Fresh Five: New Rookie Debuts Introduced In Five-Rookie Packs | NBA Top Shot Blog (2024)

As NBA action continues, the 2023-24 rookie class continues to impress.

This week, NBA Top Shot will explore a wider array of impressive rookies, from Dereck Lively II, who’s thrived as a rim-running big in Dallas, to professional scorer Jordan Hawkins in New Orleans and many more.

Each Rookie Debut: Fresh Five pack will include five – yes, five – guaranteed Rookie Debut Moments from the 2023-24 rookie class, including two guaranteed lottery (top 14) picks in each Pack.

Reserve yours now!

Rookie Debut: Fresh Five Pack Stats

  • $69 per Pack
  • 5 Rookie Debut Moments per Pack
  • A 50% chance of a top-five pick in each Pack
  • 2 guaranteed lottery picks (See Full List)* in each Pack

Rookie Debut: Fresh Five Pre-Order Info

  • 6,000 Packs available
  • Pre-order opens at 5 PM ET on Thursday, November 9 and closes at 1 PM ET on Tuesday, November 14
  • Available to all collectors
  • Depending on demand, we cannot guarantee all pre-orders will be fulfilled

Rookie Debut: Fresh Five Drop Info:

  • Packs on Web: 1,002
  • Waiting Room on Web: 2 PM ET, Tuesday November 14
  • Queue Randomizes on Web: 3 PM ET, Tuesday, November 14
  • Packs on App: 1,002
  • Packs available on App: 3 PM ET, Tuesday, November 14

(Rookie) Class Is In Session

You already know what Victor Wembanyama, Chet Holmgren and co. have been up to this season, so let’s dig into the 13 new Rookie Debut Moments arriving on NBA Top Shot, including:

  • Jarace Walker disrupting a transition attempt with a perfectly timed ball swipe
  • Cason Wallace draining a pull-up stepback in his flawless 5-for-5 debut
  • Dereck Lively II soaring for a putback in a tight fourth quarter
  • Gradey Dick dishing the first assist of his career
  • Jordan Hawkins queuing up and burying the the first three of his career
  • Keyonte George splitting the defense for a drive
  • Jaime Jaquez Jr. slicing through the defense for incredible reverse layup
  • Marcus Sasser pulling up from deep for his first career three
  • Kobe Brown stepping into a transition three for his first career basket
  • Jalen Pickett navigating through the defense for his first bucket
  • Colby Jones slipping through multiple defender for his first points
  • Mouhamed Gueye breaking up a drive attempt for a steal
  • Trayce Jackson-Davis rolling to the hoop for the first points of his career

*Lottery Picks on Top Shot

With the introduction of the Rookie Debut: Fresh Five players, there are now 11 lottery pick rookies in the Rookie Debut set. Two of the following players are guaranteed to be in every Rookie Debut: Fresh Five Pack:

Victor Wembanyama (No. 1), Brandon Miller (No. 2), Chet Holmgren (No. 2 in 2022), Scoot Henderson (No. 3), Amen Thompson (No. 4), Ausar Thompson (No. 5), Jarace Walker (No. 8), Cason Wallace (No. 10), Dereck Lively II (No. 12), Gradey Dick (No. 13), Jordan Hawkins (No. 14).

Additional First Rounders

Following the lottery picks, the Fresh Five Packs are also loaded with other first rounders from the 2023 NBA Draft:

Keyonte George (No. 16), Jaime Jacquez Jr. (No. 18), Marcus Sasser (No. 25), Kobe Brown (No. 30)

Rookie Debut: Quick Rip

Beyond just the Rookie Debut: Fresh Five Packs, collectors looking for other ways to snag a Pack can try their luck with a Rookie Debut: Quick Rip featuring new Base Set Moments from the 2023-24 campaign and a 25% chance of landing one of these Rookie Debut Moments.

Pack Stats

  • 16,270 Packs available
  • $9 price
  • 5 Moments
  • 25% chance of 1 Rookie Debut Moment & 4 Base Set Moments from 2023-24
  • 10% chance of a Lottery Pick’s Rookie Debut & 4 Base Set Moments from 2023-24
  • 75% chance of 5 Base Set Moments from 2023-24

Lock Rookies, Get Rookies

We know rookie collectors don’t mess around, so this week we’re rewarding the ones who’ve been busy doing work since the first drop of the season.

Any collector who locks all six rookies from the Rookie Debut: Headliners drop (Victor Wembanyama, Chet Holmgren, Scoot Henderson, Brandon Miller, Ausar Thompson, Amen Thompson) by Tuesday, Nov. 14 at 1 PM ET will be rewarded with an airdropped Pack featuring one of the 13 new Rookie Debut Moments arriving in the Rookie Debut: Fresh Five drop. And yes, we see your stacks, and have made it so that collectors can lock as many multiples of these six Headliners as they wish.

