique!!! The tabletop shuffleboard!! The wonderfully clean, antique couches, buffet tables, lights and lamps!! (Definitely a difference!! The security was so nice, and SOOO helpful to everyone. I sat there and watched them for 2 hours.

Lalaina M — Google review

Denver Union Station is such a beautiful and historic landmark. I love the interior design and furniture. We appreciated the information booth lady who helped us decide what to do in the downtown area. We also enjoyed the unique offerings of the coffee shop inside the station. There was a unique waffle vendor inside as well with delicious waffle options - we tried the churro one which was awesome.

Tabatha S — Google review

What a Beautiful Establishment. From the Security at the train station to the front of the building, I really loved seeing and visiting Union Station Denver.The merchants inside were very nice and not bothersome but asked questions just in case I needed help. What ever I wanted to eat, drink or buy was at Union Station and it is a welcoming welcome and landmark to Downtown Denver. I will certainly be returning

Marion C — Google review

Very cool place. It's actually a train station that offers so much more. Some small boutique shops, a couple of bars, and a couple restaurants. A big common area in the middle with plush seating and shuffleboard. And there is a hotel attached to it. Definitely worth a stop as it's in the heart of downtown and walking distance from Coors field and tons of shops and bar/restaurants.

Tyler F — Google review

Our Hotel room was amazing, and we got free perks within Union station like coffee and ice cream vouchers. Immediatly surrounding and some even connected to the station are fantastic dining options. Pretty clean compared to Seattle right now, I'll tell ya that. Loved it, I'll be back!

Ian — Google review

I love Union Station. If you go to other major metro/transit stations outside of the NE USA, they are dilapidated, grungy, and dangerous. I moved from Houston and their central metro hub was a joke. Denver's however is very well put together. The bus station is very nice, the transit platform is great, and the dining areas around are super cool. Most of the time I feel safe. Yes, there are some homeless down in the bus area and around Union station but they don't harm anyone 99% of the time. In addition, there's usually plenty of security so that helps. Plus I enjoy that it's a center spot for most of the city.

Dallas M — Google review

We have thoroughly enjoyed our stay at union station, despite the construction taking place downstairs. It was lots of little shops to enjoy and the architecture is beautiful. Lots going on in the area so the location can’t be beat. Definitely worth a stop if you are in LoDo and looking for something to do while there. We stayed in the hotel and definitely recommend.

Jo B — Google review

The place is nice and very beautiful. Absolutely it is a great place to visit. Very close to the baseball park and many other great places to visit or even places to eat.I would would say that overall you can have a good experience at this location with great opportunities for photos.

Yoel P — Google review

I like to come here sometimes to relax and to read- it’s a very comfortable and nice place to past the time in the evenings.I was here two nights ago with a friend to enjoy an ice cream and a nice conversation.With the Christmas lights and decorations it feels like you’re back in the early 20th century.

Anthony H — Google review

Union Station was our central hub for travel inside and outside of Denver. We used the A-Line to get from the airport to downtown. The ticket kiosks walked you through the purchase steps. Some of our friends had trouble but there were representatives around to help. It cost $10.50 one way.At the end of our trip, we took the train back to the airport. The inside of Union Station is quite beautiful and relaxing. There are bathrooms, a bar, restaurants, a coffee shop, and a gift shop. I'm sure there's probably more I didn't see. Unfortunately, we were there at 6am and nothing was open.There were no announcements about arriving/departing trains so you have to pay attention. Not sure if this was a fluke or not. The pews/benches have outlets on the sides so you can charge your devices while you want. This is a place that I could probably hang out and do work the next time I'm in Denver.

Melinda B — Google review

A beautiful, clean train station with gorgeous architecture and nostalgia. The perfect place to be brought to from the airport when I visited — can’t recommend enough. All trains were on time and it was easy to navigate.For more photos | creative | content visit: http://get2know.pro

Leon M — Google review

Love this place and the history. BUT the interior is completely under construction at the moment. Can't wait to see how it turns out.

Charles C — Google review

So when I did research to go to Denver it always said go to Union station. There's lots of shopping at architect to look at shopping I was kind of disappointed. I thought there would be like shops everywhere but what it is is there's a hotel in there and part of the middle of the Union station is for their sitting and then there's some small food shops in there and a couple of stores in there. The architects was very nice. We did look around at that but not much to do there

Elizabeth S — Google review


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1701 Wynkoop St, Denver, CO 80202, USA

(303) 592-6712


Chatfield State Park

38 Best Stops Between Manitou Springs and Glenwood Springs (135)38 Best Stops Between Manitou Springs and Glenwood Springs (136)

38 Best Stops Between Manitou Springs and Glenwood Springs (137)38 Best Stops Between Manitou Springs and Glenwood Springs (138)

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State park

Nature & Parks


Chatfield State Park is a picturesque location in the foothills of Denver that offers a range of outdoor activities for visitors. It boasts scenic views of both the foothills and Platte River Valley, making it an ideal spot for biking, hiking, camping, and boating. Despite its close proximity to the city, Chatfield State Park provides a true camping experience with clean campsites and friendly staff. The park features numerous trails to explore on foot and plenty of water to play in.

Very beautiful state park. You are able to stay 2 weeks in a 28 day period. We stayed twice for two weeks each. Both sites were very nice. We enjoyed the nice bike trails around the entire reservoir. There are plenty of places around the park to picnic. There are several beaches. We saw deer regularly. We did hear howling at night. One night we suspect a mountain lion got on top of the camper, we heard it jump up there and walk around, and the next morning we found a bloody mess on the roof. We did not see any during the day and there were no actual problems with wildlife during our stays. I would just recommend being safe by keeping clean and food contained. All and all we had beautiful experiences here. The view of mountains in the background is amazing. There are plenty of places to shop and eat fairly close to the park.

Dolce V — Google review

My family and I had a great time at the park. The staff was very nice and helpful. We got a snack from the snack bar and the kids had a great time.There are a few suggestions and a couple things to note. The bathrooms aren't always open. When we got there we noticed the men and women's bathroom were locked. This caused a line to form and a few small delays.The view is beautiful (especially the mountains!) However, other than that it is a very simple park. There is limited shade and the trails were either overgrown or too short.I think this is a nice stop to bring your kids and your family for a nice quick dip in the water. There are plenty of activities for the lakes for sure. This is a great place to cool off!

Stephen L — Google review

We walked and drove around Chatfield. It3a great place for seeing birds and just enjoying nature! It was quite windy but we were very excited to see a couple of Golden eagles. We will be back next time we are out west.

David H — Google review

Beautiful !!! The mountains and the lake were gorgeous!! The Host was so friendly too!Loved Loved all the trails to walk and the Trailer parking was spaced out very well !! I didn't get to fish, but looked great!!Many attractions nearby also.

Cindy M — Google review

This park has a lot to offer!! Open spaces, swim beach, picnic areas, fishing and other water sports just to name a few. Also has paved walking paths that pretty much circle the whole reservoir. It's approximately 13 miles around. Also has access to other trails not associated with the park.

John B — Google review

July 2023 water at swim beach was high. Beach was clean and people were nice and respectful..well minus the random speaker blaring Mexican music at a deafening volume. Parking is not an issue if you arrive before noon on a weekend. There is only a bank of port-a-potties and there is no drinking fountains or rinse showers which is super frustrating.

James J — Google review

Tons of people here during the summer months. Long lines just to get in the park. A lot of fun activities like horseback riding, hot air ballooning, swimming, boating, camping, hiking, biking and so much more. Get there early and start have fun.

Kim J — Google review

Been boating on Chatfield a few times, this was the first time I ventured around the lake on the paved path, nearly 11.5 miles if you're interested. I have to say it was quite nice! Very well maintained path suitable for walking, running, hiking, and biking, with plenty of restrooms for pitstops along the way. Just a relatively small section of dirt road on the east/ northeast side approaching the dam, nothing a cold on a bike could not handle. I will certainly return!

b1krboy — Google review

All the years I've lived in Denver and Chatfield has been 10 minutes from my house.. I never knew how much fun the camping there would be. What I love about it is you get that camping feel but you're still so close to the city. Very clean campsites super friendly staff. Lots of trails to walk on lots of water to play in. Just a super fun time. Definitely be coming back.

J D — Google review

I camped here for the 1st time with my son's 6th grade class. Wow was I impressed! It was definitely "city camping" but the trails were great, paddle boarding was a blast and a must do! The park ranger was super friendly and very knowledgeable.

Monica A — Google review

This state park is extensive and has lots of walking trails, horesback riding and picnic areas. The trails however are not properly marked so you may end up getting a big confused. There are a lot of benches surrounding the area to sit and relax so that is indeed a plus. A simple, unassuming state park in the area!

Asha S — Google review

Really pretty and very open. I will say that the line to get in was kind of slow and it was suuuper busy first thing in the morning but, because it's so big it was still easy to find a fishing spot around 10am. I will say because of the boats and the amount of people swimming in non-designated swim areas fishing was harder. Had people next to us that knew we were fishing and they threw a football and ran right through my fishing line as I pulled it in. Guy almost stepped right on my hook. But hey, things happen and it wouldn't have been my fault - I warned them multiple times.Restrooms are by each of the parking lots and you'll want to bring some hand sanitizer.

Clover S — Google review

We recently had the pleasure of staying at Chatfield State Park from August 6 to 20, 2023, and our experience was nothing short of delightful. Nestled in the picturesque landscape just outside of Denver, Chatfield State Park offers a serene retreat for nature enthusiasts and campers alike.Upon arrival the park staff were friendly, knowledgeable, and readily available to assist with any inquiries. Their commitment to maintaining the park's pristine condition and ensuring the satisfaction of campers was evident throughout our stay.We were in Loop D, site 166, a back-in site with full hook-ups on a concrete pad, complemented by a serene gravel sitting area with a fire pit and picnic table. The site was long and spacious, well-maintained, and provided easy access for our RV. There was plenty of room to park our Truck and car side-by-side in front of our 5th wheel with plenty of room away from the road. The site's layout allowed for a sense of privacy, with ample distance from neighboring campers. Allowing you to enjoy the view and nature around you.The amenities include clean restroom and shower facilities, a laundry facility, outdoor vending machines that have a variety of snacks and drinks for purchase, as well as firewood and waste stations. The park's well-maintained trails provided ample opportunities for hiking and biking, and the lake offered a tranquil setting for water activities such as boating, kayaking, and fishing.One of the highlights of our stay was the breathtaking natural beauty that surrounds Chatfield State Park. The sprawling landscapes covered with patches of beautiful yellow sunflowers, scenic trails, and the shimmering waters of Chatfield Reservoir create a postcard-worthy backdrop. Whether you're an avid photographer or simply seeking a peaceful environment to unwind, the park's beauty is sure to captivate.In conclusion, our two-week stay at Chatfield State Park was a rejuvenating experience. The combination of comfortable camping facilities, stunning natural surroundings, and a variety of recreational opportunities make this park a top choice for those seeking a tranquil retreat near Denver. Whether you're an avid camper or a first-timer, Chatfield State Park offers a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure.

