Top 10 Universities for Sorority Life in the United States (2024)

Greek life is an integral part of universities across the U.S. Although stereotypes alter its reputation, the advantages of the lifelong bonds, shared memories and connections made must not be overlooked. Sorority life is an exhilarating experience that broadens horizons and acts as a helpful transition into social life at the university of your choosing. Still, it’s essential to keep an open mind and not be swayed by certain stigmas that follow sorority life.So how can you narrow down your college search through a Greek life lens? The personal attributes of sororities are endless, but the percent of Greek life at a university, the number of sororities, how expensive dues are, the number of sorority houses and the average sorority GPA are all useful criteria to start narrowing down your search for your perfect Greek life experience.

Read on for the top 10 universities for sorority life.

10. Washington and Lee University

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With a whopping 73% of Washington and Lee’s female population in Greek life, its spot on this sorority hall of fame is rightfully earned. As one of the oldest institutions in the United States, Washington and Lee’s campus brings a beautiful approach to tradition and history in its architecture and layout. When it comes to the architecture that houses the sororities, the average annual in-house dues land at $15,949.

Like many schools, the number of girls that live in sorority housing vary based on the organization they affiliate themselves with. Since it’s a small liberal arts school, its population amounts to just 2,160. Sororities remain an integral part of the social workings at Washington and Lee and contribute to the lively and incredibly involved social life on campus. Because the percentages of Greek life involvement are incredibly high, there is constant interaction and events on campus, creating a festive atmosphere. Academics are also important as sorority members must maintain a minimum of a 2.5 GPA to stay involved in their sorority. It is the perfect place for a student inspired by school community, tradition and architectural beauty.

9. The University of Delaware

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Its reasonable semesterly dues and overall percentage of sorority life brings The University of Delaware into the spotlight. Lush forests, community parks and a quaint historic downtown surround its home of Newark, Delaware. Greek life makes up 20% of Delaware’s student population, including the 12 sororities on its campus. Students flock to this university for their world class research programs, diversity and intimate classroom settings that build a sense of true community. The 3.32 average GPA for all sorority life at UD reflects the success seen inside their classrooms campus wide.

Sorority life not only enhances one’s experience but adds a solid foundation to the transition into college life. For a school with a large percentage of Greek life, the average in-house dues are only $853. There are three sorority houses on campus, and the rest reside off campus with individual room and board agreements. The University of Delaware is the perfect place for students who remain conscious of the costs of sorority life.

8. Indiana University

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The Hoosiers at Indiana University know how to do Greek life right. The 22 sororities on Indiana’s campus make up 18% of IU’s student population. Sorority housing isn’t directly affiliated with the university. Therefore, there’s no specific amount of girls needed to fill each house. For the girls who do live in the sorority houses at IU, dues can range from $6,000 to $9,000, and the average GPA of all sororities lands at 3.31.Indiana’s sororities stay on top of the current trends and always keep themselves involved on campus.

“I look forward to every weekend and going out with all my sorority sisters. There is always something new to do, and having the best girls to do it with is why I love sorority life at IU! One of my favorite weeks is IU little 500, where we have quals/pairs with other frats and sororities. There’s a huge bike race and only one frat and one sorority win each year. Definitely our biggest party week and shouldn’t be missed by anyone at IU,” Indiana University junior Maggie Carter said.

The prominence of sorority life at IU goes hand in hand with its vibrant and fun energy.

7. University of Florida

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The University of Florida equips itself with warm weather and a side of genius. For an incredibly challenging school in regard to academics, the University of Florida is incredibly fun. Overall, Greek life makes up 15% of UF’s student population. There are 18 sororities on UF’s campus, giving rushes plenty of options to find their forever home. While each sorority house has their own rules for how many girls who can live in it, the average semesterly dues range from $2,700 to $6,000.

