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8. Taylor swift vienna. Matt Rife - 3/30. 3x Balcony R, Row T. $261. $312. $51

  • 14 uur geleden · Upcoming Concert. Taylor Swift / Paramore. The Eras Tour Aug 10, 2024 (in 5 months) Ernst-Happel-Stadion Vienna, Vienna, Austria.

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R Paramore (2024)


What is Paramore's biggest song? ›

Misery Business

The song that we all know and love! As the lead single from Riot!, “Misery Business” marked the band's entrance into the mainstream, and it's generally considered the most iconic and enduring Paramore song.

Was Good 4 U inspired by Paramore? ›

In August 2021, Paramore members Hayley Williams and Josh Farro received writing credits, as the chorus was inspired by Paramore's 2007 song "Misery Business".

Why did Paramore never play all I wanted? ›

Per reddit, Williams once said that she's hesitated to include “All I Wanted” in Paramore's setlists because she feared she wouldn't be able to do the song justice, or even worse, that she'd harm her vocals singing that chorus repeatedly.

What is Billie Eilish's favorite Paramore song? ›

“All time favorite,” she wrote of the song, which was — drumroll, please — the Brand New Eyes album closer, “All I Wanted.”

Is Paramore considered emo? ›

Other emo pop bands that achieved mainstream success throughout the decade included Fall Out Boy, the All-American Rejects, My Chemical Romance, Panic! at the Disco and Paramore. The popularity of emo pop declined in the 2010s, with some prominent artists in the genre either disbanding or abandoning the emo pop style.

Why did Olivia Rodrigo pay Paramore? ›

Pop star/actress Olivia Rodrigo has apparently handed over millions of dollars worth of royalties to Paramore's Hayley Williams and Taylor Swift after giving them writing credits on two of her chart topping songs.

Is Paramore a grunge band? ›

Paramore's music style has generally been regarded as pop-punk, emo, pop rock, alternative rock, power pop, emo pop, new wave, punk rock, pop, grunge, electropop, and synth-pop.

What bands influenced Paramore? ›

Paramore's rainbow-hued pop comes from an impressive lineage of spunky, exuberant rockers. On a sonic level, Paramore's energized spin on emo takes influence from the raucous, wiry punk of The Distillers and New Found Glory, as well as Blondie's retro-kissed New Wave.

Is Good 4 UA rip off of Misery Business? ›

The credits for Olivia Rodrigo's "Good 4 U" have officially been updated to include Paramore. Frontwoman Hayley Williams and guitarist Joshua Farro are now credited as songwriters. Rodrigo's No. 1 hit was partially inspired by Paramore's 2007 single "Misery Business."

What did Paramore sing at Taylor Swift? ›

Paramore opened for Taylor Swift last night at Paris' La Défense Arena and took the opportunity to showcase their cover of Talking Heads' “Burning Down the House” for the first time live.

Did Paramore write a song for Olivia Rodrigo? ›

Olivia Rodrigo's debut album Sour is a pop-punk masterpiece, and the 18-year-old singer-songwriter isn't afraid to be vocal about who her influences are; however, she's found herself in some sticky situations regarding songwriting credits, most recently adding Paramore's Hayley Williams and former guitarist Josh Farro ...

Did Hayley Williams date anyone in the band? ›

In September 2022, Williams confirmed she was dating her Paramore bandmate Taylor York. Williams previously publicized her decisions not to smoke, drink alcohol, or use recreational drugs, though she now drinks alcohol.

Why was Paramore sued? ›

Rodrigo was forced to pay Paramore frontwoman, Hayley Williams, millions after being sued for songwriting royalties over “good 4 you.” The lawsuit was divisive; for some fans, it was a classic instance of the badgered old artist swooping down to collect on the success of young talent.

What song does Paramore not play live? ›

Paramore, "This Circle"

The song also appeared on The Summer Tic EP that was sold during the 2006 Vans Warped Tour trek. While the other song addition, "O Star," has been played live, "This Circle" has not been performed by the group during a concert, according to setlist.fm. Listen here.

Does Paramore have a number 1? ›

Paramore was officially released on April 5, 2013, and a #1 at US albums chart Billboard 200.

What is the best Paramore record? ›

Of course our readers voted Riot! as the best Paramore album of all time. Building on what they started with All We Know Is Falling, it's largely considered to be the band's breakthrough and is, from start to end, stacked with songs that would define their mythos.

Does Paramore hold any world records? ›

Paramore just set 10 new world records. In the group's music video for "Ain't It Fun," they break records left and right for everything from smashing clocks with guitars, to completing the longest scream while riding in a convertible.

What is the hit song by the rock band Paramore the only? ›

"The Only Exception" is a song by American rock band Paramore. It was released by Fueled by Ramen in February 2010 as the third single from the band's third studio album, Brand New Eyes (2009).

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