MARY A — Google review

This was the first park I visited in Colorado, and it's worth a visit! I went in march about 4 days after it snowed, and got to see a bald eagle and lots of prairie dogs! This park has walking/biking trails, campground, and a field for flying RC planes and drones! Fantastic views of the mountains from anywhere in the park.

JustThatJacob — Google review

I hadn't been here for over 20 years.Wasn't expecting a full transformation of everything around me. I was just surprised about the water level coming past the trees to the shore. In the days when I went there that was all usable space. Now all that space is taken away and full of people on paddle boards, paddling around in the trees. It's not that I don't mind that, it just seemed like all that space that I used to enjoy was just taken away. It just felt to me driving around this area that it kind of lost its serenity and became a water world.Chatfield is a beautiful state park If you enjoy paddle boating and boating. There's a good sized beach with food and restroom accommodations coming in from the west entrance giving you wonderful views. There's camping and model airplane flying right when you come in from the south entrance of the reservoir. The winding roads throughout Chatfield have plenty of benches and picnic tables to enjoy. There are two docks to put your boat in. The one dock from the west entrance is pretty basic, were you just ramp your boat into the water. The dock on the south side has plenty of area to dock your boat and storing it there is an option. The views from the top of the damn are amazing and peaceful with benches and picnic tables.There's also a very cool secluded area on the north side of the damn with walking trails and picnicking areas hidden within the trees. Bathrooms were available all across the reservoir. I do enjoy Chatfield and have been back several times already.Chatfield is definitely a great place for the family.

Allen L — Google review

Great reservoir with multiple campground loops, swim beaches, dog parks and other amenities. Kayaking up the river was a very fun experience and I loved it.

Caleb S — Google review

One of the best, most accessible places to SUP in Colorado. I love it and usually go 2x a week as my schedule permits.

Vonley S — Google review

Boating at chatfield is amazing lots of birds and beautiful scenery.easy access for boats w lots of parking.friendly boat inspection and had a safety inspection passed w/flying colors

Shayne N — Google review

We camped 3 nights on C-loop in October. This park is very popular. All of the Full Hookup sites were booked. C-loop is electric only. Fill water tank at dump station as the water spigots in C-loop are designed to thwart use of a hose.Sites are spacious. Driveways curve alongside the loop rather through to the next loop.

Robert S — Google review

We camped in D loop. The 50amp power was iffy at best. The water was just turned on, so it didn't work properly. We mentioned both to the office, and someone came and fixed the water but never the power. Other than that, it is a great park.

Julie W — Google review

Chatfield is a very nice state park! It offers a lot of different activities for a lot of different levels of athleticism and interests. We went there to stand up paddle board and kayak and found lots of different access points and calm coves to be in that weren't too choppy or out on the main lake in completely open water.The restroom facilities are clean and the park staff is super nice!

Amanda H — Google review

Our first time in their campgrounds and other than early May wet and cool weather had a great time. We never went to the offered facilities like showers and restrooms so cannot speak to those but full hookups even included dump station at your campsite, electric in 30, 50 and 110 and fresh water. Lots of wildlife and trails. A great experience.

David L — Google review


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11500 N Roxborough Park Rd, Littleton, CO 80125, USA

(303) 791-7275


The Orchard Town Center

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Shopping mall


The Orchard Town Center in Westminster is a premier outdoor shopping, dining, and entertainment destination. The colorful outdoor setting offers stunning mountain views, tree-lined pathways to various shops and restaurants, as well as a multiplex cinema. Families can enjoy the children's play area, warm fireplace, and water splash pad. Additionally, there are common rooms for entertaining and private computer rooms within the apartment complex. The heated pool with a waterfall adds to the pleasant experience.

America's Best at the Orchard was a good experience. The people there was friendly and very helpful. They have a good selection of frames to look at. The place was clean and uncluttered. Lots of room to wander around.Close to restaurants for lunch after you pick up your glasses. :)

Art E — Google review

This apartment complex is great! The have common rooms in the floor for entertaining and private rooms for you to use your computer at. The pool is wonderful with the waterfall and great size, too! It's heated. So, it's a pleasant experience. The staff still hasn't decided what the ideal temperature should be. We say 85%. But others say, it should be lower. It's too hot. But for us, 76- 80% doesn't do it. The apartments are beautifully done!

Bob M — Google review

After all the horrible experiences I've had here and recently hearing some things from others, I had to post this. I stopped going here a few years ago because of security profiling people who don't dress "normal". It was a constant problem when I was in highschool, even though my group of friends and I were straight A students that never got into any sort of trouble. We were honestly the most straight edge, boring group around. And it was every single time we went. One incident I can recall very well is waiting with one friend for the others to show up. We waited on the bench and one other friend arrived. No sooner had we simply stood up and said hello before a security guard came over and yelled at us for "standing in a large intimidating group." We said we were waiting for another friend and he actually said that we'd have to sit back down on the bench or we'd have to leave. And things like this happened to us every single time we went to this place. We couldn't even stand quietly outside the theater and wait for our movie to start without being harassed about why we were there and when our movie was starting, even though there were many "normal" dressed people nearby actually screaming and running around. It was ridiculous. I had other friends and past boyfriends that would refuse to go here with our group because of this treatment. It continued even way after I went to college. The only time I wasn't yelled at, harassed, or followed around stores like I was a criminal by security was when I was with my mom or my one "normal dressed" friend. I've never received treatment like this at any other mall or actually any other place I've ever been to. I would never go back and I shudder to think of all the money I used to spend here. It's not even that good of a mall and definitely not worth it when there are better ones out there that don't treat people horribly just because they wear black and have piercings. So yeah, if you dress alternatively in any way, I don't recommend this place. And even if you don't... I still don't recommend it because literally every other mall is better anyways.

Amber P — Google review

So family friendly! We love the splash pad in the summer and the playground is always a hit. But have you visited the family bathrooms? Amazing! Nursing room, changing table, small area with wall toys. Quiet, spacious, and super clean! Just what we needed for the kids and babies!

Alison A — Google review

I love coming here and now that its Christmas time it will be even more magical 🥰😍

Christina P — Google review

It has lots of places to shop. It's out of my path so I definitely don't come here often. But when I do I find what I need.Parking is a bit of a hassle. There are a few lots here and there. But then you have to find your way back to the shops you came for.If you have mobility issues this may not be your first choice in shopping centers.But if you have time and get around with ease your bed option is to park in the larger lot and walk to your location.

Jean V — Google review

Nice shopping center with a wonderful play area for the kiddos and a really cool splash pad. Lots of nice shops and restaurants, plus lots of shade! Parallel parking a bit problematic for a Ford F150 as it barely fits in the painted lines but it's such s nice shopping center to walk around so I don't mind parking a bit further away when I find a spot my pickup fits in easily. Definitely recommend The Orchard Town Center!

Sheri B — Google review

First, this is an outdoor mall, not a traditional enclosed mall, so weather is a factor. I like Orchard Town Center. It is a large complex containing the whole spectrum of retail outlets. Restaurants, retail, professional, and outdoor spaces. We don't live in walking distance but I'm sure those who do utilize this campus regularly. Driving through is a bit of a PITA but there is plenty of parking, just be prepared to walk. There are still some empty storefronts here, so new tenants are always a possibility. We've been here numerous times and have never dealt with any hooligans or rough situations and the campus is kept clean and neat. The coolest part is the live music/events that take place here. The area around the facility is still building up, so I'm sure it will get used more in the future but for now, we love coming here.

Shawn M — Google review

My favorite place forever! There I can find everything I'm looking for. I love the place! It's nice and cozy. The bathrooms are always clean and it has beautiful fireplaces that make the place look cozy. It is very big and well cared for.

Almangie R — Google review

Two hours for over priced pizza, and I live less than 10 min away. Don't even bother with this place. NEVER ordering again, and I hope no one else does either.

Rachel P — Google review

!!!!OFF BROADWAY SHOES!!!!!!Worst customer service in my life!!!!!!! Go there to get shoes for my kids and they ask to go to the restroom. Was told by an employee they would grab the key then meet us back there. After a few minutes she comes back and says someone is using it and we could wait. We did, for 10 minutes. My kids are actually crying they need to go soo bad. A store worker comes out of the bathroom and says they are closed and we couldn’t use them as they close in an hour. Her name is Aspen, I tell her they have been waiting and if they could use go real quick, with attitude she says nope they cant go and we can leave. I have never seen this lack of customer service and will be never returning. The folks at Famous Footwear Nextdoor were amazing and will be getting my business now on.

Chris S — Google review

Tons of varieties of different stores ones I haven’t seen in forever everything from hot topic to just Rustic. The outside area with a lit fireplace for you to get warm by also very cute. All the metal work done very clean a very nice place to go walk around plenty of places to sit and talk. The parking is great. Definitely good for a date night especially since AMC theater is also right there.

Serena B — Google review

We were going to paint at the pottery place and my keys slipped down a giant pothole, and I thought they were lost forever. The sweetest man named Aaron came to the rescue and got my keys out for me! He was so nice and helpful! Thanks, Aaron for going above and beyond!

Tierra C — Google review

It was amazing! We did Whimsy paint and sip. So much fun!!

Dani A — Google review

The Orchard has everything you need. Great place for a date, for family activities, and for solo "retail therapy" :) Nice restaurants, excellent major retailers and fun concerts and events year-round. It's very walkable and doesn't feel like a mall, it's more like a Disneyland of retail. I'm from L.A. and would compare it to The Grove in the 3rd & Fairfax area. Stop and enjoy the outdoor fireplaces! It's a pretty magical place at the Holiday Season as well, with beautiful Christmas trees and decorations, not to mention a lovely Hannukah display. The property is clean and well-managed, and there are increasingly more local businesses in the center, which is nice to see. My only complaint is that the streets are a bit narrow and very circuitous, which is really annoying. I feel like I'm gong in circles if I drive around too much. Certain shops can also be difficult to find because of that. That said, there's ample parking. Pay a visit!

Lisa M — Google review


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14697 Delaware St, Westminster, CO 80023, USA

(303) 450-8610

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Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre

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Concerts & Shows

Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre is a remarkable destination for outdoor enthusiasts. The park features stunning red-stone cliffs that provide excellent hiking and biking trails. In addition to the natural beauty, visitors can also enjoy a gift shop and cafe. The amphitheater hosts big-name acts, making it an ideal venue for concerts in the future. One can take advantage of the stairs that make up the amphitheater's seating area to get some exercise while enjoying breathtaking views from the top.

This was my first time in Denver Colorado. Everyone recommended this place and I will be the first to say... It was worth the visit! Such a beautiful scenery. No photo will do justice of the actual views you see in person, the views are so beautiful. Words can't even describe it completely! Highly recommend anyone to swing by and make a stop here while in Denver. Kid friendly place

Jeff R — Google review

This review is strictly from a hiking and outdoors perspective, not from a music perspective. We absolutely love this park, the hiking trails are nice and well maintained. The area is absolutely spectacular with not just the amphitheater, and surrounding area. The Red Rocks Amphitheater is also amazing, you have to climb the stairs at least once, it is harder than it looks. The trading post is also worth a stop. If you see one thing, explore the amphitheater. If you have more time try out some of the hiking trails for a more in depth and serene activity. Visiting after snow is also an amazing experience.

