Mendocino County Jail Info – Bail, Visiting, Contacting Inmates (2024)

Jail Information

Address: 951 Low Gap Rd, Ukiah, CA 95482 Map
Phone: (707) 463-4423
Visitation: Call (707) 463-6330 to make an appointment Monday-Friday 8:00AM-12:00PM & 1:00PM-5:00 PM
Website: Mendocino County Corrections/Jail

The Mendocino County Jail in Ukiah, CA, houses male and female, adult detainees as well as inmates sentenced for a California misdemeanor and/or felony offense. This 301-bed correctional complex has been undergoing expansion efforts to address overcrowding issues. There has also been recent controversy in this facility stemming from the death of an inmate, which sparked a wrongful death lawsuit.

The Mendocino County Detention Center is located in coastal Northern California near the Mendocino National Forest.

To assist family and friends of detainees held at the Mendocino Jail, our team of California criminal defense lawyers offers important information. The following topics are covered below:

  • 1. Find an Inmate
  • 2. Posting Bail
  • 3. Mendocino County Jail Phone Policies
  • 4. Inmate Cash Account Funding
  • 5. Visitation in Mendocino County
  • 6. Inmate Mail
  • 7. Life at the Jail
  • 8. Alternative Custody Programs
  • 9. Inmate Property

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Mendocino County Jail: 951 Low Gap Rd Ukiah, CA 95482

1. Mendocino County Jail Inmate Search

To obtain information regarding the custody status of your friend or loved one, you can use the “Inmate Inquiry” search engine provided by the Mendocino Sheriff’s Office. Search by a specific name or range of arrest dates, or use the “Today’s Bookings” option. Each current inmate’s booking photos and detailed identifying information are provided, including birthdate, race, and height/weight. Criminal charges, arrest/release dates and bail amounts are also provided, if applicable.

Alternatively, you can request inmate information by calling the jail directly at (707) 463-4423. The staff will provide bail and court details.

2. Bail Bonding in Ukiah

If your friend or loved one has been granted temporary bail release, you can pay bail at the Ukiah Jail in one of a few ways: cash, a certified check, a money order, or by posting a bail bond. Certified checks and money orders should be made out to the court of jurisdiction.

3. Inmate Phone Communication

In keeping with the laws of California, arrestees booked into the Mendocino County Jail are allowed to make at least three free, local phone calls. They can use this opportunity to make personal calls or secure legal counsel. Family members and friends cannot call in to speak to a detainee or inmate at the detention center, and the staff will not pass along messages unless there is a verifiable emergency.

Mendocino County inmates generally have access to phones in the common areas between 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. Their outgoing personal calls are made on a collect basis or can be funded with prepaid collect or debit calls. To open a phone account for inmate communication, contact Legacy Inmate Communications at (888) 729-4326 or go online at

It is important to remain aware that inmate phone calls will be subject to monitoring and recording at the jail. Therefore, to avoid the possibility of causing harm to your friend or loved one’s case, it is best to refrain from speaking about criminal charges.

4. Deposits for Commissary

Incarcerated inmates at the Mendocino County Correctional Center will have the opportunity to purchase commissary items. Commissary selections generally include edibles, toiletries, correspondence materials/postage and other comfort items. To assist with commissary expenses, friends and family can deposit funds in an inmate cash account.

Do not send cash or money orders to the jail for inmate commissary. There is a 24-hour kiosk machine in the lobby that can be used to make deposits. Note that deposits may take up to 72 hours to process. The funds must be in the inmate’s cash account by Tuesday in order to be used for the weekly order, which takes place on Wednesdays.

You can also go online to to make a deposit or order a care package. This website allows you to use credit/debit cards for “smart deposits” or to place a package order. The Mendocino Jail specifies a spending limit of $80 per week. Package orders must be placed by Midnight on Monday for a Wednesday delivery.

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The Mendocino Detention Center offers both onsite visitation and remote video visits

5. Mendocino Inmate Visitation

The Mendocino Detention Center offers both onsite visitation and remote video visits. (In either case, your visit will take place through a video screen.) To visit an inmate onsite, you must call to make an appointment. Call (707) 463-6330 weekdays from 8:00 a.m. to Noon or 1:00 to 5:00 p.m.

