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Current release: 0.99 beta 1 (December 31 2023)

The goal of MyAES is to provide a free, fast, reliable and modern AES. It should be at least as good as "standard" AESes (MagiC, NAES and XaAES are the references), but the second step is to have a good portable AES for futur machine (Linux/Aranym seems to be a good option at the moment).

Here is a small gallery of snapshot to give you an idea of the rendering of various windframes provided with MyAES

MyAES (2) MyAES (3) MyAES (4) MyAES (5) MyAES (6) MyAES (7) MyAES (8) MyAES (9) MyAES (10)

MyAESVideo demonstration of MyAES0.97 under Aranym

MyAES 0.99 Beta 1 : December 31 2023

It's time for a new version!

Goal :

  • Fix residual regression of 0.98 version (memory protected mode incompatibility)
  • Add new features
  • Fix more issues and software incompatibility

Roadmap: On around 2 years with update all 6 months if I can, up all new feature I want to add will de include before 1.0 version (version to fix bug and incompatibility only). No important kernel changes so new 0.99 updates should not include that much regression and instability! (cross finger)

In beta 1 you should find:

News :

  • New photo dithering in 1, 4 and 8 bit screen format for quality and speed based on diffusion error (bayer up to now), for 1 and 4 plans screen format, Sierra Lite diffusion error algorithm is used, it give a bit better quality compare to NVDI 5 but is slower of around 20% on my V4SA, it is wrote in pure C only no asm, 8 bits screen format use personal diffusion error dithering algorithm, it is perhaps a little bit less good than NVDI 5 but is around 6% faster than NVDI and it is pure C code too. C2P routine for 4 and 8 planes come from Guillaume Tello and are full asm and give same speed as NVDI 5.
  • MyAES rsc file now are choose with mlanguage configuration
  • Internal windframe can have background photo.


  • Windframe more clean in 256 colors
  • Message WM_ALLICONIFY supported
  • Partial support of menu_istart
  • Rewrite of color icon support for better compatibility with AES 4 and NAES, speed up redraw. No more size limitation for cicon
  • CTRL + ALT + X not hide anymore system application windows

Fixs :

  • Protected mode regressions from 0.98 version fixed
  • CTRL + ALT + V work again
  • Possible issue with iconified windows
  • Object with only '_' char display as request
  • Impossible in some case to accept some char on edit fields
  • Cicon object without cicon are now displayed with B&W definition
  • appl_search(-apid) name return now start with 2 space (Taskbar trouble)
  • Possible shrinkbox redraw issue
  • Fix form_do with xcontrol
  • Fix evnt_button with RSM
  • Fix call file selector with char ',' in path

Patch 5 MyAES 0.98 : March 2023

An important bug have been found with GCC version (environement can be changed link to use of Mintlib) and as I not introduce real new feature only fix bugs, I propose a new patch for MyAES 0.98 rather a new version! I provide now only 3 versions 68000 (PureC), 68020(PureC) and coldfire(GCC 4), PureC version is now generally faster than GCC version.MyAES :
- Fix automatic translation environment link to mintlib use, environment should not be chnage by AES (was only on GCC versions)
- Possible lost of mouse event when MU_M1 and MU_M2 are used in same time
- Possible object position done by form_center can be wrong up to 9 pixels in height depending of menu configuration
- Appl_trecord now is working
- Fix mouse wheel
- Shel_find now look in $HOME too
- Better management of message WM_MOVE and WM_RESIZE
- Fix redraw of sliders when window change position between top and other (not same color in windframe)
- Popup menu for ACC not display if empty
- ACC submenu not display if empty

- CTRL + ALT + t : Stop record /replay (appl_trecord and appl_tplay)
- Very basic programs to record and display event with appl_trecord (MyAES only) and appl_tplay
- Wind_set(..,WF_KIND,...) now supported
- Some small speed up event

Patch 4 (previously name final version) MyAES 0.98 ; September 2022
Finaly a last update, no new feature, only bug fix except for Yopla toolbar highly enhanced with support of group like taskbar
MyAES 0.98 developpement is closed