Jacation A — Google review

An amazing location with great acoustics. A great place for a concert but they also have events like films on the rocks and workout classes.The views are worth the climb of hundreds of stairs to the top. Even if you don't come for an event you can just come for views and hiking other days. There is also a full restaurant that is open to the public.The rows are nicely spaced so people can pass by you with out it being tight. Parking is a workout from were you park to the amphitheater. Be prepared for the climb.

K R — Google review

I recently saw my first concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater, and it was amazing! The red rocks are stunning, and the acoustics are incredible. The sound of the music bounced off the rocks and filled the air, creating a truly immersive experience.I had never been to a concert at Red Rocks before, and I was blown away by the beauty of the venue. The amphitheater is nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, and the views of the surrounding landscape are simply breathtaking. The Denver skyline is also visible from the amphitheater, which adds to the overall beauty of the setting

Kyle F — Google review

Was visiting for the weekend and was taken here to see the snow. So pretty getting to see the contrast of the fresh snow on the red rocks and was a nice way to spend part of the day walking around the amphitheater in the snow.Haven't had a chance to visit for a show yet, but definitely recommend exploring in the snow if you have the opportunity to do so.

Rhian S — Google review

Wow what a venue. Was fortunate enough that my friend took me here when in the area. Just hiked area the place. Was a blast. What a unique venue. Loved that they allow you to check out the place during the day . The museum was a lot of fun so much cool stuff has gone down here over the years. Looking forward to coming back for a show.

Blues C — Google review

What a beautiful location! We spent several hours there one afternoon.We first drove up to the Red Rocks Amphitheatre. It wasn’t busy, so we found plenty of parking in the upper north lot. There is some parking right by the Amphitheatre itself, but it is limited and you may just end up driving back down.The setting is wonderful. They were preparing for the Easter sunrise service, but you could still walk the area. We then toured the Visitor Center. It was interesting to see the number of performers who have made an appearance over the years.I wish I had thought about eating there since we arrived just after 12:30. The prices seemed reasonable for lunch, so we’ll have to try that another time.We then drove down to the Trading Post. It’s basically a gift shop. It also includes the Colorado Music Hall of Fame, but we didn’t look at that. The place had a nice variety of gifts, particularly clothing, but be prepared: it is expensive.From there we decided to hike the Trading Post Trail. The sign says it is 1.4 miles long, and it goes in a loop. It took us about 1 hour for us to complete it. The views are incredible along the trail, and I’d highly recommend it.A note about the trail. If you are facing the Trading Post and go to the left, the trail feels like a more gradual descent. If you go right, there are more steep steps. So you can decide how you want to finish the route if take the full loop.As for restrooms, we found a number of portable toilets. However, if you like a nicer restroom, we found them at the base of the stage, up by the Visitor Center and behind the Trading Post.Enjoy your trip to Red Rocks!

Brent H — Google review

I had always wanted to go to Red Rocks for a concert, I just never understood what all the fuss was about. Now I fully understand. Red Rocks is an experience in itself. People get here super early and tailgate before doors open. There are multiple lots to park in (East lot being easiest walk to the gates). This is a venue where being in good shape will definitely benefit you with all the stairs, ramps, and high altitude. Getting here early is an absolute must especially in large groups. There are 70 rows, we arrived right when the first artist came out and were able to get seats in row 35, by time the second artist was on there were no more seats available. This is an absolute must for music lovers. Being submerged in the sea of people in the crowd felt unreal being there. The views, the acoustics, and the all around atmosphere at Red Rocks is unmatched. I will definalty be back in the future and only regret not making the trip sooner. Thank you Red Rocks for the most memorable Tuesday ever! I still get goosebumps thinking about it.

Coleman E — Google review

Probably the best venue to catch a concert at. Really enjoyed the show I got to catch this year. I would recommend you go for an all day event. See you in Red Rocks at night is awesome. I was seated towards the front and the eighth row and the sound was great upfront so I can imagine that the sound in the back was just as good. Definitely a place that I would like to visit again

Moses D — Google review

I’m not much of a concert goer, but coming here literally had me in tears it’s so beautiful. You can come in for free when no concerts or events are happening and we got lucky enough to come in on a beautiful day when the concert that evening was doing a free run through and got to experience the magnificence of this amphitheater.All I can say is, it was borderline life changing. I will go back to a formal event here and I don’t know if any other performance venue can ever compete with this place.Also, lots of great trails around that are amazing as well. A must see!

Jeremy L — Google review

This venue is so beautiful and just an amazing experience. You can bring in sealed water bottles or sodas and small bags of snacks. I highly recommend bringing a poncho and a small blanket or cushion to sit on. The views and sound is amazing! We also saw baby raccoons near the entrance.

Jeana 6 — Google review

Beautiful! We got there early on a Sunday, like 9am, and we managed to get a spot at the top parking area. It was such a fun experience walking around, seeing the rock formations, and enjoying the morning. There was a large group working out there in the seating area of the amphitheater, which was neat. We walked the short trail that goes by the trading post and we also walked through the visitors center- it was small but really well done! Both our kids (11 and 8) enjoyed the experience, but they struggled a little on all the stairs as it warmed up! Overall, it was such a great excursion in Denver and I’m so happy we made time to check it out!

Dustin C — Google review

Most memorable concert ever! I've been to many venues and this by far was the best. Make sure you are able to walk up and down hills and stairs. Our seats were actually a lot closer to the stage, but we were happy sitting in general admission up top.

T. L — Google review

one of the most beautiful and incredible places I have ever visited in the United States. It has a wonderful view, is 20 minutes from Denver, easy access, has parking, trails, family atmosphere, great for going with friends, family or alone. Take your camera because I guarantee you will take great photos. the energy of the place is incredible. I highly recommend it 10/10

Carlos D — Google review

I went during the day to check it out. I wasn’t aware you could visit outside of an event until someone told me. I was there in late March on the day of the first concert of the season. It was a fun experience just to walk around and see what it’s all about! The scenery is amazing and it’s a great way to spend a bit of time, especially if the weather is nice.

Steph W — Google review

A very beautiful venue! Wish we had more time & could have heard a concert here. So many legends have played here!We really enjoyed the museum. It had a lot of history on how it was built and all the performers that ever played there were displayed nicely! Lots of parking. The day we visited it was raining so our pictures were limited to the beauty that surrounds it. Super cool!

DElightful P — Google review

This place is pretty awesome. I stopped by during a visit to Denver as I was keen to see it. There was no show unfortunately (definitely a bucket list worthy venue to watch a concert for the future) but there are trails to explore in the area and also run up and down the steps that make up the amphitheater - that’s is a hard slog. The views are pretty spectacular from the top. There is a mini museum that focuses on the geology as well as the various music concerts that have taken place. Worth the visit.

Nikki V — Google review

Wow what a location. It's now on my bucket list of places to see a concert. With stunning views and fantastic trails for hiking. Really enjoyed watching the people exercising at the amphitheater. This place has had the the who's who in music play to the masses. Can't wait to go back.

Ben D — Google review

The venue is stunning but there is considerable effort required to experience this beautiful venue. Firstly, elevation. The venue is over 6,000 feet in elevation. Professional athletes need time to acclimate and so will you. Multiple steps and ramps are required to get you to your seat. Stay hydrated, plan ahead, and take your time. Secondly, this is an uncovered outdoor venue. Be prepared. Check the weather, pack and dress accordingly. The seat space allocated on the bench is narrow. Bring a pad or blanket to sit on for comfort. Thirdly, enjoy yourself! You're at an amazing venue enjoying wonderful entertainment! This venue demands extra work, both physically and mentally, but it is worth it!

Lewis S — Google review

Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to the Denver area. The natural beauty of the park is breathtaking, and the outdoor amphitheater is a unique and memorable experience. While the climb to the top can be challenging, the views are well worth the effort. Visitors should be aware that the park can get crowded during peak times, and food options are limited. However, the park's natural trails and scenic views make it a great destination for hiking and outdoor activities.

Kwesi A — Google review

A must for any music lover or anyone who want to have a musical experience unlike any other.Get there early for a good parking spot if you are attending a show and be prepared to walk a bit. It was not hard to get in or out of there so don’t let the parking scare you off.You can go check it out without seeing a show, just check the website for times. Check out the music hall of fame inside the trading post! Very cool stuff!

Miss V — Google review

Does it even need to be said?? Red Rocks is amazing. I'll never forget my first time visiting here, nor my first concert experience here. Amazing acoustics, there really isn't a bad seat in the house!Beware that if you are coming from lower elevation, there is a lot of walking involved, and the elevation is no joke! If you can park in the upper parking lot, there will be less uphill walking involved, but it may take a bit longer to exit after the show. Please come hydrated and take the steps slow. They will get your heart rate up more than you might think!I've seen several concerts here now and all were phenomenal! We have also attended a movie showing for Dune and it was the perfect setting and a lot of fun. People will come pretty early and tailgate/hang out in the parking lots, so feel free to do that before your show. Sometimes they have free sodas for Designated Drivers up at the top by the restaurants, which I've been grateful for!Food & drinks are pricey as usual, but have been tasty when we've gotten them. The attached restaurant is actually really good if you want dinner before your show!! (You can bring in unopened alcoholic drinks & snacks in a gallon Ziploc to most shows too, just FYI!) I'd recommend bringing a rain jacket or poncho as Morrison can get random weather, as well as a seat cushion or blankets since you will just be sitting on the hard wooden bench. I love that the incline means there is not usually anyone blocking your view!

Cassie N — Google review

Please don't visit Denver and not go to Red Rock Park. The rock formations, colors and the amphitheater is AMAZING!!! We walked around and was in awe of the splendor of God's work.Trust me, make some time to go and spend a few hours enjoying God's creation.We have decided we will come back, as they have great shows here. We have been told by locals we will never enjoy a show the same. The acoustics are wonderful!! They have a sunrise Easter service we were told is amazing and full.

Cynthia S — Google review

Absolutely stunning mountain venue that’s medium in size. You feel nestled in between the two rocks and the view of the valley is amazing. There really is no other venue on earth like Red Rocks. It’s extremely special. ✨👌✨Cons:This venue is not ideal for those with walking issues. You will walk a lot on cement steps that are both large and small and will stand for many hours. If you have a broken leg, bad hips, a bad back, or any other alignments like that, please heal before attending a concert. It won’t be fun for you as the stairs are unavoidable.There is also very little coverage if the weather turns sour. It’s rain or shine, so plan accordingly and always bring a good rain jacket (no umbrellas allowed). I’ve stood at RR for 6 hours in the pouring rain and was absolutely soaking after the show. Not my favorite thing to do to be honest.Lastly, since the pandemic RR has become a lot more commercialized. It used to be a local venue and now it’s outnumber with tourists. Prices have skyrocketed and it’s now very crowded. Long gone are the days (2019 and before) when RR tickets used to be $40-$50 dollars and you could buy them the week of the event. Now tickets are on average $75-$150+ a piece and sell out instantly online. RIP old Red Rocks. You were fun while you lasted.