The current remote visitation provider for Mendocino Jail is GettingOut, provided by IC Solutions. For assistance with setting up remote visitation, you can call toll-free at 866-516-0115 anytime (24/7) for technical support. Keep in mind that an inmate’s classification, housing unit, or disciplinary status may make the inmate ineligible for video visitation.

The Mendocino Sheriff’s detailed video visitation schedule shows available days and visiting hours according to housing wings in the jail. Before scheduling a visit, be sure to check with the inmate to determine his or her availability. Visits begin and end exactly as scheduled, and if one party is late or absent, refunds are not provided.

Visits at the jail and video visits are subject to monitoring and recording. Inappropriate behavior may result in denial of future visitation appointments. As always, be careful not to discuss potentially incriminating topics pertaining to criminal acts or charges.

6. Mail Policies

Using the U.S. Postal Service, you can send an unlimited amount of mail to a Mendocino Detention Facility inmate; inmates are also permitted unlimited outgoing mail privileges. Writing materials and stamps are available for purchase through commissary.

The mailing address is as follows:

Mendocino County Corrections Facility
951 Low Gap Road
Ukiah CA 95482

Include the inmate’s full name, and if you know his or her “A” number and housing location, this should also be included.

The following items are forbidden in correspondence to be distributed to a Ukiah inmate:

  • Polaroid photos
  • Any photographs larger than standard 4 x 6” size
  • Envelopes and stamps
  • Stickers
  • p*rnographic material

If in doubt, it is best to check with the jail before sending any type of mail enclosures.

Note that you are permitted to order softcover books, newspapers and magazines for inmates, but these must arrive directly from a vendor or publisher (i.e. or Barnes & Noble). Do not send books or periodicals in your own packaging.

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Life at the Mendocino County Correctional Center

7. Life in Detention

Situated on a 35.7 acre complex, the Mendocino County Correctional Center has two main buildings. The first, constructed in 1985, has a capacity to house 154 inmates, including 34 triple-bunk cells. The second building, which opened in 1991, includes 141 standard beds and six isolation beds.

Incoming inmates will be assessed upon intake to determine classification and housing status. Depending upon the criminal background, charges, and other factors, inmates may be housed in minimum or maximum security units.

The Mendocino County Jail offers educational, cognitive and other programs to incarcerated inmates. Programs include 12-step recovery education and meetings, G.E.D. classes, religious services, and courses in life skills, anger management, and horticulture.

There is an inmate services coordinator who can be contacted if assistance is needed with programs and services. The phone number is (707) 463-4565 or email [emailprotected].

All U.S. correctional facilities must take steps to comply with the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) of 2003. Incidents of sexual abuse or sexual harassment should be reported to jail staff, who are obligated to investigate all allegations.

8. Alternative Custody

Mendocino County facilitates alternative custody options for inmates who qualify. These include Home Detention, Work Release and Work Furlough.

You must apply for Home Detention at least three weeks prior to the start of your sentence, and a home inspection will be required. This program applies to inmates sentenced to 15 days of incarceration or longer. The phone number for Home Detention is (707) 463-4625.

Work release applications must be turned in at least 14 days before incarceration is set to begin. This alternative is available to individuals who have received a misdemeanor sentence of 45 days or less. A history of sex crimes or violence or a recent felony conviction will void this opportunity. There is an application fee of $35 and daily release fees of $10. The phone number for information is: (707) 463-4092.

The work furlough program is under the jurisdiction of the Mendocino County Probation Department. Phone: (707) 463-4271.

9. Inmate Property

When incoming Mendocino County Jail inmates are found with money and personal property on their person, all items will be confiscated and stored at the jail. If the inmate signs an authorization release form, friends or family can come in and retrieve property, clothing excluded. Money can be released to pay a specific (verified) debt only.

Inmate property release occurs during normal business hours, which are 8:00 a.m. to Noon and 1:00 to 4:15 p.m. Identification will be required for money or property pick up.

Regarding clothing for upcoming court dates, this must be arranged through an attorney or by permission of the facility supervisor.

Mendocino County Jail Info – Bail, Visiting, Contacting Inmates (2024)
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