- Fix default windframe (possible crash)
- Fix iconified window redraw and clipping issue
- Fix shutdown with MyAES now no more crash
- Fix possible overload with appl_search()
- Fix parameters pass to TOS program
- Fix text under icon on taskbar
- Fix env pass to application launch
- Fix appl_control to hide unhide windows (now taskbar work), Yopla have been fixed
- Fix shell launch application as other AES do, now GBE receive CH_EXIT messsage
- Fix lost of focus on form_alert for application without menu
- Fix possible crash on popup menu
- Fix edit field to work with Netsurf
- Fix resolution change
- appl_control(APC_INFO,..) no return if application is hide or not
- Fix issue shel_write() if X11 server was running
- Fix default directory for application launch by shel_write()
- Fix possible selected icon redraw
- More nice disable icon redraw
- remove option "flying_menu_fix"
- Fix language in English file selector
- Fix app_conf.cnf configuration for Taskbar
- Possible quit MyAES without doing shutdown
- Better multitask when an application do intensive use of VDI

- Better Yopla popup position
- Better reactivity when hide to wake up
- Add Thing group support with auto.grp support like taskbar, please check readme for use

Patch 3 MyAES 0.98 : November 8 2021

- appl_search() was not returning application name completed with space
- wind_get(WORKXYWH) Area of toolbar was not removed from list
- Radio buton was not visualy unselected (not redraw)
- Fix redraw toolbar (imgview from Lonny Pursell)
- Fix possible menu_popup with hierarchical submenu could never return from menu_popup (Taskbar)
- Fix menu_popup special key not return
- Fix popup et hierarchical menu position
- Fix item popup could stay selected from menu_popup() - (Still some issue)
- Fix text position for icon
- Fix evnt_mouse was not call from trap! (Jaygrii program)
- toolbar with bouton flag EXIT very difficult to have event could stay lock like in form_alert.
- Configuration issue : bad alert.prg in config 680020-60 possible crash please replace.
- Add support wind_get for WF_FTOOLBAR and WF_NTOOLBAR
- Reduction size of 68000 version
- New Yopla to be in agreement with appl_search() fix

Patch 2 MyAES 0.98 : October 23 2021
- Fix possible crash fileselector or form_alert (Toswin2 issue)
- Fix Jinnee 1 & 2 not start : Jinnee call a function not support (wdialog font selector) MyAES was erasing addrout[0] Jinnee dont like!
- Fix Jinnee 1 crash displaying cicon, cicon list chain stop with 0xFFFFFFFF rather NULL

Still MyAES not work with Matrix card (crash at start) - Sorry

Patch 1 MyAES 0.98 : September 11 2021
- Fix start crash issue on firebee
- Fix start crash issue with debug option
- Fix possible freeze menu or slow on Vision (possible several other programs)
- Fix fullscreen mode (widget was still active)

MyAES 0.98 : August 18 2021

This version is highly focus on kernel event speed up, a page is dedicated to this can be found here please read: English version , version Française

Support thread creation as Magic with shel_write, with shared memory running in concurent way

Fix numerous bug (most for redraw (low number of color and low resolution) and edit field)

Reduce memory used in 68000 version

Add new program running option to help run some software write for singletos (documentation to be update, sorry not yet done)



- MyAeS doesn't support cooperative multitask under plain TOS so no accessory avaible on TOS (use GCC version).
- other issue can now be follow on Githup here

MyAES is free for non-commercial use. Please read the LICENCE for details.

Download MyAES 0.99 beta1 (not full archive need previous version if not yet installed) : (December 31 2023)

Download MyAES 0.98 patch 5 full version: (Mars 26 2023)

Download MyAES 0.98 final version : (September 10 2022)
Download MyAES 0.98 patch 3 kernel only: (November 8 2021)
Download MyAES 0.98 patch 2 kernel only:
Download MyAES 0.98 full version : (October 23 2021 (with patch 2 only))

MyAES 0.97 Patch: Kernel only - (December 10 2017)

File selector patch - l(November 24 2017)

Download 0.97 full version (about 14.4 MB ! ) - (December 10 2017=

68000, 68020, coldfire version of MyAES + Yopla

MyAES 0.96 Patch2: binary only

MyAES 0.96 Patch 1: binary only

The ZIP file contains a complete distribution of MyAES:

  • the kernel itself (myaes.tos, myaes.cnf...)
  • MyAES dependencies (fileselector, alert, libraries, JPEG zcodec...)
  • "default" windframe by Eric Reboux
  • Version for 68020 and coldfire
  • Yopla task bar and Mdesk preview (not good for use)

Download 0.96 version (about 300 KB).


Download additional skins for MyAES ("dark" and "milk" windframes by Zorro) : (about 700 KB).