Aubree T — Google review

Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre is my favorite place to go hiking. It's located in Morrison, Colorado nestled up against the Foothills in Jefferson County (Jeffco). The Red Rocks are amazing to see. The Amphitheatre is a nice size. They have parking at the top of the Amphitheatre and there is a lot of parking at the bottom of it as well.We normally take the hiking trail that is behind the trading post at the bottom of the Amphitheatre. It takes us about an hour to complete the loop.I highly recommend going here if you are into hiking.I've never seen a concert here yet but I have seen that it is listed in many articles as one of the Worlds top concert venues that performers love to perform at.

Susan P — Google review

What a unique experience at the outdoor Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre located about 15 miles away from Denver. It’s a picturesque hiking place and a popular concert venue. We happened to be there when Sean Smith and the Saints performed. Due to an early arrival, we had no trouble with parking but be prepared to walk up and down. There are stairs everywhere! There were many vendors offering beer, sodas and food. We grabbed tacos which were super bland and the raspberry (?!) sauce did not help at all in bringing any flavor. It was cold and we were not prepared for it. More experienced music enthusiasts brought hats, gloves, sitting cushions and even blankets. Hot tea or coffee would be more suitable than cold beer or sodas.

Ursula S — Google review

Such an amazing place to visit and home around. The views were spectacular. There was parking nearby but it still required a bit of a hike to get to the amphitheater. We visited when there wasn't a concert or show, but you could tell that it would be an amazing place to see your favorite band.We also went hiking up Red Rocks Trail to Dalton's point to see the full moon rise over the city of Denver. It was a beautiful place. It's a good idea to bring headlamps if you're planning on night hiking. There was still some snow and ice on the trail and a few spots were a little slick. But the hike was amazing and we timed it just right to see the moon rise. It's a must see.

Brian G — Google review

Beautiful place to visit if you’re looking for something fun to do in Denver. Perfect place for hiking. I wasn’t prepared for all the steps or walking but I enjoyed it just the same. Gorgeous place for a photo shoot. There was a concert that night and I could only imagine it would be magical to see a concert here. There are several parking lots with plenty of parking as well.

Tinesha M — Google review

While I was unable to attend a concert here, I am so glad I went out of my way to see this impressive venue. Red Rocks is absolutely a must see for anyone visiting Denver! Parking was simple and I was able to walk the paths into the amphitheater, taking photos along the way and even on the stage.The information available online was a bit confusing and I was concerned that it was going to be closed when I arrived at nearly 5PM, but it was not and does not appear to close to visitors during daylight hours.The restrooms at the visitors center were a welcome surprise and were well kept.

An T — Google review

I'm so glad I had time while on a work trip to visit this place! It is amazing. The hike is manageable and the scenery is breathtaking. We spotted some deer while walking around. There are a couple of trails. Take water along if planning for a hike and do be aware of rattlesnakes. We didn't spot any, but you just never know. It is clean and well kept. The amphitheater is fantastic and there is a free museum all the way at the top that provides some history of the place and all of the performers and movies screened there. It was nostalgic looking through all that and I'd love to go there for a concert, seems amazing. There is also a water fountain at the top to fill your bottle.

Jacqueline S — Google review

We went in march and it was fun. Really cool to see it in person finally. Parking was kind of far from the entrance due to construction or snow or all of the above and it was quite a workout just to see the amphitheater. Definitely worth it at least once.

Hunter L — Google review

Absolutely outstanding location… the view is absolutely beautiful up there. But please know it’s not for the faint of heart walking up the auditorium stairs to get to the top. But when you are at the top the Visitors Center, stop there for the museum. The museum for the Amphitheater showcases the artists who have performed over the decades… great list of performers. The view is also great back there. And before you take your self off the mountain you have to stop at the shop on the way down… I can’t say it enough… the view the view the view… so good. And it doesn’t hurt to buy a souvenir to remember your trip.

JNelle J — Google review

Definitely a must-visit during a Denver trip. Never had the privilege of going to a concert here, but glad I finally got to visit the majestic amphitheatre against the backdrop of the gorgeous red rocks. Also enjoyed hiking the Trading Post trail. The 1.4 miles definitely felt like 3.1 miles, but it was a great way to start the day. 🥾

Justine B — Google review

What is there to say about this iconic venue that hasn’t been said before? I came here to view the sunrise with a colleague and, having only seen photos, was excited to visit. I was blown away by the natural beauty and the perfect orientation to the east for an unforgettable sunrise experience! Note that if you are sensitive to the low oxygen, be weary of the long flights of stairs to climb to get up to the top of the amphitheater.I did not have a chance to see a concert here but will be back for one soon!

Paul M — Google review

This gorgeous place was on my bucket list. I always wanted to come here for a concert but I didn't gte that experience the first time around. Fortunately, this place is breathtaking even in the winter. Don't hesitate to explore just because the weather isn't perfect. You won't regret it

Lorena C — Google review

Beautiful beautiful beautiful! But Just get ready to do some exercise, there is stairs if you park at the bottom, or you can park at the top and walk way more less and appreciated the view from top.About schedules: they close to the public by 4pm or earlier if there an Event, so be careful in planning to visit during the weekend, I’ll recommend to check online.Have fun! And keep it clean, and magical 🫶🏻

Liliana T — Google review

Red Rocks Park and amphitheatre are a must see. It's free to enter in the morning when there are no events or if you want to hike the surrounding trails, you're more than able to. It was cool to see that they have a little rock n roll hall of Fame building nearby.We visited the amphitheatre on a Saturday morning and there are a lot of people that like to workout within the rows of steps there. Great people watching there. Great hiking trails that are free surrounding Red Rocks.

Sean D — Google review

What a hell of an experience here. We came for the Turnpike Troubadour concert on 5/9. The acoustics were great and the views were incredible. Get there early so your Uber can take you to the very top or you'll be in for a hike that you may not be prepared for. Highly recommend this place for a concert.

Andrew F — Google review


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18300 W Alameda Pkwy, Morrison, CO 80465, USA

(720) 865-2494


Mother Cabrini Shrine

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Catholic church

Sights & Landmarks

The Mother Cabrini Shrine is a tranquil and picturesque religious site dedicated to the patron saint of immigrants. It features a chapel and a spring renowned for its healing properties. The location serves as an ideal retreat and pilgrimage destination, surrounded by many scenic spots for walking and prayer. Accommodation in the hermitage is available, but visitors must bring their own toiletries, while towels and sheets are provided.

Been wanting to go here and I was not disappointed. Very beautiful church!! You first walk in to a gift shop, not huge but gets you all you need. Then you go up stairs and that where it’s gets really beautiful! The design it perfect, an absolutely amazing site to see. It doesn’t end there, there is all sorts of things to see and read outside to keep you busy for a while! Absolutely beautiful experience! Must go for everyone!

Casey S — Google review

Great place to clear mind and soul. The stairs walking up the shrine is little hard for people who’s not use to elevation but the spirits around you will help you get through it. Looks of little reads as you walk through the stairs of station of the cross. Great visit and nice overlooking view when you reach the top. You can even see downtown when clouds are clear. Quiet place and beautiful scenery. Pray and meditate.

Marie S — Google review

The solemnity of this space will bring on a fair share of emotions, for me, on Thanksgiving Day, I chose express gratitude.I am grateful that truly quiet and meditative spaces still exist in our very connected world.After traveling up 70W to 40, as you wind around the road, you will see the long gated driveway. Travel up to the top and park in the lot by the entrance to the spring or the chapel.Climb up the stairs if you want to visit the shrine, or walk toward the bathrooms if you want to visit the spring, or walk over to the museum, garden, chapel, or gift shop (at the parking lot level).Honestly, it didn’t feel right taking pictures, this is a resting place for some and a memorial for others, so I am simply sharing pictures from the Meditation Walk, Museum, and Chapel.Blessings.

Holly S — Google review

The trail up to the statue is amazing. Steps in tens so you can pray the rosary. Stations of the cross on the way up. The chapel and gift shop are gorgeous. Amazing views, absolute must visit

BMF G — Google review

Amazing peaceful, beautiful retreat and pilgrimage site. I was most blessed to stay in the hermitage. Make sure to bring your own toiletries, but towels and sheets are provided. Also, paper and plastic serving wear is provided, but bring your own reusable utensils. The food tasted homemade and absolutely scrumptious, breakfast, lunch and dinner with tasty desserts! There were so many places to walk and pray, one can find serenity and peace here.

Joshua K — Google review

We joined the Shrine Chapel's congregation for Mass at 800 am on Sunday morning, just two days after watching the premiere of Cabrini on the big screen. It was a great service with a powerful message. My wife and I were both struck by the beauty of stained glass windows lining the walls of the building. Afterward, we climbed the staircase to check out the statue of Jesus and thoroughly enjoyed the views. Shout out to my wife, who braved the icy steps in a pair of heels. Afterward, we visited the Grotto Chapel, made a donation, and lit candles while sharing in a prayer. Finally, we sipped water from Cabrini's miracle spring and completed a lap in the Rosary garden. It was a great morning, and concluded a weekend honoring this great Saint and her good works. Everyone in Colorado, regardless of faith, should visit and enjoy this unique homage to Mother Cabrini.

Max A — Google review

This place is so beautiful. I bring friends from out of town all the time even if they’re not Catholic. You most likely won’t get service up there. But the drive is amazing and it’s super close to Denver. If you would like to buy a candle that you can light in the chapel, you do need to go inside of the Gift shop. The candles are five dollars for a smaller one. You can also pay a dollar to light a tea light candle inside the chapel as well. But the chapel is down below by the entry to the stairs of the statue.They are currently doing construction but there are no issues getting into the building. During the week there’s only one staff working and during the weekend there’s a couple more which makes it faster. We definitely recommend buying a candle and then going and lighting in the chapel. There’s so many things to see. If you’re willing to do the stairs it’s definitely a hike, you want to make sure that you take some water with you and wear good shoes. But the view is amazing. And of course, the statue at the top is worth it as well. This is just one of those places that you have to come and see there’s nothing that can describe in words. A little piece of Heaven on heart.

C O — Google review

This place was beautiful and felt good being there with my family. 67 yrs old didn’t stop my mom from walking 365 steps up.

Jennifer R — Google review

Been twice in the last 2 weeks..something about this drive, and the visiting the gift shop. Feel a great sense of peace and inner joy. Definitely recommend this for your loved ones or just a day trip with you favorite person.

Antwan R — Google review

Beautiful pilgrimage experience. Grotto, rosary garden, stations of the cross, Divine Mercy statue and the 10 commandments all gave me a sense of renewed faith. It was like a Catholic buffet! All you should eat!