Rookie Debut Distribution

Upon the conclusion of drops on Nov. 14, here is the percent breakdown of the editions and how many will be in the hands of our collectors; either in their collections or sealed in Packs they own:

~73%: Victor Wembanyama, Chet Holmgren, Brandon Miller, Scoot Henderson, Amen Thompson, Ausar Thompson
~68%: Dereck Lively II, Jarace Walker, Gradey Dick, Jordan Hawkins, Cason Wallace
~83%: Keyonte George, Jamie Jaquez Jr., Marcus Sasser, Kobe Brown, Colby Jones, Jalen Pickett, Trayce Jackson-Davis, Mouhamed Gueye


The following Team Leaderboards are in for a treat, as five Moments from the following players will be airdropped on a weighted basis to collectors with Moments locked from that team:

Indiana Pacers: Jarace Walker

  • SYHC - 380th on the Leaderboard
  • willBURNpicTo199 - 573rd on the Leaderboard
  • MatteBlacK - 579th on the Leaderboard
  • Goat_Racer69 - 954th on the Leaderboard
  • Darth9000 - 1365th on the Leaderboard

Oklahoma City Thunder: Cason Wallace

  • Wades - 48th on the Leaderboard
  • EFro - 187th on the Leaderboard
  • Docblaze1994 - 208th on the Leaderboard
  • NBA_High - 312th on the Leaderboard
  • Hyphenherders - 437th on the Leaderboard

Dallas Mavericks: Dereck Lively II

  • Lakers08x24 - 10th on the Leaderboard
  • Eddiedunks - 51st on the Leaderboard
  • Schmoe - 63rd on the Leaderboard
  • Homerg29 - 3569th on the Leaderboard
  • Ayyocrypto - 6940th on the Leaderboard

Toronto Raptors: Gradey Dick

  • Rybaguy - 253rd on the Leaderboard
  • Slimkidp33 - 379th on the Leaderboard
  • co*kesmd - 586th on the Leaderboard
  • Cjdel77 - 1583rd on the Leaderboard
  • Pioksters - 1599th on the Leaderboard

New Orleans Pelicans: Jordan Hawkins

  • DYLANG33 - 18th on the Leaderboard
  • Revan - 162nd on the Leaderboard
  • RudeDudeRudy - 413th on the Leaderboard
  • Yukkas - 792nd on the Leaderboard
  • Hectorako - 1224th on the Leaderboard

Utah Jazz: Keyonte George

  • Mbl267 - 44th on the Leaderboard
  • Dradman - 74th on the Leaderboard
  • Bob - 138th on the Leaderboard
  • BucksinSixsomeday - 1243rd on the Leaderboard
  • ShaqFu1984 - 2023rd on the Leaderboard

Miami Heat: Jaime Jaquez Jr.

  • GrindBuySell - 114th on the Leaderboard
  • Eddiedunks - 132nd on the Leaderboard
  • LKTurf - 767th on the Leaderboard
  • Kujio - 1149th on the Leaderboard
  • Happytrails18 - 1448th on the Leaderboard

Detroit Pistons: Marcus Sasser

  • Dingaling - 3rd on the Leaderboard
  • Sweltering_river_dolphin6508 - 35th on the Leaderboard
  • Dradman - 110th on the Leaderboard
  • Trim_lynx - 537th on the Leaderboard
  • Jaydan24 - 864th on the Leaderboard

Los Angeles Clippers: Kobe Brown

  • Jayaaarrrgh - 4th on the Leaderboard
  • JenK - 5th on the Leaderboard
  • List4More2Gthr - 143rd on the Leaderboard
  • MrsGreekFreak - 179th on the Leaderboard
  • Thechek182 - 486th on the Leaderboard

Denver Nuggets: Jalen Pickett

  • Eddiedunks - 1st on the Leaderboard
  • Hbarnes - 50th on the Leaderboard
  • Thejay - 162nd on the Leaderboard
  • Freytrane - 705th on the Leaderboard
  • The_ram31 - 779th on the Leaderboard

Sacramento Kings: Colby Jones

  • Schokobub - 316th on the Leaderboard
  • Moneyboy_jbiz - 735th on the Leaderboard
  • McAleer - 1102nd on the Leaderboard
  • RipCity_Baby - 1475th on the Leaderboard
  • LundonBridges - 6953rd on the Leaderboard

Atlanta Hawks: Mouhamed Gueye

  • Galyan - 81st on the Leaderboard
  • The_Hoff - 218th on the Leaderboard
  • AnalyticsFF - 289th on the Leaderboard
  • LA_Snkr_Dude - 750th on the Leaderboard
  • ChiTown_E - 763rd on the Leaderboard

Golden State Warriors: Trayce Jackson-Davis

  • Cuteknick - 1st on the Leaderboard
  • Lakers08x24 - 18th on the Leaderboard
  • Augustus_bach - 33rd on the Leaderboard
  • Green_Curry - 39th on the Leaderboard
  • Gb629 - 102nd on the Leaderboard
Fresh Five: New Rookie Debuts Introduced In Five-Rookie Packs | NBA Top Shot Blog (2024)
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