(you can find other windframes from Paul Wratt here: and look at snapshot here : )

TOSWIN2 patch version with num pad '+' & '-' working with MyAES (new version with shortcut option working (2 March 2013)):

Download source code for simple windframe :

Edit your keytblxx.sys (keyboard configuration file) with CHARVIEW from Roland SEVIN (New version 19 November 2011):

Select your AES at boot of Mint with SELGEM, with it you can start different versions of MyAES and other AES such as NAES and XaAES :

MyAES 0.97 patch : December 10 2017 -- Should be last patch provide for 0.97, I'm looking now for 0.98 version!

New graf_vmem() function was target on 0x45 AES fuction already used by NAES, this function is now set on 0x44 (no software use graf_vem for the moment), thanks Gerhard Stoll for this remark.

MyAES 0.97 patch : December 07 2017

Better focus management (more logical, faster with less redraw)

Fix small form_alert redraw (seen in Litchi)

Better toolbar button management and return (used in form_alert)

Fix shutdown

Modified files : MyAES kernel, alert.prg, app_conf.cnf

MyAES 0.97 patch : November 24 2017

File selector fix : Root application drive couldn't be access except by U drive

MyAES 0.97 patch : November 14 2017

Fix objc_edit possible issue, some caracter could not display depending content of template field

Cursor edit field was not displayed at start

Reduce memory splitting using jpeg.ldg (typically when was lodded backgroung desktop photo)

Alert box button was quite difficult to hit, this is now fixed

MyAES 0.97 patch : October 14 2017

Fix redraw bug introduce in previous patch for windows with toolbar

MyAES 0.97 patch : October 10 2017

Realtime window move and resize speed up

MyAES 0.97 patch : September 30 2017

ct60_vmalloc Xbios function can return wrong memory available with parameters -1L on Radeon card, so to fix this add max_video_mem parameters to myaes.cnf to fix max memory to use on your video card for MyAES. use:

max_video_mem= 30

will use 30 Mbyte of memory on your video card

MyAES 0.97 patch : September 13 2017

  • Fix possible crash at start

    Fix screen size

  • Fix memory protection issue on myaes ressource and add allocate ressource for other application as request in program flags rather in protected mode
  • Provide PureC version for 68020 looks like work fine under CT60 while GCC version still have some issue on this configuration
  • New windframe compilation of Zorro windframe (Dark, Milk) with GCC now 68K and coldfire version are available
  • Fix memory corruption with Windows Backup option link windows rectangle list bug (possible 1 pixel outside the window)

MyAES 0.97 (July 30 2017)

- "windows_backup" option is working (use it with Radeon, Videl video card with "use_video_mem" option or Aranym only (without "use_video_mem) else it is too slow.

- New option "no_opnwk" for very special VDI driver if open workstation was open before start of AES (find one configuration on MegaST + ET4000 that need this see documentation)

- Reduce memory usage

- Add video memory manager and AES call (graf_vmem (0x45)) to use video card memory (to use with use_video_mem)

- Add program configuration manager calls in appl_search(), each application can have his configuration without need manage it

- Revised multitask event manager

- Support of Eiffel Middle button (+ button 4 and 5 if eiffel propose it)

- Reduce highly unusefull redraw

- Fix a lot of redraw issue in black and white and ST Low Res

- Automatic resize background photo

- New management of desktop redraw and Windows to reduce load of the screen (optional only with Yopla)

- New version of "Yopla" task manager

- New version of "Mdesk" desktop (not yet really usefull very buggy, present only for information)

- Fix screenshot

- Support of some exotic video card

- Fix PNG table overflow, but now only PNG true color are correctly read

- 68000 version

- ......

MyAES 0.96 patch 2 (14.03.2015)

  • - Add "use_videocard_mem" configuration option, if set to true MyAES will use a part of this memory for realtime windows move and soon for other features. WARNING don't set to true this option if you have not this type of card as it will crash at start, the problem is link to xbios function vmalloc() that use an index higher than 127 that crash the TOS if it is not patched.
  • - Fix possible application crash when close a window with toolbar (the only case found was in Mdesk)
  • - Small improve of information of application display after crash

MyAES 0.96 patch 1 (07.03.2015)

  • - Regression fix on realtime window move
  • - New windows fuller option (usefull for games or other application that want a full widows without any widget)
  • - New way to manage message under AES with mint message information (usefull for application such movie player or music player but not for game, it's for application that just want manage messages if there is)
  • - Eiffel wheel support (need add option in myaes.cnf eiffel_wheel=true)
  • - add "wheel_emulation" option to describe wheel effect on windows

MyAES 0.96 (14.10.2014):