International C — Google review

A beautiful place for prayer, and the home of a great patroness of Colorado.I love making small pilgrimages up here every so often to pray and reflect. Here’s a basic itinerary you can use!Typically, I will start by praying a Divine Mercy Chaplet as I walk down to the fountains that have the miraculous water. I drink the water and say a prayer to enter into Jesus’ Thirst. Then, I will pray the stations of the cross up to the Jesus statue. After some silence at the top, I will pray a rosary on the way back down the stairs and end with a prayer in the Chapel. If you can attend Mass while here, even better.Be sure to check out the gift shop and learn the history of Mother Cabrini and this holy site.

Benjamin A — Google review

My first time visiting and I was not disappointed. The views are beautiful from here where you can see gorgeous rolling hills with the plains and downtown Denver, DTC and chatfield lake. There are 390 steps from the parking lot to the statue. Definitely worth it! There is also a small chapel, museum, gift shop, and a couple small gardens. Not far into the mountain and it's definitely worth a visit!

Oriane B — Google review


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20189 Cabrini Blvd, Golden, CO 80401, USA

(303) 526-0758


The Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave

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Sights & Landmarks

The Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave is a museum dedicated to the life of American cowboy and Indian Showman William Cody. The museum contains exhibits about Cody's life as a buffalo hunter, showman, and Medal of Honor recipient, as well as his later life as a memorial to him atop Lookout Mountain. The gift shop features items related to Cody's career, including clothing and memorabilia from his Wild West shows.

I was so impressed with the collection of memorabilia at the Buffalo Bill Museum. I especially loved the well-done video which taught so much about him and his life. What a talented and progressive man he was! The "Lavatory Stories" were a great touch!

Jennifer E — Google review

This was an excellent museum that contained the personal belongings of William Cody along with a vast display of posters for his various performances. The film of his life story was excellent and recently updated. The museum presented a balanced view of his extensive career and was very well laid out. Very educational for all ages. He was forward thinking pro-women’s rights and pro-native American rights. With his successes came failures which were accurately described. There is a lunch place and gift shop next door. The grave is beautifully preserved and of course the panoramic view from Lookout Mountain is amazing. There is a lot to absorb so give yourself time to really explore the exhibits.

Theresa H — Google review

What a wonderful walk back into history. The museum is a wonderful 1st class facility full of so much information. Then when you step outside, The view is stunningly Beautiful. It takes your breath away. And I don't mean High elevation 😁 wise. Between the observation deck looking down on Denver and being surrounded by the Mountains 🏔️. And if that's not enough, go to the restaurant and grab a Bison burger or a bowl of Bison chili, and finish that with some Ice cream. After you have enjoyed all of that, I then suggest walking into the awesome gift shop. Finally when you walk out of the gift shop take the small hike up to Buffalo Bills Gravesite.What a wonderful time we had.

Rick L — Google review

This was a fun quick stop! The view is very beautiful! It was free to walk up and see his grave! It was a small walk up hill so everyone should be able to do that without problems. The store is like any other tourist trap… all the same and overpriced. But Definitely beautiful! RIP Brother Bill!

Casey S — Google review

Absolute gem in a beautiful mountaintop location! A well executed museum that has some really interesting artifacts related to Buffalo Bill Cody and the people who worked in his Wild West Show.

Ryan B — Google review

I was glad I finally made it up here with a friend who’d already been. We walked up from the lower parking. And the people before us paid it forward so my friend and I got in for free. We came in partway through the educational video and loved it, kudos to the museum for making it. The exhibits were neat too, I like sitting on the horse that moves, the jolt was surprising haha. I enjoyed my time here. You can visit the grave and not the museum, but I got something out of it. I also loved the gift shop. So many quirky things!

A D — Google review

Really enjoyed our visit! You'll want to spend at least an hour looking through the exhibits - a lot of historical Buffalo Bill items. But would start with the short video presentation that nicely outlines his somewhat complex life. A very nice gift shop, packed with a lot of souvenir items, but at reasonable prices.

Chuck B — Google review

Beautiful view ❤️ 🤩The museum isn’t expensive and very educational! They have a little gift shop and snack bar as well. It is also very peaceful to just sit outside for a little while seating was available behind the museum. Very family friendly!

Emily R — Google review

The gentleman who checked us in was very memorable, funny and sweet. He took a genuine interest in making sure me and my husband enjoyed ourselves.Don't skip the movie! It's only 20min and if full of wonderful information.There isna short walk to the grave site and it has beautiful views.

Kimberly F — Google review

What a cool thing to stumble upon. I had no idea this was here, and saw the sign as we were driving up to the Georgetown Mines. So on the way back I had suggested a detour to stop and see one of the most famous wild west men to ever live. His story is super fascinating and they have alot of really great artifacts of his. I highly recommend the stop. The museum is only five dollars, and really something you can't pass up at that price. It is not huge, I think it took me about 20 min to see each exhibit and read the signs and stuff, it could have been longer if I had watched the movies. They also have a cool spot for the kids to dress up in wild west outfits and get pictures taken.

Michael C — Google review

We were going to take some hiking lookout mountain trails but we stopped here first and we walked up. It's a small walk up a hill and you see Buffalo Bill's grave and you find out a little bit about him and who he was what he did. There is a quaint little shop at the bottom of the hill that we really enjoy going through. Bought some stuff there. It is a museum but it wasn't opened at that time so we didn't go in there, but did we walk around the area? And we're saw some pretty good lookout spots. Very nice. Without the museum I took about 45 minutes to walk around and look at everything

Elizabeth S — Google review

Small and informative, awesome stop if you’re in golden. It can oversee the town but make sure to watch the 20 min video. It’s crazy to think buffalo bill did all this a little over a 100 years ago.

Alex N — Google review

Lookout Mountain is a nice trip. The views are great. The museum is inexpensive and the grave is nearby.

John T — Google review

Look out mountain and Buffalo Bills Grave and Museum Golden ColoradoMuseum is Free:THE FIRST WEDNESDAY OF EACH MONTH, NOVEMBER THROUGH APRIL!There’s plenty to see and doAn extensive museum, the grave site, picnic area, trails and buffalo view are great.The gift shop is really cool too.If you like the Old West the Buffalo Bills Museum is a great one. I’ve also been to the one in LeClare Iowa.

Lonnie M — Google review

A lot of fun! It was a beautiful drive up the mountain and a great view! In the museum, there was a lot of cool info on Buffalo Bill and his life and impact. Lots of really cool artifacts and the video was cool! The kid area was well done and would be great for kids of all ages.

Sierra M — Google review

Definitely make this stop while you're driving over Lookout mountain on the Lariat loop! A very short walk to the ornate gravesite of the famous Buffalo Bill - includes scenic views from the parking lot, informative signs, and a full gift shop with a small cafe that serves some food and beverages! There is an option to walk on trails that connect to Lookout Mountain Park as well.

Cody S — Google review

Really enjoyed the Buffalo Bill Museum free day! I went in with minimal knowledge about this man (My companion laughed at me for thinking it was going to be about the NFL… 😂). Loved learning about this cool guy. Would recommend to anyone!

Kelli D — Google review

Didn’t know anything going in, and while the museum is small it packed a lot of information in and I learned a lot. On top of that, amazing views from lookout mountain and a fun gift shop as well. A worthy tourist spot even though the whole process probably takes 45 minutes at most.

Bernard J — Google review

Great views from the top of the mountain. No wonder Buffalo Bill wanted this to be his resting place. Very well kept, clean and well lit, signage throughout. Short walk up the hill to the grave. Nice gift shop with great gift ideas and handmade items. A small cafe. A great museum with a great story. I would highly recommend?

Dessie H — Google review

Lived out here for almost 37 years, and have never been up here to see this place. There’s not much to look at it. We went on a Saturday and it wasn’t busy at all. There’s a mini food court and a museum that you have to pay to go into. Overall, it was a quick trip that we stayed for less than a 30 mins to look at.

MiSsE — Google review

Really awesome. A must for anybody like likes history or the old west. The drive up was fun, awesome views, gift shop, grave and the exhibits are amazing. Very affordable to get in and I spent several hours here. Best 5 bucks I've spent in a while.

JB — Google review

I absolutely loved this place....well kept...people were friendly... The museum was outstanding....the gentleman at the door was so happy and friendly....i would highly recommend this place

Mary W — Google review


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987 1/2 Lookout Mountain Rd, Golden, CO 80401, USA

(720) 865-2160


Lookout Mountain

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Mountain peak

Nature & Parks


Lookout Mountain, a 7,377m-high peak located in Lookout Mountain Park, boasts stunning views of Denver and is home to the final resting place of Buffalo Bill. While it may be considered a foothill of the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, this majestic mountain offers an abundance of hiking trails and fascinating attractions that make it hard to miss when visiting Golden. The 110-acre park provides visitors with interactive exhibits and opportunities to reconnect with nature.

Beautiful views here. As mentioned by the signs, you can see four states here on a clear day. Worth the short drive up the mountain. We also enjoyed the Buffalo Bill museum, and some hot cocoa. A lovely place to visit.

Josh A — Google review

The views from Lookout Mountain are really incredible! I came here with friends a few years ago while visiting Golden, CO & it was an awesome experience. The drive to the top is really beautiful, too!

Kristen M — Google review

Beautiful views of Colorado, even in the winter! Huge parkinglot and very nice gift shop that has just about any kind of souvenirs. Food items, snacks, and home made fudge. Women's restroom is inside but the men's is outside and seems to have been locked, so definitely hit up a restroom before coming here.

Jeon — Google review

Lookout Mountain is always a nice place to take a hike with family and/or friends. You can also have a picnic or barbeque here, but check with park services beforehand. It is somewhat busy on weekends with many locals and travelers around. Every once and a while you may catch a nice car in the parking lot.

ViNcent F — Google review

Views of mountains- snow capped, rocky, and prairie looking. Can see city views too. You can see as far as your eyes will let you. When we were there today, hang gliders soared over the clearings! We took a mountain road up and a mountain road down…..no comparison to the main highway. The views are breathtaking if you dare look out the windows to the sides. 😵. I did a lot of holding on and eyes closed!

T T — Google review

Came here to do some hiking. It was the beginning of March. We did find some signs to find some trailheads, we started down a few and then they turned to ice and nobody had yak tracks so we didn't get to go very far on any of the trails. It was a very pretty spot. There were some places to look out over the valley.

Elizabeth S — Google review

Awesome escape from Denver to see Buffalo Bills grave and museum, along with some spectacular views!

David S — Google review

This place is amazing. The views are outstanding! I'm so glad I came to this. Because it was on my way to the airport to go home. I already miss Colorado so much!

Erika B — Google review

Great view onto the Eastern planes and Denver. Buffalo Bill's grave is also there. Very cool view of the twin mesas leading into the mountains.

Ben B — Google review

Beautiful views of the city of Golden. You can see Coors Brewery as well. Interesting drive from Golden to the top. Windy and much colder than down in the city. Free parking, Buffalo Bill Grave and museum close by.