“I really enjoy sorority life at UF and think it’s a great way to meet new people. Not only am I able to build friendships with my fellow sorority sisters, but the whole Panhellenic community. I think Greek life is a great way to make a huge school like UF feel more personable. I credit so many of the friendships and memories I have made here to sorority life,” University of Florida junior Hannah Weeren said.

A stigma is normally placed on sororities for not being academically successful, but sororities at this school put that to shame with an average GPA of 3.60. Like other schools on this list, the University of Florida holds esteem for its difficulty and academic vigor. You put warm weather and students who need to let off steam together, and you have yourself a pretty fun social scene.

6. University of Colorado Boulder

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If you searched “picturesque campus with amazing Greek life” on Google, the University of Colorado at Boulder would come in at the top. Known for their chill vibes on and off campus, Boulder is the perfect place for students who value a balanced schedule of work and play. Situated in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, the sorority houses at Boulder stay unmatched in terms of scenic views. Beautiful mansions blend into the scenery with a natural aesthetic and stand out with modern twists on classic styles.

Each house accommodates 28 girls on average and dues come in around $2,000 per semester. Greek life makes up about 13% of Boulder’s campus with 15 sororities represented in that statistic. Boulder keeps a low profile when it comes to GPA requirements with a 2.5 minimum GPA for all sorority members.

“I feel like Greek life is popular because there is always something going on, and everyone loves our game day tailgates and darty season. People stay willing to party no matter the weather,” University of Colorado Boulder senior Cammie Dennis said.

Boulder draws in a generally down to earth crowd who value spontaneity, nature and the full college experience.

5. Penn State University

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Alongside its crazy weather, Pennsylvania State University has a crazy Greek life. With 17% of its 40,639 student population involved in Greek life, Penn State takes the reins as a fun party school and philanthropic figurehead.

Academically, Penn State sorority members keep a 3.31 on average. When it comes to philanthropic achievements, Penn State is the Mother Teresa of universities. Each year, the six sororities team up with fraternities in a dance marathon coined THON to raise money for the Four Diamonds Fund. Through the years, they raised over $100 million dollars to help aid funding for children with cancer. Alongside commitment to philanthropic efforts, Penn State students are committed to each other and having a good time.

“I find sorority life to be fun because you always have someone that will go out and do things with you. I live in the Phi Sig house, so we all hang out and bond which has truly benefited my sorority experience,” Pennsylvania State University senior Jenn Foley said.

Unlike the Phi Sig house—which is the only sorority with their own house—other sororities have Greek sanctioned dorms where they live together on campus. Strong in both philanthropic efforts and sisterhood bonds, Pennsylvania State University’s sorority life is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

4. Texas Christian University

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The common saying, “everything’s bigger in Texas” directly applies to Texas Christian University’s sorority life. The Horned Frogs know how to do Greek life right with 40% of its student population involved in Greek organizations.

“Being in a sorority at TCU completely altered my college experience in more ways than one. I have met some of my closest friends who I know I will have for a lifetime! The spirit of the Greek community here on TCU’s campus is huge and evident to all on campus. Through my sorority, I never have a boring moment. There are always fun events or functions to be attending,” Texas Christian University freshman Regan Binder said.

16 sororities at TCU draw in members for their reasonable in-house living costs. Ranging from $400 to $800 dollars a semester for a house that holds 25 girls, Texas Christian University’s residential costs fall far lower than other SEC schools. While costs are low, the average GPA for sororities at TCU is high at a 3.497.

“The sisterhood is unmatched and each chapter’s love for their philanthropy is seen through their numerous events and fundraisers to support them. Being a part of a huge Panhellenic community like TCU’s is something like no other, and I am so grateful to be a part of it,” Binder said.

Come equipped with your favorite pair of cowboy boots and Horned Frog attire because once you go Texas, you never go back.

3. University of Georgia

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University of Georgia: the top dog when it comes to sorority life. The Bulldog nation belonging to the University of Georgia is the perfect mix between challenging academics and a vibrant social life. Part of this is due to its location. Found in Athens, Georgia, UGA supplies a surplus of sensational restaurants and social bars, making it a well-rounded living and studying environment.