  • - Full rewrite of the scheduler and semaphore managers for speed reason, we should be able to play action game under GEM, this now possible
  • - Speed up real time move and resize of windows
  • - Add appl_get_cicon() true color cicon server api based on PNG file - Yopla task bar and Mdesk (unfinished desktop) use it.
  • - Provide Yopla task bar.
  • - New appl_control(50) to set application configuration
  • - Add "include" command for default myaes.cnf file, now myaes.cnf can call additionnal cnf files.
  • - Fix MU_M2 event that not work up to now!
  • - Fix shel_write(SHUTDOWN,...): not use of the good parameter
  • - Fix wind_get(WF_OWNER,...) : windows after the windows ask was not correctly set
  • - Better shutdown
  • - Fix appl_search() system flag information
  • - Fix possible change of size of inconified window
  • - Add "app_system" keyword for myaes.cnf for force system information in appl_search() - usefull to not display for example some task bar application in other.
  • - Add "CT60_VIDEOCARD" option in config for speedup accelerations if you have a CTPCI with Radeon video card (remove for the final version)
  • - Add "include" command in myaes.cnf file and some new other option see myaes.cnf documentation
  • - Add extension to shel_write(LAUNCH,...), now can display files by simple shel_write() => save link with application in file "app_link.cnf" (automatic choose)
  • - Add possible save of content of windows to display it in anytime by another application
  • - Better management of wind_update(BEG_MCTRL)
  • - fix in appl_write() possible infinite loop on message 0x4700
  • - More efficient event loop to be able to run GEM games
  • - Add app_game_kbd option to be able to run SDL game with keyboard (not need for last SDL version)
  • - Reduce memory foot print of the default windframe + coldfire version available
  • - Better accuracy of MU_TIMER
  • - Hide-Unhide application with keyboard (same shortcut keyboard as XaAES)
  • - full support for CH_EXIT message (now GBE is able to compil)
  • - Fix clipping objc_wdraw() & objc_wchange()
  • - Fix cursor position with objc_edit() if object size editing text is small
  • - Fix possible bad text size by userdef using default vdi handle (Interface)
  • - Fix display and management of G_POPUP objects
  • - Fix some redraw problem when move windows
  • - Fix menu popup could not display in some cases
  • - Fix double appl_init() call (Interface)
  • - Remove options cookie_naes and cookie_magx some programs can have issues with this (RSM, Thing...)
  • - graf_dragbox with transparency not lock screen anymore

MyAES 0.95 (09.02.2012):

  • - Fix shel_write(SWM_LAUNCH) to be able to start application with tos or ttp extension in console => now run from myaes.cnf of tos software work correctly
  • - Fix some issues with the menu_popup function that could crash before
  • - New extension to shel_write(SWM_KEYBOARD (98)) to be able to manage keyboard tables (work with new version of charview) at fly
  • - introduce again the choice of 256 color incons
  • - CTRL - ALT click right restore mouse if lost.
  • - ALTGR supported (Aranym can have a full support on PC keyboard)
  • - Fix some small redraws issues
  • - The fileselector language depend of "language" value in myaes.cnf (provide english and french file selector)
  • - The keyboard table depend of "language" value in myaes.cnf (provide only french keyboard with altgr, send me your keyboard table! + explanation of use of "" software)
  • - Package include "charview"
  • - Package include coldfire version with jpeg.ldg and screen.ldg for coldfire
  • - New jpeg.ldg usable without FPU (previously default MyAES configuration crash on computer without FPU)

MyAES 0.94a for Coldfire (27.09.2011):

TAS instruction of the colfire is not fully compatible with TAS instruction of 68K processor MyAES can't work, this is now fix there is a specific version compiled hereafter (thanks Vincent Rivière for his debug help)

MyAES 0.94a (16.06.2011) patch has been released:

  • shel_find now is able manage correctly unix PATH
  • appl_find((char *) (-3l << 16)) should return top application but it was not the case, taskbar could crash in this case (Thanks Jo Even Skarstein)
  • fix crash on CTRL-ALT-SUPPR (Thanks Wongck for his debug support)

Add a patched TOSWIN2 in download area (16.06.2011)

Add english file selector in download area (25.05.2011) Thanks Paul Wratt for this hack

MyAES 0.94 (24.05.2011) has been released. Main changes are listed hereafter:

  • Realtime resize avaible on the 4 windows corners + changes of mouse forms
  • New supported form in graf_mouse
  • add "app_forcedesk" command in myaes.cnf to force application using userdef as desktop to have MyAES picture (can be used with Thing but not Jinnee!)
  • wind_calc support Magic extension