Roman J — Google review

One of the most beautiful and breath-taking views I have EVER seen! Absolutely gorgeous. Going up the mountain I certainly felt the difference in heart rate and breathing but upon stepping out of the car for fresh air it began to calm. The air feels softer here. The trail is amazing all the way around. Wonderful sights to see when the snow is melting down. The parking areas are small spaced but available every so often. Rest areas available quite frequent as well. Perfect place to watch the sunrise/sunset or enjoy a nice picnic in the outdoors.

T. C — Google review

Beautiful spot at night to enjoy both nature and the stunning views of the cities from the mountains!

William W — Google review

Oh, I think the major issue is that on the times that people actually had to be able to go see it and when people are vacation is typically the weekend I get that they rent it out for wedding venues, but Truly would love to be able to see it without actually having to miss work. The crowns are beautiful plenty of parking. Easy to get to.

Serena B — Google review

Wanted to get some fresh air to clear my head took this short drive from my place and went to the lookout mountain,I love the drive going up hill and down the hill overlooking the city Unfortunately it started raining so I didn't get to hike down the trails.theres the Buffalo bill museum once you get to the top and a gift shop.

Keke M — Google review

Absolutely beautiful views. Worth the short switchback road to the top. Watch your speed as there are cyclists sharing the road.

Michael T — Google review

I have had the pleasure of photographing several elopements now at Lookout Mountain, in all seasons of the year! Whether it's summer and sunny, or 10 degrees and snow covered, this is such a breathtaking place to say 'I do'! We are so fortunate to have such a beautiful spot just minutes from downtown Denver, with wide open mountain views, beautiful groves of trees, and wonderful hiking trails. If you are planning an intimate elopement, you can't go wrong here!

Erin P — Google review

If you have an hour to spare, and you were visiting near Golden Colorado… You must go up here! It's not that far of a drive, just passed the Coors brewery, maybe about 20 minutes up… And you'll come across one hell of a view! Buffalo Bills museum, and him, and his wife's burial site. An awesome little store with numerous souvenirs to purchase, a delicious, buffalo burger joint, and really wholesome friendly staff. But you don't have to take my word for it… Get up there and check it out for yourself. Safe travels.

The C — Google review

Always love going up here when I need to clear my mind. Was having a rough week and a ride up the mountain on the ninja was the boost I needed. It was a bit of a stormy day which made for some bmgood pictures.

Jason — Google review


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Colorado 80401, USA


University of Colorado Boulder

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Public university

Sights & Landmarks

CU Boulder is one of the oldest public universities in the United States, and its scenic campus is a major attraction for students. The university has produced Nobel laureates, MacArthur Fellows, and astronauts over the years. It's classified as an R1 University, which means it conducts the highest level of research. The Mahaffy Cache - ancient stone tools found in a Boulder backyard - is on display at this museum.

One of the most beautiful campuses I have visited. Spectacular landscape with mountains on the side, and the buildings are uniquely colored due to locally sourced limestone. Highly recommend for few hours to be spent here to anyone passing by Boulder.

Ashif A — Google review

Stunning campus . The grass and landscaping are immaculate and history is evident in the older part of campus. The new part of campus is elegant and planned well. Really a gorgeous campus. Students are very friendly and helpful!

Naomi S — Google review

Beautiful campus!Spent time here in the summer. See the photos.They have a space exhibit at old main, a planetarium, an observatory, and many other things to see and do.The buildings all share a unified stone and red tile them on the roof.They also do walking tours.

John J — Google review

We were there for freshman move in and the made it pretty smooth and easy

Chuck H — Google review

It's a small campus, but pretty beautiful

PeaBrane — Google review

The stately, majestic campus of one of the great universities of the American West. I must admit that I'm a little biased toward Colorado Boulder, having grown up in the Colorado front range region, but returning to this campus, I am even more impressed by its magnificence and its sprawling beauty than I was when I was younger. The campus is a wonderful, lively place to wander around and explore, seeing a variety of new sites ranging from a scale model of the solar system to a lovely little prairie like area that has carrots growing in it. This is a place that feels constantly surprising, and it's never boring when you are walking through it, yet the campus feels remarkably unified. Despite the differences in when the buildings were constructed, they all feel cohesive, and they all have that specific reddish-brown stone color that glows in the mountain sunlight, making the campus look both like a site for true learning and comprehension and a distinctly Colorado place that could not exist anywhere else. I highly recommend coming here if you are in the area, and if you are considering going to the University of Colorado Boulder, I guarantee you that you will enjoy your time at this campus.

Joshua F — Google review

Our son is a student at CU Boulder and we couldn't be more happy with his decision to be a buff. A fantastic academic institution with a diverse student population and (in my opinion) the prettiest campus in the world. Absolutely love the place!

Jason C — Google review

Boulder, Colorado was a place I wanted to visit at least once, and I knew that real estate would be expensive due to the large number of IT companies, which meant it would be safe.The University of Boulder, located there, was also a place I actually longed to visit. Unfortunately, the weather was not ideal, but we drove through the campus, which had a very nice atmosphere. There were many fashionable stores around the school.

Cindy — Google review

Surrounded by mountains and greenery, an awesome place to get your degree from!! Wintery days are gloomy but the mountains compensate for those once snow starts. The temp in peak winter (Feb-March) drops to as low as -25 degree C (-13 F). The spring brings a new life to the place and the beauty gets enhanced by blooming flowers all around.

Aiswarya M — Google review

I cannot personally attest to the academics here, but the campus was beautiful. I have two mates that go here, and they seem to really enjoy it if that counts for anything. The Front Range gets over 300 days of sun per year, and that is reflected in the red tile roofs and solar panels gracing them, very progressive of Colorado-Boulder. Worth a visit if in the area or hoping to enroll in the university, though one should note that it's a good distance away from Denver International Airport, and transportation should be arranged if you would like to make decent timing there since using public transport includes taking several busses and transfers.

Kyle H — Google review

Beautiful Place, weather can be moody.Best coffee on campus is at the Laughing Goat, Norlin Library

Chinmay S — Google review


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Boulder, CO 80309, USA

(303) 492-1411

I'll never travel to Glenwood Springs without this trip planner again

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Eldorado Canyon State Park

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State park

Nature & Parks


Eldorado Canyon State Park, located just outside of Boulder, is a renowned destination for rock climbing and outdoor enthusiasts alike. The park boasts sandstone cliffs and natural attractions that offer plenty of opportunities for hiking and exploration. One can take on the challenging Rattlesnake Gulch Trail that offers breathtaking views over the continental divide at an elevation comparable to the Empire State Building.

BEAUTIFUL state park that you won’t regret visiting! I go here several times a year since I live only 10 min away in Boulder. As a local, this is one of my all-time favorite parks to hike, picnic with friends, or watch rock climbers while just enjoying the views! Parking can sometimes be an issue on weekends or holidays, but I always find a spot on weekdays, which I prefer since I don’t love crowded times. All the hikes are amazing, and there’s something for all levels of skill. We even love filling up our water bottles at the local Eldorado Canyon spring water station literally right outside the entrance. It’s the best water and very clean! You can’t go wrong with a trip to this gorgeous canyon!

Kathrine R — Google review

The park is so beautiful, we did picnic there in the visitor place. But the thing is the road is kinda bumpy. Maybe if they fix it it will be more greatPeople go hike, climb also walking around the park. It’s really recommended to visit with family and friends.

Fajar L — Google review

One of the Better State Parks in the Denver area. The road is a little rough going through Eldorado Springs. So, be careful if you have just a normal low clearance vehicle. The trails are very easy to navigate. Nice views of Downtown Denver (on a clear enough day) if you get far enough in. Maybe around the 4 or 5 mile mark.

John B — Google review

El Dorado Canyon State Park is an amazing get away close to the front range. It's a climbers haven and has an amazing river that runs right through the middle of it. The park can get packed very quickly so you should be prepared to show up early as the parking spaces are dispersed and it can be hard to find a spot at your exact desired location at times. My favorite hike is the Rattlesnake Gulch Trail. It takes you through the forest and up to the continental divide outlook which has amazing views towards the mountains and great views towards the front range as well. You can also see the train that runs up on the ridge from this trail which is pretty neat to see in person! One word of caution, there was one visit we had where 4 cars were broken into so just as with all parks, don't leave your valuables in your car! Enjoy this beautiful park and all it has to offer... especially after a fresh snow where the snowflakes cling to the forest and mountains!

Jeremy J — Google review

This park is absolutely beautiful. Parking seems to be a hassle. A lot of folks park outside of the park (not in the little town the park is in - you’ll get towed). You need reservations starting halfway through May to be able to drive in. I was lucky and got in immediately. Seeing the rock climbers was awesome. There were some trail closures to protect some of the wildlife, so check with the rangers or other park personnel to verify where you can go. I couldn’t complain about anything. Again, it was absolutely beautiful when I went. The flowers in the meadows of the open space next to the park were blooming. You have multiple vista points. Fowler trail is completely flat (the end gets a little rocky though) but you have some great views from it. I went on to travel up Goshawk Trail as well. I saw some folks on horseback, I saw some deer, I saw flowers. It was just a very peaceful time! I will definitely be visiting again!

Rebecca T — Google review

Gorgeous state park - whitewater flowing down through the canyon. I saw families enjoying the area and a fly fisherman. I hiked the Rattlesnake Gulch trail, which had spectacular views.They have a large visitor center, but I didn’t have time to visit the building. The ranger was very helpful and friendly.Spotted wild turkeys and mule deer.

John J — Google review

What an exceptional park! Because this park isn’t too big, you can really get to know it in no time. The Eldorado Canyon trail is hard work, but worth all the climbing and miles. Be prepared for the trail conditions and you’ll have a great time. Vault toilets are clean but so stinky here. The visitors center has clear bathrooms and a cute gift shop.

LS S — Google review

The place near to the the Denver and really nice trail. Rock climbers are here to get better views from the top of the rock!Creek passing through the park is really nice place.Picnic area at the visitor center is enough for a happy family! One can pick up favourite food with them and have a nice picnic.

Mihir D — Google review

Such a beautiful state park with some amazing views. I did the rattlesnake gulch trail which is almost 3.75 miles out and back. The continental divide overlook at the top extremely beautiful. Well marked trails with important information. Can’t wait to visit again during summer/fall!

Asha S — Google review

What a beautiful park! I am in love with Colorado Because of hidden places like this. You drive a road that almost feels like you are going back in time through the cutest little town but you still don’t see the grandness of the park until you go around the bend and see the majestic boulders, the frozen river, the beautiful mountains, trails for all ages, etc. if you are looking for peace this is the place to find it. Just a few mins from the city of Boulder in what feels like a world away.