Greek life makes up 23% of Georgia’s student population. Known for being an academically challenging school, the average GPA of all sorority life is a 3.53 which is impressive considering they have 19 chapters on their campus. Each sorority establishes its own regulations regarding members living in or out of the chapter house. If a member chooses to live in house, the average semesterly dues are $4,300. This is a school that really knows how to have a good time while keeping the grades up.

“I’d say my experience at Zeta is such an inclusive environment where there is always a ‘sister’ I can talk to about anything with zero judgement. This makes it so much more fun to go out with everyone and have a fun time because I know none of them will judge me for who knows what I’m doing that night. Plus, who doesn’t love going downtown in Athens with all your besties? Athens is like nowhere else I’ve ever been,” University of Georgia junior Christell Foote said.

Known for being tight knit, The UGA community is always ready to have a fellow Bulldog’s back, and sorority life there is absolutely no different.

2. University of Mississippi

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South Eastern Conference schools gain their fame for their crazy football season, warm weather and unmatchable Greek life, and the University of Mississippi doesn’t disappoint. With one of the most easily remembered locations, Ole Miss is nestled in University, Mississippi. They hold one of the highest Greek life percentages out of any SEC school with 35% of its 17,150 student population being involved in Greek life. Sororities have an average 3.27 GPA on Ole Miss’s campus.

Their stately and quite frankly, massive sorority houses solidify the overwhelming presence of Ole Miss sorority life. One of the perks of rushing at Ole Miss is the chance to lavishly reside on sorority row, where 10 Panhellenic council houses lie. While each sorority has their own dues, the average semesterly rate for residing in house is $4,210 per sorority member. The lavish lifestyle is accompanied with an incredibly active social calendar.

“We’re normally known for spring parties. Every fraternity hosts their own party. Woodstock (Sigma NU) and groundhog (Sigma Chi) are both really fun. In the fall semester, we do themed swaps with each fraternity. The sorority pledge classes have about 130 girls in a top house and the boys are normally 70/80 in a top house,” University of Mississippi junior Mary Frances Williams said.

It is evident that sorority life is a big commitment at Ole Miss, but with big commitments come big rewards.

“Since Greek [life] is such a big portion of the Ole Miss student body, I love that Kappa Delta has given me a strong friend group of 18 that is mainly out of state,” Williams said.

For students who crave excitement and a packed social calendar, the University of Mississippi is the place for you.

1. University of Alabama

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Maybe the most well-known campus in the SEC, the University of Alabama comes in at the top of this list. While the University of Alabama has football rivalries across the south, there’s one thing their rivals can agree on: ‘bama does Greek life right. The University of Alabama presents one of the highest Greek life percentages of any other southern school with 34% of its students involved. The average GPA for sorority life is a respectable 3.2. Well known for their lively social scene, sorority life of Alabama’s 24 chapters goes hand in hand with the festivities on Alabama’s campus.

“We have HAGS at the end of the year that stands for “Have A Great Summer”, and it’s a date party where we dress up in festival/crazy outfits. It’s an “anything goes” type of theme and we have an outdoor darty before we go to the actual date party. It’s the best date party of the year because it’s the last hoorah and it lasts the whole day,” University of Alabama junior Madeline Nelson said.

Alabama has made themselves known for their sorority mansions across the U.S.Exquisite establishments demand respect for their ornate and grandiose architecture, and they spared no expense in their constructions. Beauty does have a price at Alabama where Panhellenic semesterly in house dues are $7,300 on average and $8,430 at the most. Regardless, living with 16-80 of your sorority sisters (depending on the house) and making memories that will last forever is priceless. If you’re a student who values an active social life along with the opportunity to make connections that lead you to a bright future, Alabama is the place for you.

Top 10 Universities for Sorority Life in the United States (2024)
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