  • Fix bugs:
    • FVDI can crash on some VDI function operation if perimeter is set
    • shel_read fix
    • appl_getinfo repport now that MyAES shel_write() support shutdown and video chnage as it should
    • work with CTPCI

MyAES 0.93b (25.02.2011) patch has been released: Realtime windows move can't work, number of pixels for transparency can't be set in myaes.cnf - this are specific bugs to 0.93 version

MyAES 0.93a (16.02.2011) patch has been released: wdialog doesn't work correctly when MyAES is compiled by GCC, this version is compiled with PureC - this is specific bug to 0.93 version

MyAES 0.93 has been released. Main changes are listed hereafter:

  • MyAES can run under plain TOS and is romable (not usefull for this binary!)
  • Internal winframe, fileselector, form_alert are avaible (external by default are still used)
  • Source code example for winframe is avaible
  • First official version compiled with GCC (68000 version if you need other version ask me (possible coldfire))
  • Reduction of memory avaible to run MyAES
  • Crash at start on Milan computer should be solved
  • Bug in accessory memory used (some use too much memory)
  • Some small bugs fixed
  • A big thanks to Vincent Rivière and Didier Méquignon for their help in this version

MyAES 0.92 has been released. Main changes are listed hereafter:

  • Better use of TOSWIN2, you need a recent version (August 2008 or more recent) of it to run correctly (put one in archive), because it include VA_START protocol for TOSWIN2 use in this version
  • New menu configuration option with flying_menu_fix, put it to 'true' with option flying_menu = true, then menu not retract but application still have full screen access.
  • Now myaes can read a part it's configuration in $HOME/default/myaes.cnf
  • If MyAES is run above an other AES accessorys are loaded

MyAES 0.91 has been released. Main changes are listed hereafter:

  • Better redraw managment on functions locking applications (form_alert, fsel_input, menu_popup..), now when move the object (file selector for example) client windows are redraw.
  • Menu_popup() can't work correctly when an hierarchical menu was attach to it (impossible to do copy in RSM for example because popup close before be able to select the copy item because it close when a hieriarchical menu was open flying on a previous item close when go out of this item)

MyAES 0.90a : Just a fix for bad environment pass to application in 0.90 version, some softwares doesn't work with this bug!

MyAES 0.90 has been released. Main changes are listed hereafter:

  • Add: Lbox_xxx() functions from wdialog extension is now inside, so no more need Ndialog to run most software using wdialog! (like Jinnee) Font selector and printer dialog are still not supported. Thanks Gerhard Stoll
  • Now MyAES work correctly under Mint with Memory protection (KERN_SECURITY_LEVEL=2 and KERN_MPFLAGS=1), so maximum protection. MyAES is able to run software that not run on any other AES in this mode.
  • FIX: So many fix bugs in this version that is impossible to do a list! 4 month for only do debug! Really 0.90 is a great finish version.
  • graf_dragbox() now support transparency effect in TC 32 bits

For programmers:

MyAES Programmer guide

For end users:

Official documentation of the configuration file (myaes.cnf)

Main developper :

Other developpers and contributors:

  • Vincent Rivière (Fix MyAES to be able to run under plain TOS)
  • Didier Méquignon (change in MyAES to be able to be put in ROM)
  • Eric Reboux (Winframe, File selector, dialog, etc...)
  • Arnaud Bercegeay (GCC32, handling of mouse buttons, web site...)
  • Dominique Béréziat (Configuration, environment...)
  • Zorro (Winframe)
  • Philipp Donzé (Toslib patch for pure c, new AES objects)
  • Jean Francois Lemaire - report of bugs
  • Roland Sevin (provision of sources)
  • Jean-Marc Stocklausen (tracker of bugs, previous web site)
  • Frédéric Boudet (Logo MyAES)
  • Patrice Mandin
  • Latz (Hyp documentation of MyAES)
  • Thanks Guillaume Tello high level tester (TT, Falcon, exotic video card!), the true multi-tester!.
  • Thanks Gerhard Stoll for it's documentation on lbox_xxx() function and the solution for a bug crashing Papyrus (without never see source code of MyAES Waouh!).
  • Thanks Paul Wratt for winframe skins
  • Thanks Lodovico ZANIER for his numerous test
  • Thanks Lars Schmidbauer for MyAES documentation and test on firebee
  • Thanks Lonnie Pursell and GokMasE for their test and to be patient with me!
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