Lorena S — Google review

I have been to a lot of national parks and this one is by far in my top 10. The staff at the entrance is really nice and will direct you if need be. There are a lot of rock climbing paths, trails, visitors center and more. The views are amazing as you can see from my photos. They do offer kid style maps and ways to learn the park. As well as a drinking fountain outdoors that comes straight from the river. If you want some cool’s facts is Eldorado springs is famous for their water that has these exact mountains on the logo. Pick up a bottle of water from the local gas station the next time you visit.

Kameron — Google review

Wow. Just wow.Did not expect the beauty of this place. Variety of trails, but even if you simply drive through, it's worth it. Roaring, bubbly river, deep canyon, amazing views.

Roadtrip 5 — Google review

Breathtaking park, very well maintained with rest/picnic areas, climbing areas, and public restrooms. In the weekend, parking reservation are needed but I was easily able to get mine the night before. The park has several trails and I chose the Eldorado canyon trail. At 7am on a Sunday morning I had it all to myself. The first mile is a somewhat challenging 800 ft gain, and than there are a relatively mild 1.75 miles. The last 0.75 miles decline 600 ft to a beautiful creek, which totally worth the hike, but remember that thereafter you have a 600ft climb included in a 3.5 miles hiking back. Each direction took me about 2 hrs of walking. I cannot wait to go back and take additional trails!

Jenn G — Google review

An absolutely beautiful state park! Make sure you make a reservation as you can't get into the park without it, but once you are in it is gorgeous! With the drive in along the river, we did the Rattlesnake Gulch Trail up to the Continental Divide Overlook and it was perfect! A good amount of elevation gain but not too tough. Highly recommend, it was a beautiful park!

Foster — Google review

Absolutely breathtaking views and a mix of hiking trails for all skill levels. A MUST to add to your National Parks bucket list!

N. S — Google review

Beautiful views from the hiking trails. The stream running through the canyon adds soothing sounds to the ambiance of nature in the lower areas of the park, cool breezes and mountain air all with the faint scent of pine along the trails make this a worthy hiking destination. The trails are well laid out, however trail markers are a bit sparse if it's your first visit. Take a pic or a paper map, it at least use your favorite hiking app if you're not familiar with the trails in this park.PSA: The road through Eldorado Springs is a pothole heavy gravel road, so travel carefully. The speed limit is 10mph, however if you travel the road that quickly, it could be a mistake, especially if you don't drive a high ground clearance vehicle.

Sue K — Google review

A beautiful unique place to hike, contemplate, climb, breath and enjoy nature in so many ways. Pets are allowed. Please be respectful and always pick after your dog so we can all keep bringing our beautiful angels with us. Friendly people. Beautiful park with breathtaking views.

Adriana A — Google review

We got the state parks free added on to our car registration this year, and are working on visiting them! This is a worthy visit! Beautiful views all around. Hiking trails range from easy to fairly difficult. Weather kept us from staying as long as we wanted, but we will be back.

Viki D — Google review

Gorgeous park - great for hiking, biking, and rock climbing - or watching rock climbing for those of us who are less adventurous! Dog-friendly - just need to keep the pups leashed. Restrooms are available. The streamside trail and Fowler trail are fairly easy, but can be rocky in spots. Parking is very limited. May - Sep timed reservations are required (see park website for details). In the Fall traffic can still be heavy on the weekends, so I would recommend arriving before 10am, or you may not be allowed to enter. No parking in the town of El Dorado Springs except for residents. There are also other trails just outside the park as well. The paved road ends just as you enter town and get close to the park entrance (Oct 2023), so be careful of large dips in the road (not recommended for cars low to the ground).

Alisa O — Google review


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9 Kneale Rd, Eldorado Springs, CO 80025, USA

(303) 494-3943


Chautauqua Park

38 Best Stops Between Manitou Springs and Glenwood Springs (197)38 Best Stops Between Manitou Springs and Glenwood Springs (198)

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Nature & Parks

Hiking area

Chautauqua Park is a park located in Boulder, Colorado that offers hikers and climbers a wide variety of trails to explore. The park is also known for its expansive lawn which is perfect for picnicking and sunbathing. In addition to its physical attractions, the park also has a number of cultural amenities, including theater and restaurants.

I LOVE CHAUTAUQUA PARK!!! I come to Chautauqua park a few times a month to either meet friends in the park or hike-it’s truly is a gorgeous place, and it always puts me in a good mood close to nature. I believe the statistic says that Chautauqua park is frequented more often than The Rocky Mountain National Park (which is about 40 min from Chautauqua in Estes). But if you are visiting the Boulder/Denver area, you should visit both, as they are both breathtaking and overall amazing places. Chautauqua is perfect for a family adventure, with friends, pretty much it’s perfect for any person who loves nature, mountains, and a great view! Sometimes I just grab a coffee and hike up the first part of the Chautauqua main trail. It can be pretty busy on weekends and holidays, so beware. The parking is good though, you just might have to walk a bit to get to the entrance if it’s a weekend-and most parking spaces nearby do make you pay. I also often bring my Alaskan Malamute, as it’s a dog-friendly trail, and she loves it! You won’t regret visiting this spectacular Boulder landmark, the flat irons are truly a sight to see and worth the trip!

Kathrine R — Google review

We were told the Bear Canyon trail was the most known Boulder beginner hike. We brought our toddlers to do it with us! We went on a weekday and it was not busy.Definitely a kid-friendly hiking experience, but a bit too much on the hills at the end. We ended up carrying them for about 1/3 of the way.Gorgeous views - absolutely beautiful! The pictures I got were only with a smartphone camera.We also saw a mid-size bull snake, a doe, cows, a plethora of birds and butterflies. The bugs were manageable without bug spray. Lots of plant species, flowers, rock specimens and natural landscape to observe if you're into natural history. A few little streams along the trail, and several shady spots to take a water break.We did not see public restrooms or a place to get maps of the trail prior. We were able to download it to our phone before coming. Overall, an easy hike without kids and better suited for kids 6+ if you are doing the whole loop.

Elizabeth M — Google review

Beautiful place to see the Flatirons. We did not know what to expect so, no hiking shoes but the path was not bad and the trails are marked clearly. We did somehow encounter a few rough spots as we got to higher elevation due to the snowfall from a few days before. The blue trail especially, was a little rough and muddy. But when you do make it to the top, the view is breathless... no pun intended... 😆It is worth taking the time to visit this park If you want beautiful photos and catch some wildlife.Our family thoroughly enjoyed our hike that afternoon.

Sun F — Google review

I'm a creative based out of Denver and this is one of my favorite locations to shoot proposals in. The park is always clean and the views are unmatched. I really like how you can go easy or really advanced on the hiking trails. If you are looking for a great hike or something to do while in Boulder this is perfect for that. If you are someone looking to ask another person the most important question in your life this is a place I fully can recommend and it won't disappoint. Make sure you go at sunrise or sunset to avoid large crowds of people as the park is amazing and a lot of people like to go during certain times.-Lemar

Lemar G — Google review

At Chautauqua Park and took the Royal Arch trail. A holiday weekend and the hike took us 5 hours to complete. Normal time is 3 to 3.5 hours to complete. It was beautiful day but just a little to crowded for us. Lots of dogs and lots of hikers equals log-jams and numerous points during the hike. But I'm not mad at anyone or anything crowded trails is a wonderful problem to have living in Colorado. I would recommend this park and it's many trails to all. The views are amazing and skill levels of all can hike a trail here. I can't wait to get back up, just maybe not during a holiday weekend next time.

Nick G — Google review

This area was recommended to me as a good place to hike. It was very crowded on a sunny weekend at the end of March, but the hike was great! Still some snow and a lot of mud, but it was very scenic and enjoyable, especially with the great weather.

Steph W — Google review

By far one of the best hikes in Boulder, you can easily spend all day here hiking and climbing up to the flatirons. There are several different trails for different levels and scenery. There are a couple of spots with picnic tables and restrooms. It gets alot colder at the top so I recommend bringing a jacket, it was also extremely icy in spots where you would just slide and could easily fall so be cautious!!

ABIC S — Google review

Our group of 4 did the route up to Royal Arch in the middle of April. This was a slightly technical hike, with a few spots you need to scramble up or down rocks to continue up the trail. We were happy to be in hiking boots and using trekking poles, but plenty of folks on the trail were in sneakers and not using poles, so it's fine for a casual outing. Some spots are a little slippery, but caution is all that's needed.This hike is beautiful from start to finish! We started in the meadow, then the landscape shifted to evergreen woods with ample stone formations, interesting lichens, local spring ephemeral wildflowers, and underbrush growing in. We didn't see many bird varieties beyond a few magpies, but we did spot some mule deer, and most importantly, a Colorado chipmunk! There was still snow on the ground in places.The arch itself is breathtaking, offering a sweeping vista that looks out across Boulder, with a great view of CU. Well worth the effort!

Lindsay S — Google review

Beautiful park with access to hikes with great views of the flatirons and Royal Arch! Plenty of fun spaces and open fields for kids to play in as well!Gift shop/coffee shop is cute and reasonably priced as well.

Joshua J — Google review

Wow. Such a beautiful place with incredible vistas and hikes. Can't wait to come back. The staff at the ranger station were cheerful and helpful. Loved my time here.

Susan R — Google review

Stopped here for a hike and a picnic lunch. Parking was difficult as there was a wedding and a CU football home game in town. We were happy to find that there were a couple electric vehicle chargers on-site. Great water station and facility for the pups too!

Chris A — Google review

Is breathe taking boulder mountain. Today was a perfect day for the hike to the Royal Arch..Took a bunch of pictures and talked to a bunch of nice people along the way.Well, we took our time snack, enjoy nature and pictures. Is a steep hike, but everyone can do it. Do suggest a pair of good hiking shoes because the trail is rocky.We felt like coming down hill a lot of impact on the feet.Bring a good amount of water or some hydration pack, and protein drinks are a good start. We also brought coconut water.

Jojo W — Google review

Great hiking and plenty of options. The trails are labeled for difficulty and the overlap so it’s easy to change. Not super difficult and a decent amount of shade and breezes. Pretty views overlooking the city as well as the mountains.

R W — Google review

The hiking here is fantastic and has easy to challenging terrain, beautiful flowers, and grand views. We arrived early on a cool morning and grabbed the last close-in parking spot ($2.50/hr -- There is a free shuttle and parking though.) Remember to bring a picnic lunch, sufficient water, sun screen and a bear whistle. Yes, bears are seen occasionally 🐻. After your hike, you will want to pull a blanket out of your car and sit under the trees until your parking expires to soak up every last moment of mountain sunshine. Be alert to your watch however because City of Boulder parking cops walk around continuously checking license plates for violators. It's a popular park and there is a steady stream of cars looking to grab your spot when you leave. We found 3 hours allows for a good hike and picnic/rest time. Enjoy!

Tim D — Google review

Third time at this park and hiking the Royal Arch Trail. Always a great hike that’s challenging but not too difficult. Wasn’t overly crowded at all for a beautiful Saturday morning (went on Sept. 9th, 2023).

Pat G — Google review

Amazing park, with tons of trails for any difficulty and distance. Parking is moderately challenging, be prepared for a search during busy times.

Ivan S — Google review

Fantastic park! Stunning mountains and lush trees make this hike a must have experience! It was too cold for me to really discover everything this area has to offer but will return in the spring to see just how gorgeous this place gets! (Update: IT’S WAY BETTER IN THE SPRING! True Colorado experience!)

Ernesto C — Google review


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900 Baseline Rd &, 9th St, Boulder, CO 80302, USA

(303) 413-7200


Pearl Street Mall

38 Best Stops Between Manitou Springs and Glenwood Springs (206)38 Best Stops Between Manitou Springs and Glenwood Springs (207)

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Shopping mall


Points of Interest & Landmarks

Pearl Street Mall is an upscale and popular pedestrian mall in downtown Boulder, Colorado. It features a variety of shops, restaurants, and art galleries, making it a great place to spend a day shopping or exploring. The mall also has an outdoor cafe area as well as free electric train rides for kids.

Just such a nice downtown area to shop and eat. I always take visitors here to give them the full Boulder experience. There's some great restaurants and bars. I like to go to Savannah Bee Company for the Mead flight they offer. I love the tulips and flowers all along it in the spring. Also fun to see street performers of all different varieties.

Chelsea H — Google review

This was my second visit to Pearl St. and we loved it both times. There's honestly too many places to visit in one day. This outdoor shopping mall is nothing like I've been to in the Midwest (what I'm used to). The shops have something for everyone in them. The various bookstores and toy stores were my favorite. I especially enjoyed the Trident Booksellers and Cafe. Having the option to get my favorite drink and explore a unique bookstore is my favorite way to spend any day.

Kelsey S — Google review

What a fun place to walk around and shop. I also love the beautiful mall surroundings...

Darla W — Google review

This is the beautiful historic downtown of Boulder. There are lots of shops and restaurants along a very walkable and accessible street closed to traffic. It's spotlessly clean and beautifully maintained. The historic buildings are gorgeous and very interesting. I highly recommend visiting!

Tami S — Google review

Great outdoor walking mall with all sorts of shops, restaurants, and bars. Loved the Ruthie's specialty grilled cheese sandwiches.When we visited, the public restroom on the mall was out of order and closed but less than 1/2 block down we could use the easily accessible courthouse restrooms.

Scott G — Google review

Our 1st time visiting Colorado so we wanted to explore and ended up at Pearl Street Mall. A few blocks of shops, restaurants, boutiques, Cafes, Gelato, Ice Cream & more. Such a nice walkway full of beautiful flower beds, plenty of benches... a peaceful feeling.We had lunch at Pasta Jay's which was delicious! Then went on walking and shopping around at different stores, made a stop at Capital One Cafe for a nice latte, then off for ice cream... simply an amazing day here for us, so we're happy to have found it.

Betty H — Google review

The Pearl Street Mall is one of my favorite places to visit whenever I'm in Boulder! I love that it's not only a place for shopping and eating, but also entertainment and play! Boulder does an amazing job keeping it clean - and the flower beds well maintained. There are fun, one off, places for the kids to play and "get the wiggles out". Next time, I definitely want to let my kiddos play at the splash pad! I was very excited to introduce my kids to the Boulder Bookstore, and I am SO happy they loved it as much as I do!!

Alexandra M — Google review

Very cool place. A must visit while in Boulder. Lots of shops and restaurant options. We enjoyed strolling at night or during the day.

Rachel I — Google review

Such a fun place to shop and explore. Tons of variety in both, something for everyone. Options to shop local, as well as the big name brands Nice, wide area between storefronts to accommodate the masses of people, even outdoor dining areas roped off from the passerby’s. It was beautifully landscaped. There was enjoyable street performers. It’s a wonderful place to spend a few hours and stroll, shop, people watch, eat or drink.

Summer M — Google review

A great place for anyone and everyone to have a wonderful time, to shop, enjoy great food and ice cream, walk around and relax. 100's of stores with 20+ eateries (including 5+ ice cream/gelato shops), 20+ clothing and 10+ accessories, art museums etc.The ambience was also quite nice and we all loved just walking around and seeing the mountains and other shops in the Mall. The list of shops can be found at

Alan V — Google review

Open concept mall(i.e. not like a traditional mall where all the shops are inside an enclosed giant building). The mall gives a vintage vibe with some exciting art performances. I bought postcards from Art Source International. The mall also has a public restroom which is virtually absent everywhere else in the town.

Omkar M — Google review

What a wonderful area. Tons of shops, everything you could possibly want. Plus, many restaurants of all different types. There were a lot of people there, but the size of the area, handles it very well. Plenty of security with the police strolling around with everyone, hardly notice they were there, but comfortable they were! We loved this whole area! Oh, and lots of parking garages and lots all around, that are free on the weekend! Cheers

Chris H — Google review

We made it. This is one of the most beautiful street malls I have ever visited. And no matter how great everything is, there are always mountains in the background to make it better.

Josue S — Google review

While I was enjoying a magnificent coffee drink from Falafel King, I was lucky to witness the sweet train that goes by every few minutes. The Pearl Street Mall is always such a delight and you’ll never have the same experience twice. There’s always something going on to entertain the throng, such as music, dance, kitty train, etc. A great way to spend your day!

Ruthie W — Google review

Boulder is such a quirky, hippy, dippy, little college town so if that's your vibe, they are your tribe! Pearl Street is such a staple and a must visit to get the Boulder experience. Eclectic shops, eateries, food trucks. Brazil Fest performs here, very late summer time frame as do other performers and creative outfits. I definitely appreciate the shout out to the LGBTQ on the pedestrian walk as featured in my clip. :)

April H — Google review

Give or take the university, this is probably the most famous site in Boulder, and rightly so. There is not much I can add to the mythology that has gathered around this mall, other than to say it demands to be seen for itself. Pictures are great but they do not do it justice. This mall is meant to be experienced the beauty and elegance of it, the lively and whimsical atmosphere that contains the spirit of the city of Boulder better than any other place, is not in any individual store or statue or statue or mural, regardless of how colorfully splashy and vibrant those places and sites might be, but in the experience of wandering through the street, exploring, allowing your mind to be overtaken by the symphony of impressions and sensations produced by such a place. Make sure to note even the little intricacies, such as the crosswalks that look like rushing rivers flowing over smooth rocks, capturing the outdoorsy and adventurous essence of Boulder.

Joshua F — Google review

Enjoyed this outdoor space with tons of shops and restaurants. It's worth a visit if you're in Boulder. It's not bargain shopping, but it's fun. Also great for people watching.

Susan R — Google review

Was rather pressed for time so really didn't spend time on the mall. Went to Illegal Pete's for lunch. (Disappointing), and went into Postino across the street to get a menu. Went on a nice hike starting at the western end of Pearl Street.

Jeffrey R — Google review

Great outlets and Great food. You have to experience it. This was low season though. Not a lot of crowd. Only the best places were open. But it's a great street to walk by and enjoy the enthusiasm

Rohit S — Google review

Nice place to dine, shop, and stroll. Live music and street performers added a great deal to the positive atmosphere. Well kept, lots of flowers and wall art.

Leslie L — Google review


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1303 Pearl St, Boulder, CO 80302, USA

(303) 449-3774



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The Flatirons is an iconic mountain peak that can be seen from pretty much anywhere in Boulder, Colorado. The flat, slab-like peaks are a popular rock climbing destination, and the area also has dozens of hiking trails that take tourists into the surrounding foothills.

An area of outstanding natural beauty with well marked hiking trails, some of which are suitable to walk on even in snowy conditions. Not to be missed if you're in the area!!

Devana — Google review

A little overcrowded when I went, but a nice place to see and hike.

Brigham F — Google review

Gorgeous mountains. Absolutely breathtaking.

bri606 — Google review

Intermediate level; for beginners hike may seem intimidating as the incline begins pretty quickly from the trailhead, but keep going! The views are totally worth it. We took the Chautauqua trail-Flatiron 2/3 hike up and the Bluebird-Baird trail down. Enjoy the hike!

Lauren F — Google review

This an amazing place with orange brown big rocks around. It’s very nice for hiking as well. This is most amazing place for photography and beautiful landscapes ♥️🤩😍

Puja S — Google review

This trail kicked my butt. Visiting from the east coast and not used to the elevation. Also, there are some ABSOLUTELY TERRIFYING parts of this trail that the locals cross with ease. My husband and I were looking at parts of the trails that look like the left overs of a massive rock slide and not a trail at all. Haha still beautiful and very rewarding to finish. If you hike a lot maybe you won't have as hard of a time as I did! The actual flatiron itself and not the trail....yeah that's never gonna happen. I'm convinced people from Colorado have goat legs.

Jacie B — Google review

This so far have been one of the most beautiful hiking that I have ever done in Colorado is super beautiful at the top and it’s wild at least when I went 😂 probably because a tree felt !!!

Made S — Google review

Absolutely breathtaking! I am an avid hiker but I'm typically on the Appalachian trail. This was the most beautiful thing that I've ever seen in my life lol. If I didn't have the proof that I was actually here I feel like I look photoshopped in these photos, that's how unreal and beautiful everything is.

Casey N — Google review

Breathtaking Flatirons area is a must when visiting Boulder. Beautiful views, hiking trails of different difficulty levels. Wear good shoes, bring water, lease your dogs. Be aware that you are at high altitude! Paid parking lot is available, but there are few spots, parking could get complicated.

Ashley H — Google review

A great view and hike, hiking up to mallory cave can be a bit challenging, as you’ll be climbing almost 1000 feet, still a great hike, make sure to check out the atmospheric center too!

Jake — Google review

Lots of parking on Baseline road. Park lot fills up fast. Still some snow on trails so wear hiking shoes vs sneakers. So close to CU campus.

James N — Google review

Awesome, simple hike, for beginners. Especially if you are new to the area. Parking can be an issue and if you are hiking on a weekend or a holiday it can be crowded. Overall it is a great experience and will definitely give you a break from the pretentious City life in Boulder!

Alejandro E — Google review

I've hiked this place in winter and summer and it's just as amazing either way. There are different trails with different difficulty and their is a general store for a few more supplies but make sure to bring lots of water.

Adriana E — Google review


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Colorado 80302, USA


Boulder Creek Path

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The Boulder Creek Path is a scenic route for both cyclists and pedestrians, which runs alongside a creek. It passes through downtown stores and parks before leading into the stunning Boulder Canyon. Upon exploring the walking mall, you can head south to easily access the path from the west side of town. The path offers endless opportunities for outdoor activities such as biking, walking or even tubing down the creek.

Keegan G — Google review

Nice area. Good for a morning walk, photography and exercise area. Becareful of bicycles on the path.

Rudolf D — Google review

Niniane W — Google review

Besides the homeless issues and littering it's a great trail

Dylan D — Google review

Cynthia C — Google review

Its a nice green space but starting to get full of trash and homeless tents. Sad.

Charles D — Google review


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Colorado, USA

38 Best Stops Between Manitou Springs and Glenwood Springs (2024)
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